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The power is with the people, What others have done others can do- Garvey. Part of the oppression of a people is always to mask the power they have and make them feel powerless in their affairs. Any African seriously committed to the complete moral liberation of Africa can contribute to the African Holocaust society. In any nation it takes all kinds of workers (Kings, painters, police, teachers and doctors) to keep a nation running. If you feel you have something to offer, translation skills, web design, artwork or articles then please contact us with your profile and details of what you would like to contribute. The African Holocaust is here to generate an institutionalized structure which preserves, promotes and advances African history and culture. Therefore it is the property of all African people from Addis Ababa to Alberkerky.

We welcome unsolicited contributions from African people. Writers submitting to the website are strongly encouraged to send brief query emails (250 words or less). We do not accept articles or parts of articles that have been published elsewhere. We are looking for well-informed, unique, balanced, researched writing concerning the African experience. Submissions should be sent by e-mail here. Make sure the subject line says “Submission.” Please briefly summarize your article proposal and your relevant experience. Articles, regardless of content need to be interesting

. And should be self-contained and deal with the topic with a resolving tone. We prefer topics and themes that overlook issues such as Development, Language. We rather a few seminal articles than 1000s of low interest content. Articles which contain a significant volume of info and not unnecessary detail at the expense of a holistic discussion of the topic. We do not publish flashy show-off pieces that are written to make the world think the author is educated, at the expense of transmitting no information.

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