SOCIAL MEDIA.CON | The Illusion of Inclusion

Facebook is an exploitation of our social instinct, that people-based bonding is so critical for our success as a species on planet Earth. That longing to find validity and comfort in groups. To be seen, to be known. To know. Herd behavior, in a traffic jam when you see everyone turning down a small side road to avoid the block, you follow. There is trust in mass decision-making. This is in our DNA. We are not as sophisticated and “independent” as some make out. The new currency has gone from gold to paper to ‘likes.’ as with those former currencies people are willing to sacrifice everything to have them, despite them having zero real-world value.

Mis Education: Killing Fields

The common school system is akin to KFC fast food. That is all it is. And it is hard for many to accept because we are also victims of this system. We trust it with our kid’s education, we trust it when they say accept some more credit card and get into deeper debt. Why would you trust these people with your kid.? What does society want? Slaves that is it. They don’t teach critical thinking in school. They don’t teach them to be leaders in industry, only workers in industry disconnected from the process (Chomsky). They most certainly don’t teach them to think for themselves. The job of the system is to produce functionites.

African Consciousness

True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awakening of consciousness which goes through successive stages.— Ancient Egypt The discussion on African consciousness1)African consciousness is a term used in pan-African circles to discuss someone’s state of being connected to African history and an African identity and acting…


Whites are the greatest perpetrators of Racism in our times. If you having problems with that statement then there is no need for me and you to discuss how we will deal with Racism. Slavery of African people was the greatest racist project in human history. Start here, not in Nazi Germany.

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Black Lives Do not Matter | Commodification of a Fake Struggle

So after saying BlackLives Matter and getting the police to stop killing us will it fix the violence within our own communities? The issues within our families? Will it cause African Clothing stores to pop up on every street corner? Will it cause Pan-African films to become more popular? Will it cause us to create our own CNN? To start reading conscious African books ? Start wearing more African Clothing. If Black lives truly matter then empower your children with values and education, teach them their African history and the value of honest hardwork. Teach them about respect for their elders and to venerate their ancestors. Teach and practise marriage and African culture. Support each other and create good businesses. Then come with the statement that Black lives matter. Because how can our lives matter to others when they do not matter to us?

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Not everyone knows that what Zionism is, is way more than a racist ideology– it is an aggressive form of White Supremacy. It does not hold Jewishness as sacred, as many think. It holds White Jews above everyone else. Manipulating African history and oppressing African icons. From Slavery to Ethiopian Jews this is our account.

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African Holocaust: Maafa

The word ‘Maafa’ is derived from a Kiswahili word meaning great tragedy. The term today collectively refers to the 500 hundred years of suffering of people of African heritage through Slavery, imperialism, colonialism, apartheid, rape, oppression, invasions and exploitation. The African Holocaust is a pan-African discourse on the global historical and contemporary genocide against the mental and physical health of African people.

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White Supremacy

White Supremacy feeds on Black choices and self-hate. The relationship between the White liberal and the neo-con is that of the left hand and the right hand; connected to the same body and necessary for clapping for the continuation of white supremacy. Together the central system of white supremacy is adept at better managing. or manipulating, the world into spheres of white domination and sustaining hegemony over every aspect of the African world; from terminologies, to products, to politics, to Africa’s cultural and intellectual resources

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WAR MYTH: Religion and Violence

There is no trans-historical or transcultural discipline that is adequate for summing up “the history of religion and violence.” Some force this premise into reality by having a very flexible definition of “religion,” while others are even more sophisticated, allowing violence to be “National” when it suits their interest, while their enemies motives are due to “irrational backward religions.” This kind of non sequitur and gymnastic logic serves to demonize religion without contaminating their own activities

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South Africa: Post Apartheid Truth

When you think about South Africa two issues define its political, economic and cultural landscape; race and wealth disparity. Almost everything else is an outcrop of those two forces. If South Africa is one of the most beautiful and richest countries in Africa it is a beauty and wealth experienced by a minority of the people within its borders. If South Africa has fast internet, beautiful roads, nice game parks, low house prices, luxury malls, all of this is most experience by a minority. The prosperity of South Africa is vulgarly disproportionately divided. Without knowing much about South Africa what do you think when you hear South Africa? Especially in terms of its greatest challenges? I mean there is the legacy of apartheid and the wealth divide between White settlers and the native people. South Africa has made itself the poster child of xenophobia. There is massive crime problem, there is a serious crisis of morals, there are fatherless homes, rampant social issues, there is a massive educational problem, there is electricity issues. Where in the world does “securing our border” factor into all of this?

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Africans demand Reparations for the multiplicity of genocides and crimes that have been committed against the sons and daughters of Africa by the nations, governments, and institutions of Europe and North America.

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Wikipedia is RACIST

The white editors which make up more than 90% of the wikipedia community are creating white supremacist content. Anyone that challenges the white (90% male) editors are quickly banned from editing. Content on Africa is often whitewashed and excludes any independent African sources, only so-called nPOV. All of this is happening while wikipedia is rapidly gaining popularity and trust in the general population. People are reading white supremacist propaganda presented in the most believable format ever created and no one is talking about it.

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Racism January 13, 2016 1

In critical theory and postcolonialism, subaltern refers to the populations that are socially, politically and geographically outside of the hegemonic power structure of the colony and of the colonial homeland. In describing “history told from below”, the term subaltern is derived from Antonio Gramsci’s work on cultural hegemony, which identified the groups that are excluded from a society’s established structures for political representation and therefore denied the means by which people have a voice in their society.

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