Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter–African Proverb

PLEASE NOTE THAT OF JUNE 2019 the African Holocaust Society is no longer fully active. The site will remain until there is no longer any funding for the hosting plans. 

African Holocaust (Est. 2001) is a non-profit civil society dedicated to the progressive study of African history and culture. The society is composed of African scholars and writers, who share the desire to represent and restore an authentic, reflexive, honest, plural, and balanced study of the African experience, past and present.

We collate work from different areas of study and provide sagacious analysis to educate, empower, and enlighten. Enhancing the visibility of African history and culture, while adding clarity from an African ethical and cultural standpoint. African Holocaust Society does not at any stage advocate binary history or propaganda: The facts remain the facts, while the analysis is within African paradigms.

History is not the past, therefore history is not permanent or fixed. History is not a scientific fact either, especially ancient history. No one says history, present, or future. They always say past, present, and future. Because history is the selective snapshots of the past written by the hands of the victories in the blood of the vanquished. History is only relevant to those living and ALWAY made to service modern agendas. .

We reject all manifestations of oppression (From South Africa to Palestine), ignorance, racism, globalization, monoculturalization, cultural imperialism, gender suppression, religious intolerance (Islamophobia, antisemitism, etc), and ethnic hatred. We create new opportunities for the potential of marginalized people by addressing institutional racism, which has stymied hope and multicultural contributions.

African Holocaust does authentic in-house research. We use primary and secondary sources. We went to Sudan and Egypt for African Kingdoms, we went into the libraries of Timbuktu, mosque in Ethiopia for Islam and Africa.

Our mission is to produce accessible bodies of work, which inform about African culture and history, within an institutionalized and African-cultured framework. And within this framework, we believe that African people should be the primary authors of their history and economically profit from their cultural capital. It is hoped that this work will also serve as a multicultural dialogue to share and expand the African cultural/historical experience with the wider World community. Our study of Africa is not a romantic enterprise, but moreover intended to enrich humanity through fostering plurality, and reinforcing the sanctity of life. We believe that only via the principles of self-determination and agency can African people globally continue to contribute their unique cultural experience to the forward flow of humanity

Inequity steals the hopes of people by marginalizing the potential contributions from a majority sector of humanity. The cure for AIDS, the cure for Cancer, the mission to Mars, the next Bob Marley, the next Malcolm X are trapped in a village somewhere in the so-called Third World. Trapped by institutionalized racism, trapped by the policies of the World Bank, trapped by a corrupt leadership. The biggest untapped resource is not in the ground, It is in the people but this future is stolen because of the injustices of this world.

Progressive African History

Progressive African History maintains that African people should be agents of their own history and the dominant voice in African history. This history must conform to the African cultural paradigm while at the same time meeting the highest threshold of good scholarship. This however is separate from continuous viewing history through the political or racial lens. History must be looked at in connection to our modern-day social dynamic but it must also be weighted within its time period. We must not superimpose modern thesis onto ancient history.

While there is a natural bias inherent in all interpretations of historical events the primary objective must be:

1. To seek truth

2. To learn from the past

3. To absorb the spirit of human possibility

4. To honor the moral obligation to remember

Media has generally been very derogatory of African people. The African voice, culture and history is shown through European eyes. In order for equality to be served all people must begin to freely tell their stories and must own and control these stories. Self-determination demands that people be active agents in how their image and history is represented in a multicultural World. Culture and history are the property of a people, it is a birthright.

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