Questions About Us

What is an African Code?

The African Code is a visible logo which is displayed by progressive African organizations. The African Code is a broad ethos which is the fundamental intersection of our most cherished ideas and ideals, which serve as the bases for global African organizational unity for progressive development in-line with self-determination. The African Code works by applying 7 core values to all areas of Pan-African activities. It codifies a working ethos and a quality control based upon the 7 core values:

  • Justice and Truth

  • Unity

  • Self-determination and agency

  • Culture

  • Economics

  • Family

  • Education

Who are you and what do you want?

We are our work. Our work is us. We make no claims other than the fruit that falls from our tree.

  • Justice across the board for humankind and nature. (Palestine, Korea, everywhere)
  • Stimulate Business ownership, group economics, and trade (intra-African, Pan-African and globalized trade)
  • Foster nation building subjects, mathematics, science, engineering, medicine
  • Right of return, Diaspora Passports, for the 1st African Diaspora and full inclusion of Diaspora contributions to the Global African forum. The African Diaspora is an equal part of Africa.
  • Create a new generation of conscious African leaders
  • Position African economically as a contributor to wind globalization as opposed to constantly being downstream of globalization
  • Dismantle oppressive race-base privilege
  • Suppress intellectual fast-food and bigotry rising via the hands of pseudo-historians.
  • End Poverty. the Earth produces enough food and shelter so that no one , no where should be hungry. Race privilege creates disparity which creates poverty.
  • End neocolonialism and the mono-culture and cultural imperialism it supports and creates
  • Justice for indigenous peoples land claim (Palestine, Australia, etc)
  • Africans to have agency and control their resources
  • Africans to dominate images of themselves
  • Redefine the African reality along an African paradigm rooted in the rich African traditions
  • Free movement of African people
  • Destroy corruption
  • Hold all people in leadership positions accountable to a new standard
  • The intra-development of trade among all African people and other disempowered peoples
  • For Africans to hold the power of definition over their reality
  • African unity as a response to Western and Easter hegemony and the history of racism to African people
  • A Holistic restoration and repair of the damage caused by the African Holocaust
  • To project African culture and ideology to the world stage and contribute to the forward flow of humanity
  • Promote Marriage and the African family where balance and accountability are essential

Who Painted the AH Artwork?

African Holocaust Painted by Alvin Kolfi

Painted by Alvin Kolfi

The painting was commissioned as part of the African Holocaust audio product. The gifted artist is Alvin Kofi. Our website was designed via the African Code business community.

What is Racism

White Supremacy is more than the KKK

White Supremacy is more than the KKK

Racism at its core is the supremacy of one race over another. This can be expressed in the classical way seen by the Ku Klux Klan or by suppressing development an African agency, as seen by the World Bank. Racism also needs power, therefore real racism disrupts another persons life.

The power to deny jobs, the power to block media, the power to enslave. Racism requires, at one level, for the person applying the racism to also have power to affect the target of racism. Harm is therefore implied in racism.

It is not racist to identify and destroy racism. It is not racist to redress the centuries of racial imbalance by creating systems that make racism transparent.

Racism is also the belief that one race is incapable of mature processes and thus requires help to solve their problems and live productively in modernity. The constant impositions of what is good for Africa by Western voices are in fact a racist attitude. To suggest that Africans should culturally become more like Europeans is racism. To suggest that aspects of African culture are regressive in the face of Western culture is racist. Racism is domination of one race images and ideas and ideals even in territories where Africans are the majority. Racism is interruption of people’s right to determine their political and cultural destiny. Racism is mainly expressed by the dominant race class to the rest of the world. Therefore generally speaking the experience of racism is felt by non-white people. Ironically the new tone is for the dominant race-class to accuse dis-empowered people of being racist every time they try to identify and eliminate racism.

Observe and Act

Racism is tackled by observance and actually active work. To study is to prepare a solution. To work is to carry out a thorough study. African Holocaust believes the two must go together. There is no arm chair scholarship and we are actively engaged in many projects, films, media, content which affect real lives in a real way. African Holocaust is always seeking partnership with other African organization. And even non-African organizations. As we believe even if we must do different work we can still offer advice and cross support where applicable. The dilemma of “who is doing the work” is critical, because thirsty people only care that a well is being built, the luxury of thinking is it African money or white money is a distant second. However this fact does not alter the broader issue of Africans doing for self as the ultimate solution of long term development objectives. So as irrelevant as this question may be to the receivers of clean water .It is an essential question to future development.


Beyond our glossy African design aesthetic we operate on a new standard of quality control. With the rise of the paper organization many poorly researched sites have popped up. The challenge for the viewer who cannot see behind the html code is “Who is who.” There are no donate buttons on our site. This is our unique internal policy. The paradigm shift demand we rethink how conscious civil societies think about the question of funding. Funding is dependency. We believe in trade in the broadest sense.

We are different because of our foundational paradigm of operation and our dedication to a new standard of professionalism. See our communication and debate policy on how we use these two tools to perfect our work. The African Holocaust Society has no desire to represent all “Black” people or people who simply have African ancestry. Our mission is to represent the best values and traditions of African culture. The intersections of our most cherished ideas and ideals, the best that we can produce. Having Black skin is not a cause for celebration or representation. A rich Black man who gets rich from drugs is no brother of our society.

We practice no form of racial hatred, the only thing we hate is inequity an immorality. With the rise of You Tube there has been an increase in vanity Pseudo-scholarship . The tone is always heavily bigoted to create shock and attention. They target frayed emotions of poorly read victims. Disagreement is handled by out shouting and using abusive language and anyone not in agreement. And while they promote Africanity they leave the manners of Africa behind. You cannot change history and all historical myths will succumb to truth. As much as bad historical points will help you prove your point with less educated people, these points will add no clarity to histories lessons and ultimately serve as a disservice.


One of our policies as an organization is to reply to most emails within a 2 -24 hour window. We have one of the fastest response times from any African organization online. This is part of our quality and professional stamp. We believe that communication is a critical aspect of the work we do. And public interaction is essential in order to maintain the quality of this web site. An organization cannot be progressive if it has no communication systems. And the minute an organization post an contact page it has an obligation to efficiency service that system.

African Holocaust has fundamental beliefs which are articulated via our membership to the African Code. There is no separation of culture and the question of economic ownership. The African Code centralizes seven issues which must be satisfied in every situation. Promoting African culture, business, building the family, African Unity, Truth and Justice and education. The African Holocaust does not promote businesses which are not African owned and also businesses which are not productive to the greater forward flow of humanity. Products which destroy lives, or impact on the social development of any people are not promoted.

New Paradigm

The paradigm of agency is at the core of the formulation of the African Holocaust. When we position our minds in different intellectual slip streams all kinds of new possibilities and realities expose themselves.

The paradigm of agency is at the core of our society. A paradigm is an approach which radically alters the way a subject is studied. When you alter the paradigm of though you give birth to a new reality of human possibilities. A new foundation from which a fountain of knowledge wealth contributes to the forward flow of human development. If we limit our approach to the world view of the status quo we also limit our possibilities and affect the potential outcome of any study. Rooting or articulating history on a new paradigm is critical in speaking and seeing the world via an African lens.

Blaming others

We need to speak truth to the historical record. There is no mystery of the vector or agent at the core of African’s problem. No healthy African person invited apartheid, Slavery or colonization. But those causing the problems naturally are not responsible for solving them. African people can not allow themselves to be the fodder of humanity and this is where agency becomes key. Africa must use Pan-Africanism to create stronger boundaries which protect the interest of African people. So we must understand while Europe has imposed slavery etc that it is the responsibility of African people to remove it by any means necessary.

Why are you called African Holocaust?

Holocaust (Greek) is a term which has come to be associated with holistic destruction. We see no better terminology in English for describing the African experience than Holocaust. Since language is a globalized commodity we see no conflict in using these terms. Africans have created and innovated many features of the developed world which have been appropriated by many other groups. The civil rights struggle being one such example. No one can drop a patent on pain or expect the world to capitalize Pain and make it special for only them. So there is racism and then there is a special kind of racism which is unique called antisemitism. This is in itself a form of racism or racial supremacy. The official name for the African Holocaust (English) is Maafa. Holocaust is therefore a political tool for promoting, in a flash, the realities of the Maafa.

At our formation we were a small research group assembled to work on a specific project called African Holocaust. Once the project ended we realized the need to continue providing information, information that could not be contained in one project. From that point the African Holocaust society was formed when various submissions became more than one book could handle. The need for live updates also meant we could not commit the research to one book. However for most of the time we focused on Slavery. Later we realised that the African Holocaust was an event beyond the shadow of physical enslavement and we realized if we discuss slavery we must discuss legacy. In discussing legacy then we realised people wearing European names as opposed to “African names” was part of that legacy, we realized knowledge of African kingdoms was part of the legacy of History’s greatest Holocaust. The Holocaust of enslavement was a holistic process which affects all aspects of people activity and we chose to address this Holocaust by restoring African history and culture to the foreground. We realised the franchise had grown and started to have dedicated sites based on the original Holocaust site such as ArabSlavetrade.com and Africankingdoms.com to specialize in those areas and have them function as stand-alone sites for people needing to access that information (africanmarriage.info and www.islamandafrica.com). Because of the success of African Marriage we have realized the need to have a separate franchise of African Holocaust which caters for this as not to cause confusion as to why African Holocaust is hosting African Marriage.

Who pays for everything?

Click to Support our Work at Ocacia

Click to Support our Work

African Holocaust society is staffed by a few permanent people. But most of our staff are volunteers who work on different sections of the sites or projects. We believe that trade and not aid is a principle critical to sustainability. Therefore the best way to support is to support the products on the site, the books and films of the people who contribute to the content of our website. We also barter in the old traditional way and we are supported by the companies we do projects with. By trading and barter services and opportunities we believe it stimulates genius and innovation to allow us to expand without depending on funding. The template of operation is 100% built on the African Code and we interact and evolve to exponentially extend the services and ambit of our work.

Funding Policy?

Buy 500 Years Later DVD

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The sooner Africa escapes the “funding” mentality the sooner Africa will be free. When funding is no longer a default solution in the African mind, it will spark a new generation of entrepreneurship and genius. New ways of creating capital wealth and new ways of intra-African development.


Ethiopian Jesus

Ethiopian Jesus

Our Mission and that of our comrades across the globe is to Unify African people via standardizing knowledge of self. In that mission our conduct and our tone with each other needs to be carefully administered by all who carry the responsibility of leadership. Religion is a deeply sacred thing and we should be wise to approach it in a sensitive, respectful and constructive manner. To create animosity or resentment is both irresponsible and unwelcome in the new chapter of Pan-Africanism. Therefore anyone who is using religion for hate, or using religion as an issue to fracture African people are part of the oppression.

Voodoo ceremony in Africa

Vodon Cermony

We have zero tolerance for religious or ethnic hatred. Religious freedom and religious diversity is part and parcel of Pan-Africanism. The religions found in living Africa practiced by African people are all part of our Pan-African world, from the Christianity of Ethiopia to Vodun of the Americas, to the Islam of Senegal. Both indigenous and mainstream religions are part of the fabric of Africa. The Abrahmic faiths in most of Africa have been part of an ancient tradition. Our only suggestion is, regardless of the religion we practice, to insure we Africanize all elements of the faith and seek African cultural temperament to the religious canon as opposed to sourcing Christianity from Rome, or Islam from Saudi Arabia. There is an African Christianity and an African Judaism and an African Islam. We must look there for our cultural orientation and naming systems to reflect our unique African cultural perspective.

The largest Mud structure Djeanna Mosque in Mali

Djeanna Mosque in Mali

Religion has always been a part of humanity, religion can enslave but it can also liberate. Dealing with reality and diversity means we must accommodate for people’s religious beliefs. Any form of imposition is regressive. The African Holocaust believes that if people of any religion are properly given knowledge of self they can Africanize aspects of their faith to live productively as Africans. And these things do not need to be competing objectives. The challenges of implementing these things defined the dynamic nature of identity.

The religious values as practiced by the majority of Africans is the core where we draw our moral compass from as a Civil Society. Therefore, we define oppression within the boundaries of these faiths which all speak to the natural way of life which produces life.

Can Non-Africans Join You?

No, they cannot because African Holocaust society was specifically created to address the global race imbalance where representation of Africans is concerned. This does not mean non-Africans have not made significant contributions which are valid, it is more to repair an imbalance in representation. It would be self-defeating to pose this issue and then repeat the dilemma by having non-African content in our organization. African Holocaust is African agency and it is not a stance of racism but one of self-determination in a world where Africans are a minority and a foot note even in their own history.

Do you work with non-African groups

Yes we do, however we have boundaries on how we work with non-African organizations. This world belongs to all people and we realize in our globalize climate we must first engage change which profits humanity. However our primary objective is African-African partnerships.

I am not African but how can I help?

To help means to make good work in your community, support the products and services made by Africans. Lobby and liaise with organizations such as ours to ensure free-trade and institutional racism are challenged and changed. Support African agency by making sure Africans are empowered to speak for themselves. The Tarzan voice is a vestige of colonialism and must not continue into our future.

Non-African people

All human beings act in self-interest. The question is would the world be any different if African people were in power? If an African is indoctrinated in the same supremacy of Nazi Germany they would behave identical to a European Nazi. Therefore skin colour has nothing to do with being a good person or a bad person. Only someone’s actions determine that. Africans are not inherently good, in the same way Europeans are not inherently bad. However as a generality, because of the global European power balance, Europeans as a collective have traditionally acted in a way which is hostile to the other races of the planet.

Generally speaking all people defend privilege and the opportunity it brings. The solution then is to dismantle privilege and create a world where there is no direct relationship between race and power. A world of plurality and multi-cultural diversity where self-determination is the backbone of how we interact with each other as humans.


Malcolm X made it clear that unless we can get African-African integration we will struggle with anything else. There is also an inherent need for African people spiritually mentally and physical to do for self. Not because something is wrong with White people but because all humans need to believe in their own ability. A child must see that people that look like him are capable of the same feats of genius as another person.

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