WAR MYTH: Religion and Violence WAR MYTH: Religion and Violence
There is no trans-historical or transcultural discipline that is adequate for summing up "the history of religion and violence." Some force this premise into... WAR MYTH: Religion and Violence

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There is no trans-historical or transcultural discipline that is adequate for summing up “the history of religion and violence.” Some force this premise into reality by having a very flexible definition of “religion,” while others are even more sophisticated, allowing violence to be “National” when it suits their interest, while their enemies’ motives are due to “irrational backward religions.” This kind of non sequitur and gymnastic logic serves to demonize religion without contaminating their own activities. It becomes just “self-defense” or “Peace mission” when they engage in war to secure a border, or to protect oil interest in the Gulf. But when the opposing force fights back, for all the same reasons, it becomes a “morally reprehensible” religious jihad. So Muslims (as a religious group) are demonized for resisting the campaigns of the global imperialists and their henchmen. But they shouted, “Allahu Akbar” is offered up of proof of the exceptional case of Islam’s religious higher motive for warfare. Yet the distant cries of Vikings smashing their enemies inspired by the promises of Valhalla are assigned to the non-religious archives. And it is this hypocritical treatment that we must expose.

“Freedom of press is limited to those who own one” – A. J. Liebling

Omega 7 anti-Castro Cuban Terrorist

The history of humanity testifies to one fact, we do not need religion to exercise violence: Rwanda 0.8 million people in 100 days, Congo 5,4 million, Shaka Zulu’s Mfecane, Nigerian-Biafran war 1.2 million, Ethiopia (62-92) 2 million — mainly at the hands of an atheist (Mengistu) [1], we should pause before these figures, and ask “Where is religion?” And outside of Africa: Nanjing Massacre (30,000)1)Western journalists who were in Nanking in November and December 1937 put forward much lower population numbers of around 150,000. For instance, New York Times reporter F. Tillman Durdin supported the estimate of 150,000.By the time that the Japanese forces occupying Nanking attempted to formally register the city’s entire population in late December 1937, and early January, 1938, 160,000 people were recorded. However, the Japanese often did not count young children and elderly women in their registration. Mao (40 Million), Stalin (20 Million), Hitler (42 million). [2] So why are these activities not listed when Islam and Christianity’s historical record of violence are listed?

warfare before civilization

This article is not saying that religions do not promote violence or are themselves involved in violence, clear the expansion of Christianity and Islam were not done by soft conversions. The entire existence of Israel is founded on a religious claim.  Muslims and Christians persecute each other under the banner of religion. The challenge is that the so-called violence associated with region usually has deeper motives on further critical analysis: Religion is too often a scapegoat for human conflict. There is really not much in Christianity or the message of Jesus to explain what Europeans have been doing in his name. So how can we put the blame for slavery on Christianity? If you were to take the almost billions of Muslims/Christians and contrast the percentage of violence in the world against that of a tiny “tribe” you would be shocked to find that many of these remote “peaceful” people are even more violent. 2) per the thesis of: War before Civilization Reprint Edition, Kindle Edition, Keely And research shows it makes no difference how simple, egalitarian, off the grid, or decentralized a group is, there is really no escaping this human tendency towards violence.

FALN — Pardoned by Obama

And if all the alt-right groups are correct and Islam is really this and that, then consider a violent religion with 1.6 billion followers with 1500 years of time. Do you honestly think Islam could be that violent and WW3 not happened? Africa would be torn up every day–but it is not. From Senegal, Niger, Ethiopia, to TZ, to Libya. Muslim majority countries (per stats on violent countries )have more peace than their Christian counterparts (South America, South Africa, etc) And this has to be stated to bring things back into perspective. As for Christianity with over 2 billion followers if it was violent, alongside Islam we would have seen the end of humanity by now. Most practicing religious people, by a large margin, are non-violent.


The capacity to do violence is different from the intent to do violence; But capacity limits intent. So a group of people who are able to acquire nuclear submarines might have the same propensity for violence as a group of people still stuck in the stone age.  One evil person has a nuke another evil person only a stone. As Jared Dimond noted, when New Guinea tribesmen saw a plane for the first time their first thoughts were how they could use it to inflict violence on their enemies. But when we look at the violence done by technologically advanced nations we too often associate this with a greater propensity for violence but, to be frank, if these big nations did warfare at the rate of people in tribal communities we would be already on World War 5.

New evidence even shows the “peaceful” of Southern Africa had numerous references to warfare in their ancient art.3)Images of War: A Problem in San Rock Art Research | C. Campbell| World Archaeology | Vol. 18, No. 2, Weaponry and Warfare (Oct., 1986), pp. 255-268

But that being said we also have to factor in the motives behind violence. Why do people go to war, why do people in Israel oppress people in Palestine? Why did whites create such horror in societies in Africa? It is very simple– power and money. The issue USA has with Iran is a power dispute. The USA has a cozy relationship with Israel and Saudi.  So motives these days are far more complex than those found in so-called “primitive” societies where fishing in your neighbor’s river would cause a new war. But because such confrontations are not known to the populist they base arguments from ignorance. Because maybe violence before world religions was just not as documented as it is today with Wikipedia and NBC. Back then entire ethnic groups vanished and not a drop of ink was spilled. And the prevalence of war gods in African mythology is enough to give us a window into the centrality of warfare in most human societies.

And if we fail to understand the motives for violence and inequity because we have silly memes offering simplistic “John Lennon” childlike positions then we are no closer to redressing the human condition.

Only Muslims can do Terrorism

New | The final mutation of the war on terror is the new solo terrorist, terrorism in the smallest possible footprint—not the cell, but the single autonomous person: the self-motivating disconnected terrorism.[1] Yet in Canada, such a person like Alexandre Bissonnette is not considered a terrorist unless they have connections to a terrorist network. 4)Not Terrorism in Canada It is not classified as a religion just murder. Not so the case when Muslims aggressors are involved. 5)Why Mark Anthony Conditt – a white Christian – isn’t called a terrorist

“White evangelical Protestants are the most likely (87%) to disown Christian terrorists who claim to be acting in Christianity’s name. However, they are among the least likely (44%) to say the same about terrorists who say they’re Muslim.”According to a PRRI survey:

He was mad

USA | A shooting in California and had the names of the shooters been John Smith and Simon Everett we would know the script– bad day at work, stress, etc. Unfortunately, the names look Islamic. And while John and Simon can have a bad day at work and go around shooting people, this is not so if your name is Tashfeen Malik or Syed, with names like that you have links to ISIS, and the Islamic Council for America has to make statements on behalf of the American Muslim community, (no one else does this, only Muslims organizations have to apologize for every single Muslim). And this isolated lone act gives justification for the war campaign against Muslim countries and for Trump to make more Hitler-like suggestions of banning Muslims because of these attacks. Yet fast forward to 2019: President Trump on white nationalism: Not a rising threat around the world. 6)New Zealand White Terrorist praises Trump . 7)Trump again punts on white supremacy after New Zealand attacks8)According to even the Zionist ADL  71% of the deaths linked to extremism in the United States between 2008 and 2017 were committed by far-right attackers.If Muslim countries had the arguments of Western Christian extremists they would now demonize all White Australians, kick all Australians out of their lands, impose a travel ban,  and start carpet-bombing Australia.

It is strange that since 9/11, despite fighting a “War Against Terror,” there are far more instances of “Terror” around the Globe. The Western solution is to keep bombing, keep invading, keep demonizing, and keep exploiting. Is it the terror that is creating this Western response and expansion, or is their expansion and response causing the so-called “terror”?


What is termed “religion and violence” is largely a Western dichotomy of different power configurations that serve a Western consumer audience. (Cavanaugh 2009) The myth of religion as incompatible with secular governance or having an inherent disposition to creating violence is so pervasive and drilled in that it eludes critique and verification—even by critical thinkers.

And inside of this conventional paradigm, reality seems to be reinforcing the myth. It is the same with the paradox of “otherness,” the mere process of marginalized people into the “other,” creates “otherness” from which to justify the existence of the “other.”

Joshua Ryne Goldberg fake ISIS9)https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Ryne_Goldberg">Jew who pretended to be ISIS

The argument of religion as a unique issue is a classic case of confusing causation and correlation. And patterns of human conflict cannot be mapped to degrees of religiosity. Yet in the Western discourse religion is; absolutist, divisive, irrational, brainwashing, the cause of slavery, the cause of war, the cause of strife, wasted wealth and time. As Kwame Ture said; because Europe then has this conflict with religion they make the issues of Europe the concerns of the world. So what is true for Europeans must by default be true for everyone else. And finally in the case of Islam, “preaches a culture of hate.” Yet it is the Western war machine dominating the world. Maybe it is time we end the Westernized flash summaries of complex world events.

Taking two steps back we must be sagacious and interrogate these assumptions, at the root, and ask, what identifies religion as the unique, or as the most pervasive agent of all of these things? And why is the war rhetoric of America immune from these charges?[1]

One of the mistakes the Western world makes is to think that their enemies should be our enemies– Mandela

Do not let your hatred of a people incite you to aggression — Qurán

From a statistical standpoint, the logic that blames violence on religion is a sampling error. The raw numbers of deaths from conflict categorically show that across the globe, and in Africa, that religion, in anyway shape or form, is rarely a motive for animosity.(e.g. Far more people die from US foreign policy than at the hands of the mythical Al-Qaeda™ [3][4]

However, despite this, the news headlines are so successful at postering religion and violence that we forget the glaring statistics that show no such correlations. But the media has double standards because going into a university in Oregon and shooting people is a reoccurring American story, and always written up as “angry young guy”. Now despite the killer asking people’s religion before shooting them this is not a religious al-Qaeda related incident because the gunman is not Muslim (only Muslims kill for religion and only African Americans kill because they are Black). Whites always are just angry or mentally disturbed because their parents got divorced.

There is absolutely no chance a newspaper would splash a childhood photo of an Islamist terrorist who murdered 49 Christians in a church as an “angelic boy”. Displacing focus from the victims to oh how could such a sweet WHITE boy become a terrorist is abhorrent — Owen Jones10)Western tabloids condemned for ‘humanising’ NZ mosque attacker

The casual association between Islam and terrorism fails the minute we look at the raw statics. To most in the West Suicide bombing = Islam = terrorism, again another myth created in Hollywood and CNN. And this charge of myth and lies is not an opinion, but quantifiable irrefutable statistics. So how in light of these statics do we arrive at the current casual association of Islam and terrorism, religion and conflict? (Pape) (Cavanaugh) it is clear the “news” is cherry picking and shaping public perception for political ends.

We hear about Darfur and Nigeria with far more frequency than we will hear about the Rohingya Muslim persecution in Burma, at the hands of Arakan Buddhists. [3] And how often do we hear of Kenya’s “Christian” Death Squads, funded by Israel and UK, murdering Muslim citizens? [6] And even in both Darfur and Nigeria yet mainly Muslims are dying–something smells. [4] And while White “Christians”are dropping bombs and occupying Muslims lands it is supposed to be the Muslims who are Jihadding Christians? –very strange point of view. How many Christian countries have in Muslim armies? Check the death toll since 9/11 what is the religion of most of the casualties? How many Christian majority countries have been bombed by Muslims in the last century? What language do they speak in Australia, South Africa, Barbados, Hong Kong, European languages or Arabic?

Which religion considers your killed ones innocent and our killed ones worthless? And which principle considers your blood real blood and our blood water? Reciprocal treatment is fair and the one who starts injustice bears greater blame — Bin Laden

Africans and other non-white people, know about White Supremacy, and Western fundamentalist extremism. These things are not interested in peace and tolerance, beyond requesting that everyone peacefully tolerate their domination. But despite their ubiquitous presence in the lives of 80% of the planet, where in the news do you see them mentioned? So per Western news obviously they don’t exist.

You can scan world news, Ethiopian news, South African, Mali news and you will hear about religious fundamentalism, but where is the coverage of White supremacy, Western imperialism? It is like discussing a hurricane and not mentioning the damage, wind, and the rain. You have people in Mali marching against “religious extremism,” where are the people marching against Western hegemony? Despite it being the most fundamental sculptor in the last 500 years? But the lie is so pervasive people cannot see the woods for all the trees in the forest. Despite everything in creation testifying otherwise no one seems to even ask, how come the news controlled by the West is always making the West look good — is that that at least suspicious? NEWS is not a mirror on reality— but on spheres of political interest. It never was about reporting the stories of the people of the world, and likewise, no democracy determines the contents of the newspaper you are reading. Added to this the entire news network in Africa is subject to US opinion and in some cases a front for the US military (The site—sabahionline.com—is run by the U.S. military for the sole purpose of brainwashing people and controlling information. [7]

Israel can spend a week shelling Gaza, killing hundreds of people. And the international community calls it “Israel’s right to defend itself.” It is written in law, support by senate, justified by America’s corruptible unconditional support for all things Zionist, apologized for by the UK. In the same conflict, a counter-attack in the city of Tel Aviv targets a bus, but is called a cowardly “terrorist act.”A death ratio 160:5 in favor of the occupiers, but the Palestinians are the terrorist. It seems the moral lessons gathered along our human journey seem to fail application. Love thy Neighbor (Jesus). Do unto others as you will have them do until you (NT). Never allow your hatred to blind your morals (Islam). And King taught us:

Cowardice is submissive surrender to circumstances. Courage breeds creativity; Cowardice represses fear and is mastered by it. Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency ask the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience ask the question, is it right? — Martin Luther King, Jr.

America (NATO etc) went to Libya to fix a Western created problem, and bring the D-word (that panacea for the woes of the uncivilized world). How come it is worse than when Mr Gaddafi was in office? So now Northern Mali, an outcrop of Libya’s mess, needs military action (with the help of the White world). We can expect the same ‘help’ that is destabilizing the new Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The US has a strong record of persuading the public that war is the only way. A military industrial complex worth billions of dollars is largely America’s driving force. Deeply rooted in the system, it would serve no purpose if there was no one to fight War-fear into Warfare, RT [e]

Democracy vs. Sharia is posited to define the conflict, but these are just names with the spectrum of differences; we need not worry ourselves with subjective labels. Meles called his dictatorship a democracy. America called denying African Americans the right to vote a democracy. What does it do for the people, how does each system represent the ambitions of the majority? Why not let the people truly decide (Egypt) sharia, democracy, kingship, etc, Is this not self-determination? Self-determination is not determined by what America likes!

Human rights have sadly become the Trojan Horse the U.S. and its allies NGOs use to justify violent intervention into foreign lands. So, while the Trojan Horse story led to the famous maxim, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” I would counsel the people of the poorer Global South, to “Beware of Westerners bearing human rights –Daniel Kovalik [e]

So it is interesting to hear about Iran as the “Greatest Threat to World Peace”© and “We can not allow these fanatical people to get their hands on nukes” — 100% agree, but which fanatics are they referring to? Iran or America and Israel? That question can only be answered, not with emotion and selective amnesia, but with a history lesson (Hiroshima). Please note Iran has not invaded or attacked any country since 1878. However, the last 500 years of ongoing European conquest rarely seems to be notable in the debate about what is and has been a barrier to peace and justice on Earth? We are made to assume that apartheid, slavery, Little Boy bomb on Hiroshima, genocide of Native Americans, Opium Wars, Vietnam, exploitation of African, dead children in Iraq, intervention in Chile, assassinations, etc, are somehow suppressed as evidence against the trial of West vs. Humanity: How can the “good guys” be so bad? And even if acknowledged, there is a belief that it was a very long time ago and the West is now the “good guys” in human affairs. But at what date since WW1, for example, has that moral transformation occurred? When did they go from slave traders to protectors of humanity? Was it after the Civil Rights or after Iraq II?

Nobody has a right of self-defense against this country [USA], even if it intervenes across the ocean to impose by force governments that the people of that country reject — Noam Chomsky

Divide and Rule spreading of HateAmerica rose to dominance post-WW2, post 9-11 it has again made another power surge to become an even stronger super power. More extended, more involved, more unapologetic about stepping on other nations sovereignty. The USA has an amazing knack for converting every global crisis into a stepping stone for its own interest; amazing efficient at exploiting regional conflicts. The U.S. has spent $1.3 trillion on the war on terror so far. That was in reaction to about 14,000 total deaths from so-called international terrorism from 1975 to 2003. That’s more than $90 million spent for each person killed. Right now, according to Robert Fisk, Western military presence inside the Islamic World is 22 times that than during the Crusades, yet the Western world expects zero response to this neocolonialism. [11] And what blinds reality and informs public opinion to demonize religion, in this case, Islam, is only because Muslims do not to own Fox, CNN, BBC News, or even Western controlled Al-Jazeera (Al-CNN).

Forget the worldwide rampant Islamophobia and demonization of Arabs… Human Rights and Labor, has “institutionalized the fight against global anti-Semitism”, even though the US military and their allies have been destroying countries mostly populated by Muslims for over a decade. Or maybe is it precisely to support the war on Islam and the Arab World – a.k.a. “war on terrorism” – that the “war on global anti-Semitism” is being launched?–Julie Lévesque [3]

Spreadin Fear Herding the SheepAnd again it is “religious” when people of Islamic heritage take up arms, for whatever reason (mainly defense), but non-religious when “Christian” nations “bomb them back into the stone ages.” [5] [1] How does that work? Why is the threshold of inclusion of a “religious act of violence” so open where Islam is concerned, and so closed when Europeans practicing Christianity is concern. If a Muslim sneezes in the wrong direction it is automatically an act of their Islamic faith. And why is spreading “Islamic Sharia” to Muslim countries so offensive, yet spreading capitalism and its carrying bag (sometimes going by the sobriquet democracy) so acceptable? Why is a “Jewish state” allowed but an “Islamic state” taboo? Has this democracy created any tangible benefits for oppressed people in South Africa, Israel, or even democracy’s own country of manufacture?

The only thing that can be seen as “Successful” in the world is a Western model. To beat out another path is vulgarly heterodoxical, and will be met with an absolute, and copious prejudicial use of force. Alternatives must not only fail, they must be made to fail visibly to deter being inspirational. And this is the backdrop to every major clash post WW2. Because as far as the Western control, they allow sell systems which they make so they can be manipulated (like their brand of Democracy).

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it– Hitler

There is a global campaign from CNN (hawks) right down to Europe’s favorite African intellectuals (vultures) to push a myth by collating every instance which fingers “Islam and a problem” because “they hate our freedoms.” (freedoms or foreign policies? [Zogby]) If one compiles all the reports side by side the pattern is crystal clear; semi-fictional, hyperbole, dubious sources, to create a relationship to justify an agenda. This one-way moral mirror used to discuss “religion” never reflects on Western “secular” aggression with the same tone or supposed impartiality.

And it is identical to the way in which Africans are demonized in the West by constantly reporting statistics and occurrences, which they say prove the myth of a “Black problem.” But failing to mention the oppression African Americans have been victims of for the last 300 years. Why does it work? Because the general public are ignorant or misinformed about the dynamics and the overview of most of the world’s issues. Again reality seems to verify a casual relationship between African-Americans rape and others crimes.

The mass media become the authority at any given moment for what is true and what is false, what is reality and what is fantasy, what is important and what is trivial. There is no greater force in shaping the public mind; even brute force triumphs only by creating an accepting attitude toward the brutes –Ben Bagdikian (The Media Monopoly)

One thing should ring out in every situation, WHO DOES IT REALLY PROFIT. If America has a hand in anything, and they have their hand in everything, be 100% sure it profits America. Some rebels are good, some rebels are bad. History is replete testifies that what determines good rebels and bad rebels is American interest.

Why discuss anything without also factoring that Muslim countries control most of the world’s oil reserves? And Western powers have been hell bent on seeking justification for the taking of these assets under the guise of a “War on Terror.” And the omnipresent evil or nemesis of the “good White guys” is the omnipresent monolithic faceless “Islamist,” a neologism created by US foreign policy. It would be dishonest to label Western as Christian, or Israel as Judaism, just as it is dishonest to factor religion into a greedy neocolonial resource conflict. We also seem to forget the fact that of the top 10 deadliest conflicts on Earth none of them were religious in nature.

In the last 20 years of American history, there have been 129 confirmed White terrorist (Timothy Mcveigh, Robert Lewis Dear, to the Olympic Park Bomber, to the infamous Unabomber), all Christian, all white, all American, an all successful at killing people: However, has that fact ever factored in profiling White American Christians? Has it caused a backlash or the mythical association between Christianity, secularism or America and violence?“ Who from Anders Behring Breivik religion made a global apology? With the Rober Dear attacks blogger James Schlarmann chided “moderate white Christians” for not denouncing the Planned Parenthood attack as “moderate Muslims” are often asked to denounce Islamist terrorism.

And listen to the media “Oh he was stressed, he had a hard childhood”, I am sure Binny Boy was under a lot of stress also with all those Yankie troops prostituting his country. What about Michael Kadar, the Jewish lad who made hoax terrorist calls to Jewish organizations? Apparently his tumor made him do it.11)US-Israeli man jailed for 10 years over bomb hoax calls Less than a score of Arabs are accused of lone terrorist acts and now, because of that 0.0000000000001%, 1.5 billion people, 1/5 humans on the planet are on the FBI watch list. The one million dead Iraqi children somehow are “unworthy” causalities (Chomsky),that is not “religious aggression” by Western nations because it is sanitized by words such as indirect war, collateral damage and the cost of liberation.

All fundamentalist, political, ideological or religious share one common feature — intolerance to difference

Am I not also a Terrorist?We cannot expect to; marginalize people, persecute them, prod and poke at them for their religious lifestyle and then complain when they retaliate: No free human being sits quiet while their rights to their own land, resources and lifestyle are infringed upon. People with any form of identity (ethnic and/or religious) will resist by all means, anything which tries to challenge self. To make exploitation easier dual containment must be deployed; 1 to curb the potency of religion/identity and pacify it, 2nd to demonize it and fight it directly.

Boko Haram has lost faith in the Nigerian government, and has no tolerance for Western imposed education, which is the source of much of the underdevelopment and brainwashing evident in Africa. Unfortunately, like many other radical groups across the world (including the US government and NATO) they have a methodology of using violence to affect change. Same story with Al Shabab, but can we even hear their constitution for Somalia’s reform? — No because Clinton (a non-Somali) said “you cannot listen to any group with Al-Qaeda links.” We know all about the allegations of these “links,”

The Al Qaeda brand has proven to be a lucrative “investment”. From 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq to Libya and currently Syria. And, now, the neocolonial reconquest of Africa. That’s what you call “return on money –Finian Cunningham [1]

US conflict around the world mapA White Christian goes into an Afghan village and slaughters 16 civilians, many of them women and children; whose names we will never know, and never celebrate. They are the “unworthy” causlties of war–the non-people who have no value on CNN. Right after the incident his “human rights” were being respected, his family was being protected, he got a lawyer to explain how “stressed he was”, “how his wife upset him the night before”, “how living around all these “terrorist” would send anyone crazy.” He will be given due process in the safest court in the world– that of his own self-serving government. Unlike his fellow American Anwar al-Awlaki he will have a trial of his peers, not a trial by assassin drone. And how many people did Anwar kill? 16 or Zero? But two rules are applied in this world; both being the exclusive reality of the man with the biggest stick.

Happy (secure and comfortable) people who feel safe and “free” generally don’t blow things up; unless they fear losing that status (entitlement). The exception is then only the oligarchy that wants to keep owning 95%. Most of them are American, protected by the biggest employer on the planet- the US department of defense (3.6 million). With a public-funded budget of over 700 Billion dollars. [5]

War Oil and Islamic ExtreamistAnd regardless of their accumulated mass ownership throughout history, they still want more. Simple people have simple minds that demand that the world be forced into very simple conclusions. [5] It is good for the power brokers because they never have to be worried with the nuance. It means entire wars can be supported with paper-thin cowboy rhetoric like “Support our troops”, “Us and them,” “Fight the good fight”, “The war for peace,”
“Giving them democracy.” And regardless of how language or politics chooses to define configurations of power, we send our children to war to help the elites hold on to it.

We embrace the dangerous self-delusion that we are on a providential mission to save the rest of the world from itself, to implant our virtues—which we see as superior to all other virtues—on others, and that we have a right to do this by force. — Chris Hedges

So If our mission is to better understand, and hence prevent conflict, it will only come with giving a more sophisticated balanced analysis that is holistic and inclusive of reality. Empty rhetoric appeals to the emotions of the populous; it has no loyalty to comprehension and tangible solutions.


The war on terror started by targeting “rogue” states, and the omnipresent CIA-funded false flag asset called Al-Qaeda. The arch in that narrative included the spectacle, which reportedly terminated the arch-villain—Bin Ladin. Several African mutations popped up are in the process of being contained: Somalia, Mali, and Nigeria. The final mutation of the war on terror is the new solo terrorist, terrorism in the smallest possible footprint—not the cell, but the single autonomous person: the self-motivating disconnected terrorism. And their only uniting characteristic is Islam. The educated, uneducated, rich, African, Arab, Russian, Eritrean everywhere in the world is now wrapped into the theater of terror wars—everyone is a potential terrorist—everyone can be watched.

To keep the world safe for all these terrorist strains, as well as the odd chance communism returns USA has, as of 2009, maintained 662 foreign sites in 38 countries around the world. [11]


To others, religion is not so much a source of conflict as a source of hope in sub- Saharan Africa, where religious leaders and movements are a major force in civil society and a key provider of relief and development for the needy, particularly given the widespread reality of failed states and collapsing government service– Pew Report

According to Jared Diamond, four factors are responsible for all historical developments: 1) Availability of potential crops and domestic animals, 2) The spread of agriculture, 3) Transfer of knowledge between continents, and 4) Population size. The principle source of human conflict also operates within these zones, but not only, as trade rights have risen to the top of the conflict zone. And if religion is the source of so much conflict, above all the aforementioned issues, it rushes us directly into the long standing logical fallacy of a “doing away with religion,” as a panacea for humanity: Hence the rise of the state as a higher form of human policy management. Richard Dawkins, the most celebrated atheist, constantly pushes this agenda of humanity commuting religion:

But using Dawkins’ argument the African could construct another proposition; considering the history of Europe/White people, this world would be even better off with them to enslave, oppress everyone. Bush is not motivated by dreams of heaven but dreams of fields of oil You would expect a little more incite and intellectual nuance from someone so celebrated as Dawkins. Also his argument is affirming the consequence, because without “religion” human conflict still rages on. With or without religion Somali is in chaos.

According to Jared Diamond, four factors are responsible for all historical developments: 1) Availability of potential crops and domestic animals, 2) The spread of agriculture, 3) Transfer of knowledge between continents, and 4) Population size. The principle source of human conflict also operates within these zones, but not only, as trade rights have risen to the top of the conflict zone. And if religion is the source of so much conflict, above all the aforementioned issues, it rushes us directly into the long standing logical fallacy of a “doing away with religion,” as a panacea for humanity: Hence the rise of the state as a higher form of human policy management. Richard Dawkins, the most celebrated atheist, constantly pushes this agenda of humanity commuting religion:

But using Dawkins’ argument the African could construct another proposition; considering the history of Europe/White people, this world would be even better off with them to enslave, oppress everyone. Bush is not motivated by dreams of heaven but dreams of fields of oil You would expect a little more incite and intellectual nuance from someone so celebrated as Dawkins. Also his argument is affirming the consequence, because without “religion” human conflict still rages on. With or without religion Somali is in chaos.

Someone should explain to Dawkins that without “religion” and its influence [4] [5] (See Weber: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Ancient Palestine) he might be writing his next atheist book on the wall of a cave while chewing semi-cooked meat and playing with deer bones for toys. The very paper he writes his atheist diatribes on came to Europe via Islamic hands, the Greeks he builds his arguments on was preserved via Muslim philosophy. And the garbage can he should throw his work into came via the Islamic impetus that gave birth to the European renaissance. Religion built the pyramids in the sands of the Nile Valley and the wonderful libraries of Timbuktu. The history of the atheist is the history of nothing useful for humanity. However, without the religious proclamations of “In the name of God” America is busy making war everywhere on God’s green Earth.

We used to think agriculture gave rise to cities and later to writing, art, and religion. Now the world’s oldest temple suggests the urge to worship sparked civilization. — Charles C. Mann

When Atheism Becomes Religion: America's New FundamentalistsThe new atheists, led by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, do not make moral arguments about religion. Rather, they have created a new form of fundamentalism that attempts to permeate society with ideas about our own moral superiority and the omnipotence of human reason. Hedges claims that those who have placed blind faith in the morally neutral disciplines of reason and science create idols in their own image — a sin for either side of the spectrum. He makes an impassioned, intelligent case against religious and secular fundamentalism, which seeks to divide the world into those worthy of moral and intellectual consideration and those who should be condemned, silenced and eradicated. (Amazon.com)

Secularism replaces God with an anthropocentric moral argument divorced from the reality that Religion played and plays a critical role in the formation of civilizations and thus is a central aspect of our very humanity.

Spiritual systems are found, without exception, in every indigenous society; independent of geography, independent of ethnicity and independent of time. Religion gets full billing anytime a building is blown up, but rarely credited for its role in shaping all the things we take for granted. Some argue that it was religion, and not agriculture, that allowed the formation of sophisticated human societies. Centralizing ethics meant that people could live in harmonious and productive relationships with each other: Thou shall not kill people of your own group, thou shall not steal, and thou shall not break ones marriage vows. And these are not laws exclusive to the Bible, but from Ancient Egypt 1000s of years before the Judeo-Christian world emerged. Recent evidence in Göbekli Tepe points to religion being the motives behind the coming together of people and thus communities behind ideology to worship and thus create agriculture and societies. [3]

We see a mirror of these ethics in the Hammurabi code, and even in other more recent native African faiths.

There is also no denying the role of religion in brainwashing people to either make them more passive (better slaves) or more aggressive (Siege of Jerusalem 1099). Religion was one of the tools of conquest in Africa. The likes of David Livingstone summed it up in his 3C’s: Christianity, Commerce, and Civilization. But what is assigned to “religion” is more an issue of notions of European cultural supremacy. So Europeans were therefore really successful in brainwashing the people with an image of a White God, because of their message of the cultural supremacy of the white race. And contrary to popular belief the “religious” mission was not used in the conquest of much of India, Arabia, and Islamic Africa. Therefore it could not have been the principle agent for brainwashing people to accepting colonial domination. Christianity as a tool has run its course long time ago, the churches in Europe are empty, that is no longer the ideology that will empower their markets. But in the vacuum of Christianity what is still there? European Culture.

It makes no sense to discuss “religion” in the exclusive context of mind control; what about notions of race? Politics (esp.), media, Books, educational system, music and sports are they not also systems of control, why isolate religion? Every civilization has systems of control to reduce dissent and formulate harmony (good and bad) to focus human energy on serving the national interest– again this can be good and bad. The point is control is in all things and part and parcel of all advanced human societies.

No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic–A. J. P. Taylor

And outside of these “religious” formations we have even more of how people are brainwashed into not uniting because of what is perceived as political allegiances, and especially ethnic allegiances, (or even allegiance to a football team)[2]— we must deal with the root, the general ignorance that allows people to be manipulated in these ways. Because most will agree that those who control power use religion in a scapegoat capacity. But religion like a bomb is a tool, it can be used to blow up a building or put a man in orbit. Any system, whether we call it religion, politics, ideological, can be hijacked for any objective the power-broker desires—good or bad.

One of the most famous examples exhausted in the trial of “religion and warfare” is the bloody crusades. Now what was the religious set-up in Jerusalem before the European invasion? : Most forget that Jews, Eastern Christians worked and lived alongside the Muslim majority in absolute peace—no conflict. Yet “In the name of God” the European Christians massacred 70,000 people of all faiths. The crusades clearly used God as the excuse for plunder, as Gold and not God lead their way to the “Holy Land.”

Religious CrusadesBut even after Saladin retook the city he deliberately invited back the Ethiopian monks and exempted them from taxation—not to mention the numerous acts of tolerance and humanity he showed even his enemies. We also see a similar level of tolerance in Andalusia (Islamic Spain) ruled by African Moors and Arabs, which was destroyed in 1492 by the Spanish inquisition. Again Jews, Muslims and Christians built an era that ushered in a Renaissance in Europe. And under this peaceful co-existence Judaism experience its “Golden age” with Maimonides (موسى بن ميمون); one of Judaism greatest scholars. This is an era pre-Geneva convention, pre-UN human rights, yet so-called non-secular configurations of governance were able to amicable foster a climate of tolerance and co-existence. It would therefore be safe to say that the history of religious tolerance is far greater than intolerance—especially outside of Europe. The news that makes history is when things fall apart, giving the illusion of a perpetual sequences of sectarian conflict.


The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization

This word terrorism has a very broad application. But the one common thread is it seems terrorism is always some act that is not in US foreign interest. But according to the above definitions then the entire history of America, UK, France, Germany and Israel [7] would be the biggest terrorist on the planet and their victims are the native peoples of the planet who live in fear and submission. [8] As the popular saying goes:

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter–Gerald Seymour

And while most find the act of terrorism morally reprehensible when it targets innocent non-combatants. This is the aspect which becomes reprehensible, the single act of targeting innocent civilians. Apart from this, terrorism is just another type of ugly and heinous warfare, which mankind seems not to be able to evolve out of. But the old canard of the random crazy terrorist is not a serious assessments— just a better way to continuing denying the merit and agent of certain grievances. Especially when those grievances are the results of US foreign policy and admitting that would make America liable. Terrorist, if anything, are not random, cowards, or illogical. A coward is someone who flies a nuclear bomb high in the sky and drops it on women and children at zero risk to himself. A coward gets 7 nations to attack one 3rd world country. A coward hides behind White House walls while sending the poor to Vietnam to die. Terrorist, just like the crying of a baby— creates a desired effect. And from a social perspective it is always a sign of a society which has failed to represent, or incorporate plurality and marginalize groups. (Robert Pape, Dying to Win (2005))[8] One thing we can agree on, unlike most politicians, is their are no insincere or fickle suicide bombers.

“The term terrorism means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.” – Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003, p. xii, US Department of State

“[T]he unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population… in furtherance of political or social objectives.” – Terrorism 2002-2005, p. iv, FBI, US Department of Justice

“The unlawful use of violence or threat of violence to instil fear and coerce governments or societies. Terrorism is often motivated by religious, political, or other ideological beliefs and committed in the pursuit of goals that are usually political.” – Department of Defence Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, (Amended in 2012), p. 317

Clearly, keywords in these definitions like “ideological beliefs”, “religious”, “subnational”, “violence”, even “societies”, can be amply twisted to include as much as exclude, subject to convenience, what counts as terrorism which, according to India’s The Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002, includes any “intent to threaten the unity, integrity, security or sovereignty of India or to strike terror in the people”. In mainstream definitions, the term “political” is used to distinguish terrorism from crime by an “abnormal” person – shootings by an individual for “personal” reason. However, defining “political” this way is problematic because in another definition of politics – everything is political or, as the feminist credo held: “the personal is political”~Irfan Ahmad

America is a psychopathic psychofrenic. They go around the world pissing people off and then get teary eyes and confused when the colonized kick back. Like when you see a child pulling at a dogs tail, the dog was cool and ignored it once then twice, but on the 3rd time you know what happens. Cry yes, but most children learn that pulling at dogs tails = you get bitten. America is still trying to figure out why it got bitten. And as oppose to learn, they keep repeating the behavior that keeps the cycle in place. The idea is alter your foreign policy. Alter your attitude to the Zionist state. (Mearsheimer & Walt (2008))

Sometimes you wonder how come the FBI and MI5 foil so many “terrorist plots,” From OneIslam: The overwhelming majority of “terrorism” cases in America can fit into a category in which the FBI picks the gullible Muslim youth, sends an undercover agent to “befriend” him, and over a period of time, prod him to agree to carry out some attack. The agreement is recorded on tape. The undercover FBI agent offers the kid weapons, and arrests him as soon as he is about to proceed with the so-called “plot.” While the intended impression is that the Feds swooped in to save the day, the reality is that they “foiled” their own plot. An artificial victory, and this is the formula which you see every other day when you read the news, whose purpose is to compensate for the lack of authentic “terror plots.”(oneIslam)

Added to this that many “Terrorist” sites are owned and controlled by the USA to solicit, seduced and monitor [7] Maybe many terrorist plots are also –9/11?


The US says it is promoting democracy and development in Africa, but military bases litter the continent and its intelligence activities undermine African sovereignty — Press TV

Dying to WinI have compiled a database of every suicide bombing and attack around the globe from 1980 through 2003—315 attacks in all.1 It includes every attack in which at least one terrorist killed himself or herself while attempting to kill others; it excludes attacks authorized by a national government, for example by North Korea against the South. This database is the first complete universe of suicide terrorist attacks worldwide. I have amassed and independently verified all the relevant information that could be found in English and other languages (for example, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, and Tamil) in print and on-line.

The information is drawn from suicide terrorist groups themselves, from the main organizations that collect such data in target countries, and from news media around the world. More than a “list of lists,” this database probably represents the most comprehensive and reliable survey of suicide terrorist attacks that is now available. The data show that there is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, or any one of the world’s religions. In fact, the leading instigators of suicide attacks are the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, a Marxist-Leninist group whose members are from Hindu families but who are adamantly opposed to religion. This group committed 76 of the 315 incidents, more suicide attacks than Hamas. ~ Robert Pape

Jewish Lobby“Terrorism is not an organization or a movement or even an ‘enemy’ that one can declare war on; terrorism is simply the tactic of indiscriminately attacking enemy targets–especially civilians–in order to sow fear, undermine morale, and provoke counterproductive reactions from one’s adversary. It is a tactic that many different groups sometimes employ, usually when they are much weaker than their adversaries and have no good option for fighting against superior military forces. Zionists [e.g., especially the members of Irgun (or ‘Etzel’) and Lehi (or the Stern Gang)] used terrorism when they were trying to drive the British out of Palestine and establish their own State…

..and the United States has backed a number of ‘terrorist’ organizations in the past (including the Nicaraguan contras and the UNITA guerillas in Angola). American presidents have also welcomed a number of former terrorists to the White House (including PLO chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, who played key roles in the main Zionist terrorist organizations) which merely underscores the fact that terrorism is a tactic and not a unified movement.” — John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.


Religion or society?

In France Jewish children are killed, their religion is a factor when they are victims, not so the other people who are labelled “North African.” None of these “unworthy” victims are given the same treatment or even the same political urgency or press coverage. Anders Breivik kills 69 teenagers and is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, the issues of Christianity does not come up like in the case of Mohammed Merah.

(French supposed Al-Qaeda who killed 4 Jewish civilians) and unlike Breivik, there is no backlash in Europe against White racism like we see in France against Islamic fundamentalism: If anything the backlash for Breivik’s killing is more towards immigrants. In both cases the mental state is clearly the greatest agent; Breiviks is Christian, and naturally articulated his insanity through that faith, Merah was Muslim and naturally articulated his insanity through that religion: The religion in all the above is inconsequential. It would be far more accurate to label both as politically motivated lunatics.


…do not leave alive anything that breaths. Completely destroy them…as the Lord your God has commanded you…–Deuteronomy 20:16

It is impossible to deal with religion and violence and completely deny the violence within the very text of both the Qur’an and especially the Bible. Raymuns Schwager found 600 passages of explicit violence in the Old Testament, along with 1000 descriptive verses of “God’s own violence”, and 100 passages where God commands murder (even of innocent non-combatants). It would not be an exaggeration to say far from being a book of love the Old Testament is a book of violence and warfare. [1]

Conflicts in Africa are not sparked by religion, but religion is the wind that can spread the wildfire. –Goodluck Jonathan

And the Qur’an is also fully of blatant violence against the enemies of Islam. There is no denying the similar bias where “On the side of God” and what we see in the Western war language. But the primary argument is not the defense of “religion” as some begin always warm and loving institution. But moreover to dispel the myth that religion is unique or more given to violence. Because despite all the so-called violence in the Bible, it is not why the Crusaders invaded Muslim controlled lands.

When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you may nations…then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy. –Deuteronomy 7:1-2

Militarily speaking, the African Union has become an annex of the Pentagon. The AU’s biggest operation, in Somalia, is armed, financed and directed by the U.S. military and CIA. The 17,000 African troops on so-called peace-keeping duty in Somalia are, for all practical purposes, mercenaries for the Americans – although poorly paid ones. Ethiopian and Kenyan forces act as extensions of U.S. power in the East Africa. U.S. Special Forces roam the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic – ostensibly looking for the fugitive warlord Joseph Kony but, in reality, establishing a web of U.S. military infrastructures throughout center of the continent. Uganda and Rwanda keep the eastern Congo’s mineral riches safe for U.S. and European corporations – at the cost of 6 million Congolese lives. Their militaries are on the Pentagon’s payroll. — Glen Ford

  • Fall of Libyan Government  —————————-    2011 plan;
  • Fall of Tunisian Government —————————    Not part of the plan;
  • Fall of President Mubarak —————————- –    Not part of the plan;
  • Deployment of US Special Forces to Niger ———— –    2011 plan;
  • South Sudan Independence from Sudan ————– –    2011 plan;
  • Deployment of AU Troops to Somalia  —————- –    2011 plan;
  • Deployment of Kenyan Forces to Somalia ———— –    2011 plan;
  • Deployment of US Special Forces to Uganda  ———–    2011 plan;
  • Discovery of Oil in Northern Uganda  ——————-    2011 plan;
  • Deployment of US Drones in Ethiopia  —————– –    2011 plan;
  • Discovery of Oil in Southern Ethiopia  ——————-   2011 plan;
  • Deployment of US Drones in Seychelles  —————-    2011 plan;
  • Discovery of Oil in Northern Kenya  —————— –    2011 plan;
  • Build Port in Lamu, Kenya for South Sudan, Ethiopia,
  • Ugandan Oil Pipeline Transportation (Qatari Funding)    –    2011 plan;
  • Uhuru Kenyatta charged by ICC ———————– –    2012 plan;
  • Discovery of Oil in S.E. Tanzania ———————– –    2012 plan;
  • Army Coup in Mali   ————————————-    2012 plan;
  • Tuareg / AQNA Take-over of Northern Mali   ———–    2012 plan;
  • Deployment of US/NATO Special Forces to Mali  ——–    2012 plan;
  • KONY-2012 Campaign in Central Africa —————–    2012 plan;
  • Deployment of US Special Forces to Uganda ————-    2012 plan;
  • Deployment of US Special Forces to CAR —————-    2012 plan;
  • Deployment of US Special Forces to Rwanda  ————    2012 plan;
  • Bombings in Kenyan Cities blamed on Al-Shabab ——–    2012 plan;
  • Conflict between S.Sudan and Sudan border areas ———2012 plan;
  • USA provide Intelligence/Logistics to Kenyan Forces deployed in Somalia against Al-Shabab     –   2012 plan;
  • Escalation of tensions along Kenyan/Somali Borders —- –    2012 plan;
  • Assassination of Professor Saitoti, Kenyan Minister   ——- 2012 plan;
  • Destabilisation of DR Congo  —————————–    2012 plan;
  • Destabilisation of Southern Africa  ———————–    2012 plan;
  • Nomination of Mrs. Museveni, wife of present  incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni as next Ugandan President   ——————————–    2012 plan;
  • Deployment of US/NATO Forces into South Somalia — –    2012 plan; [9]

Gaddafi Served up to Imperialism by traitorsAll these nice excuses that they use to say “we need to invade” — but they always have them. Historical sites, Human rights, Communist threat, regime change. Take your pick, what is it this time? In the ruse of “helping” rid Africans of a problem in comes the military bases. The problem with self-determination is you accept it in totality, or reject it in totality. If it comes in the shape of Pan-Africanism or in the shape of Islamist — the principle has merit. The internal conflicts of a nation are to be resolved internally, regardless of if that internal is defined within a nation state, or as a Pan-African block. But what is cannot be is a proxy war for French and other West interest, who use an African hand to do French work.

It is no good knowing about the ills of historical colonization, if today we do not see it happening right before our eyes. The very same people who rattle on about colonization are oblivious to the processes when the details of Kenya and Somalia are laid bare. They object to the “recolonization”, but then support the wars that bring it about. They cannot see the piece by piece stages to Western interest achieving their ends, it is like boiling someone so slowly that they do not notice.

Colonialism in Black face | With Mali they say it is an African problem, so Africans have to fight –no foreign forces. They are putting a fine point and making sure they state that. Funny, who is behind it all? Who is planning it all? Who profits from it all? So they might as well let French and US troops go in and invade the place. If you put a dress on a pig, it is still a pig: Colonialism in high heels is still colonialism. But the West is smart, why waste good Western troops, when you can tell paid off African governments to skip negotiation, and go and kill each other, then the West can pick up the pieces. You will notice Algeria, one of the richest in the region, is not for it? Not that easy to buy countries who are economically secure — their price tag is a little higher.


Salafi-jihadis in Mali have got a huge problem: they chose the wrong battlefield. If this was Syria, they would have been showered by now with weapons, logistical bases, a London-based “observatory”, hours of YouTube videos and all-out diplomatic support by the usual suspects of US, Britain, Turkey, the Gulf petromonarchies and – oui, monsieur – France itself. –Pepe Escobar

Contagion: What they really do not want to have happen is for say Northern Mali to impose Sharia, and people see it work better than imposed democracy and the rest of Islamic Africa start thinking: “um maybe we should try that.” It is critical they make it fail, before it can even grow. This is also true for South Africa and Zimbabwe, what was most dangerous about Zimbabwe was the example it laid. Neighboring South Africans started saying; “we can do that to, it worked for them.”

Gaddafi Identified as African more than most Africans

Gaddafi fought for freedom in Africa

Fighting them over there, so we don’t need to fight them here has been a core tenet of American foreign policy for decades, especially since 9/11. But trying to apply military solutions to complex political and social problems has regularly led to unforeseen consequences. For example, last year’s U.S.-supported war in Libya resulted in masses of well-armed Tuareg mercenaries, who had been fighting for Libyan autocrat Muammar Qaddafi, heading back to Mali where they helped destabilize that country. So far, the result has been a military coup by an American-trained officer; a takeover of some areas by Tuareg fighters of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad, who had previously raided Libyan arms depots; and other parts of the country being seized by the irregulars of Ansar Dine, the latest al-Qaeda “affiliate” on the American radar. One military intervention, in other words, led to three major instances of blowback in a neighboring country in just a year.

THE NEW g-D is D-mocracy

Man has devised terrifying physical weapons of destruction and in our concern with them, we are apt to neglect the equally dangerous weapons of psychological destruction; the cynical use of mass hysteria, the emotional conditioning of millions, for no purpose than the Power of a few–John Hammond [1]

Beyond Democry: Democracy is widely considered to be the best political system imaginable. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that democracy has become a secular religion. The largest political faith on earth. To criticize the democratic ideal is to risk being regarded an enemy of civilized society. Yet that is precisely what Karel Beckman and Frank Karsten propose to do. In this provocative and highly readable book, they tackle the last political taboo: the idea that our salvation lies in democracy. While someone has been warning us about “religion,” they have managed to make Democracy’s secularism the standard across almost the entire globe. Is that not a successful ideology? And how did it do it? By merit or by fear and war? And what is its purpose? To better facilitate asecular-to secular (West – Everyone) transmission that creates smooth highways for capitalistic greed. Political scientist, Juan Linz noted that secularization had created a void which could be filled by a total ideology, making totalitarianism possible and Roger Griffin has characterized fascism as a type of anti-religious political religion. Such political religions vie with conventional, actual religions, and try to replace or eradicate them.

“God of the church” versus “god of capitalism” is different spiritually, but from a social-economic standpoint, are direct competitors. According to a biographer of Mussolini, “Initially, fascism was fiercely anti-Catholic” — the Church being a competitor for dominion over the people’s hearts.

Who is a terroristToday you will hear academics and learned folk tell you how terrible religion is, ironically the very religion they said were so critical in Africa’s salvation 300 years ago. Christianity was useful in its Eurocentric dress for the last 200 years in creating new clients for Western products and subservient slaves. However, since then It has been replaced by the new ‘religion’ of democracy and capitalism.

US conflict around the world mapThis new god has even more efficient systems of creating new slaves and new clients. And as markets changed with politics the old best-seller (religion) started to become a hindrance to the expansion of globalized markets. But because of ways in which people see different configurations of power, there has been a failure to see that democracy is the fastest growing “religion”,(Bertrand Russell) far quicker to gain converts over diverse populations than any other ideology in history.The passport for conquering Africa may have shifted , but not the objective: a richer Western world – a poorer Africa.

And because of democracies vagueness it can be easily twisted to get a desired outcome, so no need for “God says”. Now the final authority is not the Pope in a church, but Obama in the White House. A reason to invade Vietnam—democracy. To take away the wealth of Iraq—democracy, to assassinate Gaddafi – democracy and human rights.

Listen to the language “IMMINENT THREAT” [4] Washington is telling the World that their victims are “A threat to world peace” “American Foreign policy keeps the world safe” Someone must have torn out a few pages from their history book. How many times this trick works depends on our ability to have historical consciousness.Religion would not have allowed such flexibility in justifying neocolonialism. Religion would have struggled to invent a system to make the entire world a Theater of War. But under the banner of democracy US foreign policy is justified to jump across people’s borders and take at will. But what has Democracy achieved in the USA? (See External Link)

I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.—Smedley D. Butler



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1 Western journalists who were in Nanking in November and December 1937 put forward much lower population numbers of around 150,000. For instance, New York Times reporter F. Tillman Durdin supported the estimate of 150,000.By the time that the Japanese forces occupying Nanking attempted to formally register the city’s entire population in late December 1937, and early January, 1938, 160,000 people were recorded. However, the Japanese often did not count young children and elderly women in their registration.
2 per the thesis of: War before Civilization Reprint Edition, Kindle Edition, Keely
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8 According to even the Zionist ADL  71% of the deaths linked to extremism in the United States between 2008 and 2017 were committed by far-right attackers.
9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Ryne_Goldberg">Jew who pretended to be ISIS
10 Western tabloids condemned for ‘humanising’ NZ mosque attacker
11 US-Israeli man jailed for 10 years over bomb hoax calls
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