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Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter

African Proverb

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will

– Frederick Douglass

The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn't know that he is a slave

– Malcolm X

Every man is rich in excuses to safeguard his prejudices, his instincts, and his opinions.

– Ancient Egypt

Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right.

– Dr. Martin L. King, Jr

What kind of world do we live in when the views of the oppressed are expressed at the convenience of their oppressors?

– Owen 'Alik Shahadah

We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us.

– Chester Higgins Jr.

Leave no brother or sister behind the enemy line of poverty.

– Harriet Tubman


Noticeboard for corruption reports

African Authors
A thief acts alone, but a corrupt person always needs a partner
James Early

African Holocaust (Maafa) is a non-profit society dedicated to the progressive study of African history and culture. The society is composed of African scholars/academics who share the desire to represent and restore an authentic, honest, plural and balance study of the African experience, past and present.

CORRUPTION: Inequity steals the hopes of humanity by marginalizing the potential contributions from a majority sector of humanity.
The cure for AIDS, the cure for Cancer, the mission to Mars, the next Bob Marley, the next Malcolm X are trapped in a village somewhere in the so-called Third World. Trapped by institutionalized racism, trapped by the policies of the World Bank, trapped by a corrupt African leadership.

The biggest untapped resource is not in the ground, It is in the people but this future is stolen because of the injustices of this world.

Corruption kills and murders Africans every day. And we need to deal with as a form of murder. When funds for a hospital is divert to the private purse of some corrupt individual how many people die from preventable illnesses? When a school which should have been built ends up in the pocket of some evil arrogant villain how much human potential, future leaders, futures doctors, teachers, new markets, new builders are destroyed by that one greedy action. Corruption is murder.

It is estimated that up to $50b worth of assets is swindled via corruption from Africa annually
Pan-African Lawyers Union (PALU) [1]


And while we take serious issue with African based corruption. We must overstate that it is very easy, and sometimes a trick to hide massive bleeding of African resources. So the guy with 20 BMW does not compare to Shell-Exxon exploitation in Africa. Or the 85% white ownership of South Africa. It is easier to demonize the guy with his private jet and put a face to corruption. However, he is nothing compared to multinational exploitation - not even a pin prick. And the ultimate beneficiary of African corruption is the business and banks of Western Europe and America.

When you look around a village and do not see a youth center, or see a half empty cultural centre or history museum run by whites, know 100% that someone trusted with leadership allowed it to happen. Racism is a form of corruption, but also bad leadership is a form of corruption. Because in a meritocracy the best person for the job should always be ascended to leadership. It is corrupt to take the weak, for whatever reason, and trust people not passionate or not skilled, with responsibility. We are aware that Whites have always sought out corruptible, inefficiently or mailable people to hold positions of power. The expectation of failure is almost guaranteed. They sit back and watch Africa try to run a film festival and make a mess of it. Then the remarks of Africa as incapable of governance is reaffirmed. When they control who gets 2 million, they will make sure it goes to the charity that will eat half of it and mismanage the other half (wasting it on cars, hotels, etc). Never will they give that money to someone who will build to the maximum potential. So we see millions of dollars going to people that produce nothing.

When we challenge corruption we must understand the hideous forms in which it takes. When we pose a challenge to pro-White organizations such as DSTV they will always say "We are sorry you are offended.." and leave it at that. This is a trained semi-automated copy-and-paste response to ALL challenges. Never in a million years are they allowed to take responsibility.

But if you asked these same people during apartheid or slavery if there was a problem, you would get the same response. During the worst years in the 60's America despite Africans having dogs set on them, most Whites said "Everything was fine with race relations— that Blacks complained too much" which can never be challenged. These challenges unless conducted in a public space are the silent injustices of our world.

How much is enough? | You could spend a 20 K on a meal, but you can only eat within the limits of your stomach. When you are tired you may have spent 20 million on a 200 room house, but you can only sleep in one. At some stage there is a limit on how many watches, how many cars a single person needs to be comfortable. When 80% of your people are still living in apartheid conditions it is amazing how someone could spend £16m to upgrade a private home.

* Leadership is not exclusive to Politicians it refers to anyone in a leading position regardless of occupation.

“The Gardener”  All White in Post-Apartheid SA

Please forward to people responsible for casting the “Gardener” Show. I find that your current show “The Gardener” to be insensitive to the demographic majority of the new South Africa and a betray of the rainbow nation and the spirit of "South Africa for all." And pressure needs to be placed on every aspect of the show, especially the funders, to force accountability. Every show comes and goes and no serious effort is made to include African (Black) people in an African majority country—permutations alone speak to this impossibility.  Where is the rainbow in reality, is it so hard to put at least 50% African faces? So across an African majority country big business are continuing the white supremacy not only economically but in terms of image. And the tired excuses of “we can’t find Black people for the shows”, is ridiculous and allows the indefinite perpetuation of this attitude that Africans do not have garden interest, and it keeps the barriers alive as people never see images of themselves engaged in gardening. 

It therefore a betrayal of the values of the BEE which seeks to raise the social-economic profile of native African people. If an African child is constantly bombarded with these all white images in their homeland it constitutes a form of human rights abuse. As such a formal complaint of human rights abused has been lodged with the SAHRC listing your company and many others who are complicit in sustaining the legacy of white domination.  The Convention on the Rights of a Child (esp. Article 3 section 1, Article 4, Article 6 section 2, Article 8, and Article 16) and their rights to immediate protection with regards to racism and race representation in media.

Pick N Pay

White exclusive racial exclusive adverts.

Please forward to your advertising complaints department. I find that you current checkers Xmas advert to be insensitive to the demographic majority of the new South Africa. You cast hundreds of people and the results came back with majority white in an African majority country—permutations alone speak to this impossibility. So what has changed since apartheid except spots of blackness? Clearly beyond the empty excuses “We didn’t intend to...” Only other racist factors could be at play to get a white result every time the casting dice are thrown. I will take a risk and guest that the casting director, the director, the Production Company, and natural Pick n Pay are majority white. You be interested to note that Hyper also has a white majority in their adverts. So across an African majority country the big business are continuing the white supremacy not only economically but in terms of image.

We must make sure we are sensitive to the racist past and take concrete steps to deliver balance. Balance is not letting the dice roll and accepting the result, because if we do this everything will still come back white. It cannot be balanced if we keep getting and seeing the same results. Our survey shows that South African adverts have a 75% White representation, that is no accident of casting. Africans are 86% represented in alcohol adverts – again no accident of casting.

We, the African Holocaust Society, charge Pick N Pay with race based discrimination that is insensitive to the race demographic of South Africa, insensitive and offensive to the demographic of their customers and a continuation of race based opportunism and supremacy initiated with colonialism and apartheid. It therefore a betrayal of the values of the BEE which seeks to raise the social-economic profile of native African people.


Many Thanks



Checkers (South Africa) Racist Pro-White bias


Checkers White exclusive string of racial exclusive adverts. Three adverts (one with wine, one with meat (unintelligible actor), and one with all white children with 2 drops of color for mere tokenism. being run by Hyper are all virtually exclusively White .Are we to believe the lies that white is better? Because this is the only final conclusion? They cast hundreds of people and the results came back with majority white in an African majority country—permutations alone speak to this impossibility, so only other racist factors could be at play to get a white result every time the casting dice are thrown. If this was a game of chance how can you keep rolling the dice and keep getting an all-white result? Yet when it is a HIV or alcohol advert the race dice get thrown and it comes back all Black.

So in an African majority country the best people to cast are white, the best people to do the casting are white, the best people to do the filming are white, the best people to own the companies are white, the best designers are white. The best people to monitor race relations are white. The best people to own the economy are white. Democracy does not serve its principles by allowing privileged continue to have sway in favour of a status quo established and sustained through iniquity.

Democracies do not simply say "We casted for actors and the best came back white", that's not a democracy—that is apartheid with token drops of Black. Whiteness is best at imaging whiteness, so much so that it gets Blackness to see whiteness as the ultimate beauty. We cannot judge intentions - we can only judge results. And if New South Africa is the best then we must (as a civil society) place a pressure on your organization to satisfy that. That criterion cannot be in the hands of the elites (as I am sure Checkers is not owned by any African person) or in your case white casting/producers (who will obviously cast to that bias the same way an African-American casting director will cast African-Americans). There is no escaping the reality of bias, so the only solution is representation to offset human nature. Through your eyes you can only discuss your reality. That's why we would notice racism as victims of racism far faster than a European person would.

Creating jobs is not the only criteria for the New South Africa, creating economic wealth and justice across the divide created by apartheid. An X% increase in African cleaners is not the increase we are discussing. It has to be in upper management and in areas of ownership, which have barely moved since 1994– so clearly it is not working out. We must make sure we are sensitive to the racist past and take concrete steps to deliver balance. Balance is not letting the dice roll and accepting the result, because if we do this everything will still come back white. It cannot be balanced if we keep getting and seeing the same results.

Our survey shows that South African adverts have a 75% White representation, that is no accident of casting. Africans are 86% represented in alcohol adverts – again no accident of casting. We, the African Holocaust Society, charge Checkers with race based discrimination which is insensitive to the race demographic of South Africa, insensitive and offensive to the demographic of their customers and a continuation of race based opportunism and supremacy initiated with colonialism and apartheid.

Many Thanks

African Holocaust Society

Chekers first REPLY

Thanks for getting in touch with us. I was personally involved with the casting of the TV advert in question, and can assure you that in the spirit of the new South Africa, absolutely no racial bias was in place for the castings. Hundreds of children from all races auditioned for the various roles to be selected on the basis of performance skills, and in this case it turned out that the mix of those attending the auditions led us to hire two non-white cast members in the group of seven. We appreciate your and your association's mandate, but please rest assured that the Shoprite Group of Companies, as a major job creator (currently the Group provides 90 000 jobs) and investor in the economic future of South Africa and Africa at large, is certainly a supporter of and believer in the new South Africa. Kind regards Lauren Morley Checkers brand manager

DSTV Racist Pro-White bias

Description: Machine generated alternative text: Please forward this complaint to the correct department to complain about your overall marketing outlook as it relates to your African demographic. In post-apartheid South Africa, we find your racial representations to be regressive and insensitive to the ethnic majority who are still marginalized. 78% of adverts of South African origination is still pro-white. That means the visual advertising time is dominated by White European people. In a nutshell Africa's image is projected via White images. When coupled with international adverts and international programmed content across all visualized broadcast mediums it raises White visibility to 89%. It is almost as if the African demographic is invisible as a target audience. Beyond blatant tokenism our findings found the African visual representations in HIV, servant roles and alcohol related content to be 83% in the same given period.  Therefore when Africans are present on screen they Description: Machine generated alternative text: A / I .1• Ii Yniitiih mmare usually in these roles.

We all respect people like Martin Luther King, Jr. who said
If a city has a 30% Black population, then it is logical to assume that Black should have at least 30% of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas.”

Now how does this apply to an African country with 80% African people?

Overview of White racial bias DSTV (80% pro-White)

  • Golf advert - Majority White, 1 inappropriate looking token Black
  • It makes teas to unintelligible Afrikaans lady  - White
  • Majority of advert voice overs - White
  • Children running with Balloons - All White
  • White woman chasing a white man in an office (medical) - White
  • Fireman Advert with guy poll dancing - White
  • White couple How do I look in this dress (guess who been watching DSTV fashion)

Images impact social value and the value of Whiteness is physiologically connected to the indoctrination of white images from the dominate race-class. Lack of images of self is one of the greatest contributing factor to low self-esteem in African people. If nowhere in reality can positive images be seen of people that look like you , how are a people supposed to have value for their image?  It is customary to explain these facts away but which continent are you representing? Where in China would you see 95% White images being shown to a Chinese audience. Only in Africa

Description: C:\Users\HALAQAH\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\02\clip_image002.jpg


How is DSTV a company which claims to be "changing minds in Africa" and boast of a majority "Black" ownership? Be sustaining the images of apartheid the images of repression of images of Blackness, the images of tokenism and non-representation. What possible answer could justify this on-going racial bias of white minority in a Black majority continent? Because unless this is challenged the notion of a rainbow will remain the greatest South African Hoax. Imposed and polished by organizations such as yours.

Many Thanks

DSTV REPLY 11-10-2010

Thank you for your query. We would like to apologies that you found the advert in question offensive. Multi Choice respects the views of all cultures, races and groups in South Africa and to exclude certain adverts or programmes, would be considered discriminatory. All adverts aired on DStv Channels adhere to the Broadcasting Standards as outlined by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission. We trust the above is in order. Kind regards Ntope Letlhake (Mrs.) MultiChoice Enquiries Team

OUR REPLY 11-10-2010

Dear Sir Is this an automated response? Can we please have our complaint escalated to a higher authority within your organization. We have already told you that the Broadcast Complaint has no jurisdiction over the complaint we have submitted, yet you repeat this in your response. We have notified the Broadcast complaints and they have confirmed this fact. We are not interested in feelings or what offends. We would like to know why in a Black majority country the bulk of your voice over (DSTV voiceover) and almost most of your DSTV adverts (adverts promoting DSTV services)are white dominated? That is a question which we are waiting for an answer to. To date you have tried to side-step the issue with your straw man tactics. Please escalate this public complaint to the relevant department that can answer our question. You occupy public space and are accountable not to your self-policing but to civil societies like ours, show some respect and give us a proper answer and stop side-stepping the issue under debate. Many Thanks www.africanholocaust.net


Thank you for your query. We would like to apologise that you found the advert in question offensive.MultiChoice respects the views of all cultures, races and groups in South Africa and to exclude certain adverts or programmes, would be considered discriminatory. All adverts aired on DStv Channels adhere to the Broadcasting Standards as outlined by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission.


Your lack of attention to a detailed matter is of great concern. It is a sign of arrogance. We have not raised a "What we feel case", we have specifically addressed a statistical trend in your selection of white actors over African actors. We have challenged the race balance of your DSTV promotional ads. There is no "feeling" in our accusations as the facts are blatantly apparent. Almost all of your voice over DSTV adverts are White. The majority of the commercials/adverts promoting DSTV on the Multichoice network are white. These are facts unless you prove otherwise.

The nature of this complaint is outside of the ambit of the Broadcast commission and in the area of discrimination by selecting white actors over African actors. So it is a broadcast issue on as far as bias goes and an employment issue as far as that matter goes. The Broadcast complaints department that you have referred to has no jurisdiction over this issue and have informed us of this fact.  It is an issue for DSTV. May we add the so-called Broadcast commission is a white controlled organization (see their top staff), who seem to "solve" only cases where non-Africans are involved (per the last record of activity, no cases have dealt with racism). So referring us to a white standard of judging racism is ridiculous.

Laws are not fixed, they are not divine. And if a law does not services the rights of people then those laws need to be challenged and removed. Laws cannot be held a sacred cow in the face of a society which is undergoing radical social change, especially when most of that change is to do with the issue of race. Racism is therefore a serious matter which requires due diligences if it is to be properly eradicated. The self-policing of organization such as DSTV is not adequate as transparency is critical in this debate. And it is also strange that most forums for such discussions suffer from the same single race domination we are trying to challenge.

Who is hiring these all white cast in your DSTV adverts., why are all the productions white in front of the camera and behind the camera. The white-White industry was a feature of apartheid why is it on your 15 th birthday still unchallenged? Why are our concerns fobbed off and handled be referring to a problematic and ineffective broadcast standard, which allows pornography on television?

Or is DSTV saying they have escaped all aspects of race domination in its 15 years of existence. Has DSTV in the most racialized societies some how managed to do what 50 years of post-integration America has done? Has DSTV in its arrogance been able to obstruct all constructive challenges to the prevalence of White domination in media?

These are the questions because unless we are living in a purist rainbow full of equality I would like to escalate this matter to the highest level and demand a response to this crisis. This is just one such blatantly visible incursion of White racism or employment bias. Because often broad challenges to the perpetuation of majority images of White people at the expense of African people are dismissed  by all kinds of elaborate excuses. Now we have identified hard core evidence a specific area to prove our case as a starting point in the debate about the continuing domination of images of one-minority racial group, at the expense of the majority.

Awaiting a well researched answer. I do not think in Post-Apartheid Africa DSTV wants to start being seen internationally with the stigma of continuing White media domination.

Edmund Mhlongo (K-CAP)

Corrupt Opportunist uses Diaspora in scam



The purpose of this blog is as a case study of why Africa cannot develop. It speaks to localized mismanagement and corruption within a charity. The ultimate motivation is to hold so-called African leaders accountable by the tool of media and show how poor leadership is at the root of Africa’s problems. Bad leaders stop development due to their greed and 2nd their incompetence. It is with a heavy heart that we feel obligated to inform the broader Pan-African community about the activities of the opportunist Edmund Mhlongo.

It is a distastful activity exposing people in this way as there is always the issue of dragging someone’s good name in the mud. But we believe in this case the evidence speaks volumes and because of the potential risk to others we are obligated to warn our people.

What started well didn’t end well. The exploitive nature of people such as Edmund Mhlongo destroys the hope of the Diaspora-Continent relationship. Not only that but it satisfies the stereotypes of the corrupt and bad leadership. When people think of Africa the image of corruption destroys the potential development Africa so badly needs. Many from the Diaspora return to Africa and are thwarted by the corruption in supposed community leaders.

Leaders that are more concern with wealth acquisition as opposed to development. Leaders such as Edmund Mhlongo who eat the sweat of the disadvantaged in his community and sell false images of hope to funders. He then only not mismanages the money he does actually spends on “development” but then sponsors all kinds of self-interest.

Edmund Mhlongo has a background in arts and writing plays. He opened an art centre in the township some years ago. We honestly believe it has been a good thing for the township but we fear the corruption and poor leadership of Edmund Mhlongo is causing the hope of this organization to slip through his self-interest, immorality, and bad leadership skills. The gross mismanagement of people resources and the injustices staff encounter all are swept under the carpet as most are powerless to respond or prosecute him for his activities.

If a supposed impoverished charity is struggling for funding and desperately developing one of the poorest townships in Durban South Africa how is it that the leaders drive cars worth  R2 million ($100,000 US dollars). How does this add up? Where did the funds come from people receiving charity wages to fund a Toyota Prado, a 5 Series BMW and a Toyota Corolla (all brand new). Who pays the fuel bill when his wife, who works with him drives a 5 series BMW to the headquarters followed by him in his Toyota Prado (top of the range model).

Now all of this information doesn’t imply corruption but it definitely raises some serious flags. Africans should not have to live in poverty, or drive old cars. But how you gain your wealth is critical, at what cost to the broader development. If someone runs a charity but also has a booming business private business they also run, then by all means - enjoy yourself within limits - you probably deserve it. But don't exploit and steal to get these material pleasures.


The situation of funding a generation means that the culture of begging for money is glorified by such as Edmund Mhlongo. The development of sustainable business models has been neglected due to the more lucrative ventures of begging for money from a government that needs to look like they are doing some good for the community. With very few actually achieving anything Edmund Mhlongo can position himself to receive the bulk of spending in the township. And because the government needs to look good people like Edmund Mhlongo become the poster boys of “successful” development. The government and NGOs look good, Edmund Mhlongo looks good. So he becomes immune to being dragged down irrespective of what he does. To force justice would risk all of these so-called development projects being threatened.

Edmund Mhlongo is relatively talentless but he is good at seducing funding and exploiting opportunities in the post-Apartheid mechanism. He is therefore able to for example realize that the government wants to spend X million on the film industry. His response is to create a film festival and seduce money. If the government next year needs more training programs in the township he sets them up and seduces the money. Now this in itself isn’t a problem if your intentions are sincere development. And if the numbers transform to affect the lives of the people in a real way. But this is not the case. Because  of gross mismanagement on the part of Edmund Mhlongo very little efficient utilization of funds actually goes on. Therefore booking “motivational meetings” in 5 star hotels, or sending staff for 2 week seminars (aka Vacations) in Europe are how the money is wasted. Edmund Mhlongo is a hoarder he collects all kinds of Pan-African books, which he never reads, and scatters them across his office to appear informed. No one but him has access to not reading these books. So the knowledge contained benefits no one but the book shelf.

In a bid to foster development between African and the Diaspora and transfer vital nation building skills. Halaqah Media and K-CAP foster a multipronged partnership which would address these issues. One aspect was the creation of a film school which would dually make films and train at the same time. These films would be revenue earners as well as instruments of mentorship and skill building. Also there was an agreement  signed for a studio where Halaqah would supply state-of-the-art equipment(£25,000), knowledge and training. Edmund Mhlongo would build the physical space.

It was expected to take 6 months due to funding coming through. The agreement assigned certain conditions. One of those conditions was that the equipment not be used outside of the contractual terms (i.e. Edmund Mhlongo couldn’t use the Piano, for example,  in his shows or borrow the monitors for his office computer as this would be prejudicial ). 6 months became a year, and 1 year became two. And every month Edmund Mhlongo found new excuses to escape building the studio.

At some stage it was noticed that some equipment being removed and put to alternative usage the rest of the equipment was poorly stored and without proper security (these were both contractual requirements). None of the complaints were acted on by Edmund Mhlongo.  Finally, after almost 2 years (beyond the time frame of the contract) the equipment was recovered after it was realized Edmund Mhlongo was telling people that the equipment was donated to him. After collection it was noticed that several expensive items were missing items belonging to K-CAP where mixed in with my items. A list of missing items was reported to Edmund Mhlongo. He said that stuff may have been stolen and we would have to wait on the Police to look for it before he can return it. If he has lost my property he needs to replace He placed conditions on getting back the equipment that was not stolen which still was being used in his personal studio.

Now our basic morality tells us this is not acceptable. Our grandmothers in the Caribbean and in Africa taught us right from wrong. Equipment was entrusted to Edmund Mhlongo K-CAP for the development of African people. He mismanaged and lost and damaged this expensive equipment, which was sitting catching dust for the most part. Then refused to replace the items he allowed to be stolen (giving him the benefit of the doubt that they were actually stolen). At this stage a traditional African resolution was suggested but the so-called Pan-Africanist acting as mediators skillfully slipped away and the meeting never happened. The matter has now been referred to the legal system of South Africa. But this system protects privilege and protects the powerful. It is a systems that is just to those with power.

Pan-Africanism is a moral code of how we as African interact with each other. If not rooted in principles of  trust an accountability then what is it we are claiming? Conflicts and disagreements are an integral part of human life and Pan-African life is no different. But what is critical is that justice and truth are at the foundation of ethics. We are accountable to each other and nothing glorious will ever come to this continent on the bases of poor morals, corruption or dishonesty. We must hold our peers accountable at all times regardless of our broader relationships with them, beyond theory we all must enshrine these values as inalienable rights of one another.

Now what do white people say about us? Must we prove them right? Must the children of Africa return to be visited with criminality? This continent has a foundational cancer and Edmund Mhlongo is a small fish but a contributor to this dilemma. It does not t matter if it is charities, schools, etc the greed and corruption poison everything they touch. And we must look at the root of the disease in Africa and not the symptoms of bad leadership and corruption.


Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus
Martin Luther King, Jr


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