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Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter

African Proverb

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will

– Frederick Douglass

Ugly is ignorance worn with pride

– Owen 'Alik Shahadah

The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn't know that he is a slave

– Malcolm X




Before emailing please read terms and conditions below. If you send us an email you will get an auto-reply this confirms that your email has been received. We only reply to emails that meet certain criteria. Racist remarks, hate speech, uncivilized, combative messages are auto filtered and not read.

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* Please clarify the nature of your query as we do not reply to vague emails. If you are asking about a film, specify the film. If you are asking about a article or segment on our site, specify it. If there is an issue (typo, grammatical, factual error) of any kind please do not generalize the entire site, specify the article by copying in the hyperlink. African Holocaust has many pages and projects and is not a monolithic work, it represents a wide range of views. If you feel any view found on our website violates our principles we will deal with it instantly.

* For those who wish to freely contribute to the work done by the African Holocaust Society see below. Please do not contact us if you are looking for paid/remunerative work. This site is free for the public, and is a public work of mutually agreed contributions for a greater cause.

* If you have a query for an author or a member of staff please state so, all queries are processed and redirected as necessary. All emails will be added to our mailing list. Do not email us if you do not wish to subscribe to our newsletter. Once you receive a newsletter you will have the option of unsubscribing.

* If you are emailing to assist with the work, please refrain from engaging in a debate and focus only on how you plan to assist. All work and submissions come under our terms and conditions.

* If you are calling to access one of our professional scholars you will have to do so in writing after initiating contact. Radio and TV request which require time will be held to an even higher standard and we will require Websites, confirmation and specific times to proceed with a booking. In the case of physical bookings payment and all other related arrangements must be confirmed and clarified for the protection of the scholars.

We will not respond to offensive messages, and please observe our rules of disagreement before writing to us. We respect your opinion, so respect ours by writing in a civilized tone. We filter emails with certain hate-speech patterns or slanderous phrases, so write in a polite tone.

PROMISE | One of our policies as an organization is to reply to most emails within a 2 -24 hour window. We have one of the fastest response times from any organization online. This is part of our quality and professional stamp. We believe that communication is a critical aspect of the work we do. And public interaction is essential in order to maintain the quality of this web site.

COMPLAINT | If you have a complaint for any aspect of our work, our staff, our site, there are two levels of complaints. The first level is dealt with impartially inside of the African Holocaust Society by an administrator. The second level of complaint is done by an external committee (this is for formal complaints). All complaints are done under the policies of the African Code. To initiate a complaint please submit the above form and specify or outline your complaint and then wait for further instructions.


Before anything can be engaged the rules of the engagement must be established. And some of the most basic rules of engagement are first read the arguments presented and understand them, do not assume positions not stated. There is no shortage of text on our site, so please use our text in presenting rebuttals (No Straw Man). In making counter arguments please do not defer to your uninformed or anecdotal opinion, but researched reliable material. Also be prepared to read material provided in rebuttal. If you are not prepared to read, do not engage in a debate. Do not attack the mental state of the author, their personal disposition, where they come from, what they did in their past lives, deal with the information written (No ad hominem). Edit the work, not the author. Avoid Red Herrings and other fallacies and deal with arguments as they stand.

The entire ideological foundation of the African Holocaust society is created via debate and study. Learning from the scholars and great minds of the past and building upon that foundational knowledge.  The African Holocaust society like any other group is subject to the flaws and inconsistencies associated with humans. One of these flaws is inherent bias, which no group can claim to be independent of. We challenge this natural bias via the process of plurality and debate. Our strength as a research body is in the ability to discern and be open to constructive critique.  We have refined our position via having our material in the public domain where it is reviewed and interrogated. Mistakes or bad arguments are referred to the authors for correction. If a section of the site falls outside of our foundational paradigms we add a disclaimer at the top. We always ask that you do deeper research on the opinions and research done via this site. No work is absolute and we are not beyond making errors. 

Debate is the strength that purifies the work. The challenges brought to the statements and research only strengthen the standard and quality of work.. All historical mistakes are treated with utmost priority. 


We welcome unsolicited contributions from African people. Writers submitting to the website are strongly encouraged to send brief query emails (250 words or less). We do not accept articles or parts of articles that have been published elsewhere. We are looking for well-informed, unique, balanced, researched writing concerning the African experience. Submissions should be sent by e-mail here. Make sure the subject line says "Submission." Please briefly summarize your article proposal and your relevant experience. We do not accept agenda written piece which over generalize, create hatred, or overtly advertise a product or service. A photo of the author and a background write-up is necessary. All sources should be at the bottom of the page and all associated images should be submitted separately in a ZIP folder, clearly labelled. We offer linking from articles written by authors to their products which conform to the ideals of the African Code. We do not advertise any books or material without first reviewing it. A copy will be also added to our library as a reference.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE | If you are emailing to assist with work, please refrain from engaging in a debates and focus only on how you plan to assist. African Holocaust is tightly run and very matter of fact. Our hard approach is work oriented and we ask people respect that before offering help. We consider consistency and reliability as two serious qualities necessary for good work. If you are flying by, then this is not the right organization. We only want the best. You can submit a C.V. along with references (who will be contacted), as well as a motivational letter explaining how you plan to benefit the AHS. Most people assisting our work have a 6 month trial period and we be started off at the bottom. Areas we need assistance: Proof reading Research Writing Marketing Web designing Translations Media Watch advocacy Lobbying and Petitioning Outreach to other organizations Product development (promoting our films and books)



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