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Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter

African Proverb

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will

– Frederick Douglass

The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn't know that he is a slave

– Malcolm X

Every man is rich in excuses to safeguard his prejudices, his instincts, and his opinions.

– Ancient Egypt

Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it political? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right.

– Dr. Martin L. King, Jr

What kind of world do we live in when the views of the oppressed are expressed at the convenience of their oppressors?

– 'Alik Shahadah

We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us.

– Chester Higgins Jr.

Leave no brother or sister behind the enemy line of poverty.

– Harriet Tubman

What People say about Us


Until the Story of the hunt is told by the Lion, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter
African Proverb


This section is dedicated to a glance of the 1000's of kind words our readers have to say about the work we do at the African Holocaust Society. This page is just as much for those reading it , as it is for us at the African Holocaust Society, to remind us why we do what we do.

For privacy reasons we do not publish full names. Unless the comments were made in a public space

African Kings African Kings African Kings


When I was researching the subject of the Arab slave trade, I came upon a veritable treasure of a website established by The African Holocaust Society, or Mafaa [Swahili for "holocaust"], a non-profit organisation of scholars, artists, filmmakers, academics, and activists dedicated to reclaiming the narratives of African histories, cultures, and identities. Included in this great body of scholarly works is a comprehensive section on the Arab slave trade, as well as the Jewish slave trade, African-Arab relations over the centuries, and more, by Owen Alik Shahadah, an activist, scholar and filmmaker. Africans intellectuals have attempted to regain their voice. One non-profit civil society called the African Holocaust Society (Maafa), composed of researchers, scholars, and academics was established to “represent and restore an authentic, honest, plural and balanced study of the African experience, past and present.” The website is a treasure trove of information regarding African history and culture – ranging from shedding light on ancient African kingdoms to analyzing the progress of African cinema

Africans intellectuals have attempted to regain their voice. One non-profit civil society called the African Holocaust Society (Maafa), composed of researchers, scholars, and academics was established to “represent and restore an authentic, honest, plural and balanced study of the African experience, past and present.” The website is a treasure trove of information regarding African history and culture – ranging from shedding light on ancient African kingdoms to analyzing the progress of African cinema. ~ Yazan al-Saadi

I have been reading articles from your site for the past several days since I found you. I feel like I've stumbled on a treasure! I'm so grateful for this wealth of scholarship, progressive analyses, and authentic narratives. I am looking forward to watching the Shahadah collection that I ordered. much respect, love, and solidarity ~ Susan Abulhawa www.morningsinjenin.com


African Holocaust Society features scholarly articles that try to present a balanced study of the African expeirence past and present. ~ Karen Juanita Carrillo

I enjoy your post. Reading the information on this site lead me to do research on many topics myself. My resources are limited, but I will continue to search for the truth. Thanks for all the great and much needed information. - Dwe, USA

- I love this site. I stumbled into it while looking for resources for my research and it helped me tremendously. I am all African, proudly Nigeria. Keep up the good work. Africa has morals and good culture to uphold. Well done sisters

Hello, I want to say I'm grateful for your work. I go found your website over almost a year ago. I had a crisis of identity and was searching for history and information on what being African means. I did watch a lot of YouTube videos which had a lot of hype yet left me feeling depressed and angry. Also the idea that a true African cannot be a Christian was very confusing. You website was different on made me think. I never meant to be a victim I had agency. - Abimbola 

Congratulations for this wonderful Project. We liked the format of this very informative website ~ Mulenge Centre

Just expressing thankfulness for your website and ultimately your vision! Beautiful, inspiring, useful, and needed. Thank you! ~ Dara

Phyllis : USA | Comments :- These are some of the best articles I\'ve ever read and I love them and had to write you.

Greetings/Peace! Your website has a lot of information! Honestly, it's overwhelming in a very GOOD way! How should one read it? Do you have an idea as to the approach one should take? Like, what area should I begin with? I want to use it for what it is, an educational tool. Therefore, I want to study it in a way that will deliver maximum results!- Brooks

I want to thank you all for this extraordinary site. I think you are doing a great service to the global African peoples. I am an anthropology student at the University of North Texas. I am a bit of an autodidact in that I enjoy studying African history in my free time. I would like to focus on Africa and the African diaspora. Your site assists me in my studies. I am truly appreciative. I have also watched the documentaries \"500 Years Later\" and \"Motherland\". Anyway, I hope to contribute some information one day. Thank you for your time and dedication to our struggles. Kay, USA

My African people since i have followed the AHS feel good about our history as African people and i am more conscious now soo keep educate us about history as African people cos only the truth that will save us...# i love this AHS...Kanye

My God, my heart is so glad that I came across this excelllent piece. keep up the good work my brother(s). this kind of stuff should be taught in afrikan universities.........mt god I wish with all my heart that I can be a multibillioners, I would establish academies all over africa....Mtshali · South Africa

This CD provides the most comprehensive education that I have ever had on the history of the Transatlantic slave trade. It open up my curiosity for more information - Herbert J. Bailey (USA)

Nandasora Ndjarakana · Top Commenter · MCE What a site! I wish all my African brothers and sisters will have the right frame of mind to utilize this useful site.

Quashee Nkrumah - Brother`s and sista`s wherever you at/are, have changed my way of thinking..over course of past months, since i stepped to the spirits.. i wanna thank you. I have made it to the top of Mt. KIBO..there is nothing, else for me do here, but bring the message/s

Ndjarakana · Top Commenter · MCE What a site! I wish all my African brothers and sisters will have the right frame of mind to utilize this useful site.

Ben Da Quakar · Embu College Campus what an inspiring page this is

I wanted to write and say thank you for the excellent article on your website about Afrocentrism by Ben Levi Yaweh. As a historian it really irks me to see pseudo-history (Eurocentrism) replaced by something that is its opposite and just as untrue, especially when it is pushed in place of some of the greatest historians of the past century, such as Eric Williams´ Capitalism and Slavery. -- Cuba

That piece on the art of revolution was paradigm shifting for me personally:re-introduction to panafrica.brother Alik is boss.he is of the vangaurd ~ Bataung

Ben Da Quakar · Embu College Campus what an inspiring page this is

Thank you for all the work youve done to put this site and all related material together, it is extremely helpful. - Herby

Perhaps one of the most influential pages I have subscribed to. You don't embellish black history to make us feel important. I salute. Jah bless.-- Makgalemela

Eliyyahu this is probably the most informative and objective page on Facebook. Instead of psychological emancipation most pages promote the segregation of white and black.

Your website is, quite simply, excellent. The key to freeing ourselves from mental slavery is to know our remarkable history. You accomplish this in your site. Bravo!! Keep it up. If you need any contribution from volunteers I\'d love to help out. ~ Ricardo (USA)

I would simply like to take this time and thank your whole team for the priceless work that you've been doing for our people. I have come to learn and understand a lot about me and our struggle through your movies and your monumental website.~ Milo (Africa)

Keep enlightening the People your doing a Wonderful job! ~ Purifoy

(500 Years Later) It was hard at some parts to watch as It made me feel I needed to do more to make changes,and the changes I have made have been life changing for the better, I and my children and their children can not thank you enough and we also watch Motherland on a regular basis, we read more as the tell lie vision is a thing of the past, WE choose what we want to learn about, We research every thin we can and we share the info. we gather which leads to some powerful debates, Our eternal thanks, from one enlightened family...Russell (USA)

A friend of mine and close associate directed me to your website as a valuable resource for information and learning on African and Black political and historical issues worldwide. After a few clicks, I quickly agreed with him...let me commend, once again, on the seriousness of this master-study on a so delicate a topic. ~ Ep*od (UK)

Your site is probably one of the most sain sites I have encountered ~ Thank you -Gallian (USA)

I just finished watching 500 Years Later. The intellectual presentation has rekindled hope in me for a greater change in the advancement of Black people everywhere. As a Christian African American I am sensitive to the need of a healthy self-identity and, of consistent positive pro-active voices to make the difference for a progressive community. We are gifted, blessed and needed. I thank you for making this film. ~ Debbie (USA)

This website is an interactive masterpiece. Expertly designed to captivate and maintain the viewer\'s interest. I was on my way to work this morning with some classical music on the radio. As I was enjoying the music I thought, \"there has to be an African \'equivalent\'., so to speak. I goggled it and I was lead to this GOD given site: McDonald (USA)

"The best way to hide something from a Negro is to put it in a book." I believe you are right on track African Holocaust. There is a distinction between future action and learning about our past. I teach my own children about their ancestors . . . because no one else will . . . I call it instilling pride. Don't stop talking and don't get frustrated African Holocaust . . . we ARE listening : Powell - (USA)

I just finished watching your film from 2005...our (all Africans) film, as I felt that it gave such a rich exploration of the legacy of Africans throughout the diaspora due to forced migration . I can't wait to view more from you! Thank you very much! - Ms Collins

Charles Seay - Your site has extensive and valuable information and by you providing me links to the various articles, I become more aware and "Educated". Thanks

Im proud of you what you guys stand for and Do. ~ Muwanga

Thank you, for producing this site, its critical content and the knowledge it has allowed me to gain.~ Daniel (UK)

Love your website. But most importantly, love the content, which makes a helluva lot of difference with its insight. GREAT! And thx, again. Please keep it up, you're a breathe of fresh air guaranteed to make a difference. -- Williams (USA)

African Holocaust its not only "no different technologically from the best of the best". But far away better in human education and more in line with fairness than restro-Histerical absurdity. Thanks you guys...~ Alfredo

Thank you for this very informative, and valuable website for the African people of the world. -- Burt (USA)

Hello..much respect for the work that you do..and thank you so much for it! ~ Elioenai

I love this website! A lot of great, balanced, truthful information. I am going to recommend this website. ~ Freeman (USA)

I really wanted to tell you, and every one at AHS, how much I appreciate your efforts and seeing this post brought me to action. I'll admit that I got side tracked from the "conscious path" and have only somewhat recently resumed the journey. My eagerness has caused me to look into many different organizations, groups, Facebook pages, etc and I now realize the magnitude of what you all are doing and the class and thought that goes into it. I appreciate as a Muslim, and I'm sure Africans of other faiths, can appreciate how you accept the fact that various religions have their place (whether you agree with it or not) in African culture and history AND not belittle those faiths or their adherents. The insulting and down right disrespectful behavior on some of these other pages makes it difficult for anyone to get the point trying to be made - if there even is one. I hope you don't mind this post or the fact that it was made here but I just wanted to say thank you! I'm expecting my Motherland and 500 years DVD's today...I'm sure I'll be just as pleased! -- Brooks (USA)

David Kuel · University of Tasmania It is great and encouraging to see that there those who risk to scarified to put their own previous times working on Unity of African continent. something of which many of see so, vital but have a little hope of its achievement, due to the sophisticated world that is prepared to preying on us day and night. This is a glimpse of hope which will not come that cheap but with persistence and cooperation amongst us we will prevail. My thank goes to those who give their time to put this thing together. please keep up with good work and God bless you.

I have to say that the main article has presented a perspective that has never been imagined by my mind previously. The chart where the author identifies the how different political organizations view the \"Arab Slave Trade\" shows a plurality and complexity that has altered my thinking and writing, holding the mirror to my previous prejudices, as a soul who is more familiar with Jewish, Christian and Buddhist scholarship. - Tri, Hawaii USA

I would like to encourage you guys for this trmendous job , you are doing be couraged and be stronged no matter whats going on , whe should stand up and fight no pain no gain ... God bless you all, -- Bern, USA

Wow Wow Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaw!!! Im am shocked to my last bone by such an excellent website. ~ iSolomuzi (South Africa)

Since 2011 I have watched this site evolving...its good work you guys do...continue speaking the truth as you gain greater understanding of the complexities of what it is to be an african.... Abiola

Peace, fam'. I would simply like to take this time and thank your whole team for the priceless work that you've been doing for our people. I have come to learn and understand a lot about me and our struggle through your movies and your monumental website. Milo (USA)

Thank you for speaking truth, in all the noise. Simmons (USA)

Thanx for the work, I real love your site and mostly the educative part of it. It real makes me be proud to afrikan. Today I was reading a local new papers and, Journalists say lack of resources has limited our ability to tell the African stories ourselves...... ­ which I feel its right. Bt thanx for spear heading the campaign to know ourselves, Regards Wamala (USA)

I was very new to this African history and African consciousness stuff, I grew up in Somalia and we learn about being proud Somali and Islam but nothing about the rest of Africa. When I moved to the USA, i was eager to learn more realized that most books were very white oriented and told lies about Africa, but then the Afrocentrics had an absolute intolerance for my Islamic identity, even my apperance (not the typical African look -lol), shocking considering I am the one from Africa and they have never seen it. What saved me was this website, it does not hide stuff, it does not want to make us feel good it also reaffirmed my identity as a African, as a Muslim, as a Sister and as a human being. | Zainab (Somalia/USA)

I came to your website by absolute chance. (Or maybe divine intervention). I cannot find the words to express how good it is to know an organization such as yours exists. While I am a student of African slavery I thought I knew much. Your website has further enlightened me : Young (Canada)

Babs Habib Danbaki - And please African Holocaust do not ever stop, not even after true Liberation has come. Goodness and guidance for all your efforts.

A Site of Brilliance, Al hamdulilah!: Queen Sheba Village

Ntiati · C.E.O. at Cultural Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation This is a great masterpiece. Thank you

I also want to say that you African Holocaust, Motherland and 500 years later have done a magnificent job at what you bring to the table both over the internet as well as dvd. It is a excellent teaching too and I often use it as references to my teachings with those I come in contact with. Peace - Sundiata Khalfani

UK Comments :- First, thank you for honoring human beings by constructing and maintaining this enlightening forum. Thank you for affording me the knowledge and language to become a better person. Most of all, I thank you for your factual approach, which essentially honors all people and opens the door to exchange.

I have stumbled upon your website while surfing. I have really moved with everything I have read about Africa. I compliment you for the great job. Keep it up. Mwangalaba (Tanzania)

I have been so captivated by this great forum of education. Big thumbs up for such great work. kudos and more grease to your elbow. I am a Ghanaian writer formally based in the UK back and settled home now to contribute my quota to country and continent. Agbodo (Ghana)

This website is a great help to me and I am glad that I found it. Due to financial restraints on public education, I wanted to know if you have any free resources and materials that you would be able to share with me. If you can, I would greatly appreciate it. Boone (USA)

Congratulations for taking bold step to inform and warn us about the western tricks. Continue doing such a noble job.We are taking precautionary measure for the same.We will never be fooled again. Chisi (Malawi)

This documentary changed my life...... Inspired. Overacalmsea (USA)

I stumbled across this site and got extremely excited. I will appreciate your newsletters as i equally hope to send relevant articles when i compose any. Pls help keep Africa alive or else no one, especially those foreigners whose trade is nothing but exploitation in all forms, will sustain it for us. Chinaka (Nigeria)

First of all, I would like to give my feedback of the site. I found it very informative, essential and fundamental. I also resonate with many of your collective agreements and disagreements. Nyakane (South Africa)

Stand tall AH! I'm glad there is one website can give correct infomation about our history. I have been kind of short with my funds because i have been out work for awhile,but when i get back on my feet i will surely get some dvd's and support. May our ancestors give you and the staff more wisdom and knowledge to carry on this great work. It's not vain. Peace - Ward (USA)

Hi! i cant master the words to express excitement after i first saw this site.I have a lot i can share concerning ancient civilization with Jewish links currently in kenya.Nice time MAINA (Kenya)

By Allah this site has really opened my eyes. Now I am a Muslim with an African identity. It is a great feeling that I've never had in over a decade being a Muslim alhamdu lilah. الرحمن (Caribbean)

Thank very much for reaffirming me as an African, I wish population and my country can be exposed to your literature and website, I have always known that as Africans, our role in this world has been understated and undermined. Bhengu (South Africa)


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We are living in a time when image-making has become a science. Someone can create a certain image and then use that image to twist your mind and lead you right up a blind path
Malcolm X

"white" depends for its stability on its negation, "black." Neither exists without the other, and both come into being at the moment of imperial conquest.
Franz Fanon

You cannot measure an African success with a European ruler
' Alik Shahadah


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