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African Holocaust | The Greatest Holocaust in History


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Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter

African Proverb

Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will

– Frederick Douglass

The most pathetic thing is for a slave who doesn't know that he is a slave

– Malcolm X

Every man is rich in excuses to safeguard his prejudices, his instincts, and his opinions.

– Ancient Egypt

What kind of world do we live in when the views of the oppressed are expressed at the convenience of their oppressors?

– Owen 'Alik Shahadah

We are not Africans because we are born in Africa, we are Africans because Africa is born in us.

– Chester Higgins Jr.

Leave no brother or sister behind the enemy line of poverty.

– Harriet Tubman

If we stand tall it is because we stand on the shoulders of many ancestors.

African Proverb

If we do not stop oppression when it is a seed, it will be very hard to stop when it is a tree.

– ' Alik Shahadah

If the future doesn't come toward you, you have to go fetch it

Zulu Proverb



No Black in the Rainbow - Economic & Image Apartheid

Anna Marano
October-2006- 2015 (not proofed at all) Mixed authors

Holocaust     Holocaust
Hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, or failures Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Cabral

Holocaust     Holocaust
Obama’s recent visit to South Africa when the 94-year-old Mandela was hospitalized created a golden opportunity for analysis and a questioning of long held assumptions about both men. The personal triumphs of these two individuals have not translated into success for Black people in either of their countries Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Margaret Kimberley

Holocaust     Holocaust
The familiar refrain that the new wealth would "trickle down" and "create jobs" was lost in dodgy merger deals and "restructuring" that cost jobs. For foreign companies, a black face on the board often ensured that nothing had changed. Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Pilger

Part of the Occupy South Africa movement— Beyond the orchestrated propaganda

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XENOPHOBIA or AFROPHOBIA?: We, the conscious people of this planet, came together with the oppressed people in South Africa to free them from the racist oppression that was apartheid. But today, it is with regret, with shame and disgust, that we must now again come together to free our African brothers and sisters from evil xenophobic oppression at the hands of some South Africans. Many reasons are offered by the dishonest, but none involve the ongoing legacy of economic disparity where Whites (10% of population) still, 21 years on, hold the lion’s share of the wealth of the richest African country. There is also the serious issue of terrible mis-education creating mass ignorance and unskilled people. But they will blame borders, poverty, crime, but will shy from discussing the root of the issues.


How is it that you take no issue with the people who control your economy, your land, the very people who have oppressed you for 400 years, but you can show hatred and violence towards your own African brothers and sisters who are largely hardworking people? These monsters attacking Africans are no longer our family. They are outside of humanity, of Ubuntu, of consciousness and of Pan-Africanism. They join the ranks of the Zionist, the Nazis and the apartheid government. But we will not turn a blind eye to this and you have made us ashamed on this day in history. Some of us complain about what Israel, Spain, or Italy are doing to African refugees, but if it happens in Africa by Africans we have no complaints. Here is a special message to our South African conscious brothers and sisters. Join us. Let the world know that you are on the side of justice. Do not let the lost and the misguided tarnish your image to the world. It has been a terrible week for South Africa, an embarrassing day for Pan-Africanism, and a mark of shame on the great African race.

Holocaust     Holocaust
Oppression is not complete until the oppressed take on the traits of their oppressors Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Alik Shahadah

Apartheid was not evil because it separated different races, it was evil because of the race-based inequity it administered. It allowed White supremacy to flourish in all spheres. It would have been more productive to then keep the separation of the races and dishes out justice, than a rainbow while maintaining the system of White supremacy. What good is just a superficial rainbow without equitable share of wealth?

African is the proper name for the people native to the African continent. Africans are exclusively the people also called "Black people." Being a national of an African country does not make one African. Just like being a National of Asia, China or India does not in itself make one Asian, Chinese or Indian. And this is important when we dicuss SA African Race, Who is an African

Image Apartheid - Our survey shows that local South African adverts have a 85% White representation. 90% of media is in the hands of White, who control content, project whiteness and marginalize and exploit Africans. With the exception of Africans being 86% represented in alcohol adverts. 97% of mainstream South African films are owned, produced and directed by non-Africans. Name a SA band, name a famous SA model/actress, filmmaker still the same faces.African Race, Who is an African

Land Grabbing aka Land Appropriation in South Africa by Malema: It is not a clear cut issue although a very polarizing one. Some present it as a long overdue thing that must happen since the ANC is clearly and utterly incompetent to resolve the land issue, where most of the land 21 years later is all White owned (without apology). Others say Malema should use legal routes. But at the same-time laws are made by who and for who? Some say Malema seeks attention, by agitation. Picking sensitive issues (at the expense of actually solving anything) to grow his career. The other deeper issue is African people and easy victories. Had someone suggest Africans in South Africa gain education, get skills, lobby, people would yawn with boredom. Far easier to sit down and wait for free land, that appeals to a serious unchecked issue in South Africa --laziness. But then they get the land what now? No electricity, next complaint, no roads. And at no stage have any single intention of developing themselves. The culture of taking no steps to develop oneself is something people like Malema need to address. Yes, land reform must be resolved in favor of the African, but by balancing all of these concerns.

Racism | The net to catch racism in South Africa is too finely defined in some areas too broad in other areas allowing in every instances to slip by without consequence. While in Brazil special departments exist to handle race-relations no such departments exist for racialized South Africa. African Race, Who is an African Read Racism in Cape Town

Lazy as Sin | Now when you start calling young African in South Africa lazy be prepared for a fight. It is a total taboo to call "black" people lazy. But what if it is true? What if we told you everyone who knows this topic knows where we are going with this? It is true, especially the youth. They want all the material things in this world--so do many people. But they think they are entitled to it. Like if BMW and fame should be FedEx to their door-steps. The concept of struggle, investing in education are alien concepts. They always tired, always full of excuses. Always blaming someone else. Amazingly skilled at seeing the White racist world, not so skilled at seeing their role in the growth of white and Indian domination. And no matter what the government does for them-- they still would not get up and be nation builders. If you called them to learn skills, they come and see it is hard and you never hear from them again. 1 Week of trying would be a lot. They might come from lower class backgounds, even middle class backgrounds the work ethic is appalling. And the govenrment is partly to blame because education should mean fixing these things. But because the topic is taboo it is not addressed. They are cultureally engineered to have zero work ethic. They learn it from politicians, they learn it from TV, they learn it from their peers. Unfortnately when something becomes ingrained into a culture it is next to impossible to remove.

Born Free? | Very disappointing to see what young "Born Free" Africans in South Africa are doing with their "Freedom." And real freedom or not they do have the power of choice. But the get an "education" get a good job and party 5 times a week (1 day for church where pastor drive s a Bentley). By the 2nd week their pay-check is exhausted on Brazilian weave, alcohol, and cheap clothes. R8000 ($800) on a top of range phone used to take "selfies" (photos of themselves), chat on Whatsapp, and Text. Is this what Biko died for?

Holocaust     Holocaust
He was at the end of his life also a bitter old man, well aware how his very political triumph and his elevation into a universal hero was the mask of a bitter defeat. His universal glory is also a sign that he really didn't disturb the global order of power Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Slavoj Žižek

Mandela not a hero | Mandela did try very hard for freedom but how did he became an African hero? Who iconized him, us or them? Excellent PR is not a replacement for leadership. So a hero for doing what? Being a cute people person with humanist turn-the-cheek quotes--that is not what SA needed post-apartheid. A Faustian pact that promised whites a safe haven in a rainbow that would not threaten the heart of their economic and culture base. Why you think they love him so? What Africans owned under "apartheid" and what they own under "freedom" is a single digit percentage. How is this man a hero, because he stayed in prison? How does that put food on an African table? How does that fact help the millions of on-going victims of white supremacy in SA? How does his stint in prison provide anything tangible? Is he still in prison? But we are! Trapped in a White man's matrix with no land, no education, no morals, drunk, no ownership of anything, unemployed and crime everywhere. Nelson was Nodding not Negotiating, boxed in by violence on both ends, forced into a terrible deal that secured white interest. Africans (some) got to manage the white planatation (enclave) that is South Africa today.

Holocaust     Holocaust
He (MLK)got the peace prize, we got the problem.... If I'm following a general, and he's leading me into a battle, and the enemy tends to give him rewards, or awards, I get suspicious of him. Especially if he gets a peace award before the war is over Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Malcolm X

So as a leader he allowed Whites to escape with blood on their hands, while keeping the wealth and creating a kind of Double Jeopardy where Africans can never try them again for their ongoing exploitation. Millions suffer and die in a rich country because of the acquiescences of this one naive weak man. And even Mandela would agree no one leader should be beyond the critique of the people. He might have been a great humanist but a terrible leader. How could you be "good" but failed to fix the most prominent features of apartheid? It is like being great for winning the battle but losing the war.Read Zama Ndlovu

Holocaust     Holocaust
Mandela was conducting his own secret negotiations [and] In 1982, he had been moved from Robben Island to Pollsmoor Prison, where he could receive and entertain people. The apartheid regime's aim was to split the ANC between the "moderates" they could "do business with" (Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Oliver Tambo) and those in the frontline townships Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Pilger

Part of this critique has less to do with Mandela the person, but how his legacy ultimately is being used to brainwash and kill true revolution and bury African concerns in a total white wash which makes him a diety to aappease trivial concerns. No doubt he did fight, he won the battle but totally lost the war. But he did not fight alone, many warriors did not die an international hero in a warm bed, they died on the streets with their blood running into the gutter (Hani, Biko, etc). And 20 years on, we still are back (with less negotiating power due to the friction from black elites ) on the table seeking total liberationMandela Betrayed African liberation with a Faustian deal

A Commodity: At OR Tambo airport and across the world you can buy everything Mandela. You can wear him, you can pin a badge of him on your tie, you can buy a book about him-- let us be honest it is a commodity with a market value. Now, who owns this commodity, esp now he has transitioned. Who is making those Mandela T-Shirts? Who is making the mugs? Who collects the majority of the profit from someone they happily, a few decades earlier, called a terrorist?

Land | Little progress has been made to restore land to people forced away before and during apartheid. White South Africans -- around 10 percent of the population -- still own as much as 80 percent of the land

Greed | The marginal shift in the economy has traded 5% increase in "Black" wealth for 5% decrease in "White" wealth. But these new "blacks" with money do not own anything but 10% of their 5 million Rand home. 5% of that R400,000 BMW and they are made to think they have made it. So now you have them trumpeting the wonders of Post-Apartheid South Africa-- all is fair, there is no longer a race problem but just a general social problem.

White Liberal | The long standing lie about Apartheid is that most Whites grew morals and decided to end it. So today all those whites you see smiling and talking Mandela and joining "the struggle" are the same exact whites that had no problem with apartheid (when it profited them). It stopped profiting them and that is the only reason (from their end) it came to and end. To bring about a new era of exploitation, free from the stigma of world condemnation. The liberal comes with beautiful words and offers of peace, only to get a better purchase on the African liberation struggle taking it down the path of least revolutionary trajectory. (See how Heritage Day in SA is being "revolutionary" renamed Barbacue (Braai) Day to "unite" South Africans).[5]

Hot mouths aka Revolutionaries: Now these so-called SA hot mouths that want to inherit the wealth of whites the land of whites, the businesses of whites, have any of them degrees in engineering, agriculture, business management? So how will these meretricious rabble rousers run the mines, build the bridges and run the industry of South Africa? Lazy people expect to lie down and complain about the world without doing anything to be ready for the change they shout about. They are vocal about land, but how many of them encourage African people to become lawyers, scientist, etc. Rhetoric cannot run the modern South African economy. So while you are waiting for the "White man" to keel over or hand you the keys to the economy why not go and prepare for that transition by arming yourself with the skills? But many cannot even send an email, let alone run a corporate bank.

CRIME SA: The youth raping and killing like if it was summer sales. What is going on inside their mind no one is saying. Why would you rob someone and shoot them dead? Some brutal crimes by a failed generation, poorly socialized, illiterate, and totally immoral. The government gives out very light sentences. So no death penalty for violent murder, so they come out and do it again. On one hand the light sentencing system, and on the other hand a total failure to create a proper education system, racial equality, and a moral cultured country. And then when you switch on the TV what do the youth see? When they see the government what do they see? But the government is not discussing this when they speak about crime. All around they see a lifestyle that they will never ever be able to afford. Then there is zero education, then there is zero moral instruction. An entire society driven by materialism from the president down to the criminals.

Beware the icon makers
they will say he was great
they will laud his calls for peace
they will wring their hands and cry
speaking only of the man
disregarding the people
explaining away the movement
pretending the revolution was won
they will deny their guilt
denying their privilege
obscuring his birth in the pains and the blood of his people
denying the capital crimes
of neoliberal friends of apartheid still alive
now that Mandela is dead

they will say no one else will come
they will wink that we still organize
they will pretend that de Klerk was his friend
they will ignore the birth pangs in Jo’burg today
pretending to honor him with deceitful silence
in the face of Capetown shanties and Manenburg misery
and Durban oppression
while former murderers still prey
and bougie negros still play
while lying bishops still pray
and corporations still rape
and the people in South Africa still die
like people across the Global South
as the Revolution dies as Madiba’s children live in squalor
as the wine growers awake in shacks
as the homeless sleep beneath the floors of stores—after hours
when they will not be seen while they are still being sold

beware the speakers of phrases that lie
they will disremember liberation struggles
that have yet to be won
they will pretend that Mandela belonged to them
denying the people to whom he belonged

remember to remember Chris Hani
remember to remember Robben Island
remember to remember the South African Charter
remember to remember that icons created by oppressors
will never liberate the people
remember to remember that they are still killing Martin
remember to remember that they are still killing Malcolm
remember to remember that Assata still lives
remember to remember that our liberation will be sold to us for profits
unless we work for it with our minds and our actions
then we will remember Mandela as he was
for he will live inside us
and the lies will no longer deceive
because the struggle will continue
and the last will be first at last—


Holocaust     Holocaust
Education was the foundation upon which inequality was fashioned during the years of apartheid, but unequal educational opportunities still remain amongst the greatest obstacles to equality, dignity and freedom in today's South Africa Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Equal Education

South Africa, the symbol of hope for Africa and the World. Proof that a righteous transition does not have to be a blood bath - At least this is what it says in the brochure.

Pseudo-nationalities where created at the end of apartheid with every single action servicing the exiting apartheid elites. The 2% Africans who escaped into the hills of Santon would become the new buffers and protectors of white wealth.

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KwaMashu - Still My Home

South Africa is home to the perfect, and unique, example of the Majority-minority phenomenon. Africans are a majority but an economic and culturally a minority: The subaltern in their own land of demographic dominance. And today the responsibility for this rest with the leadership and their failure to empower and sensitize the people via conscious self-awareness and agency. They have failed in understanding the dynamics of the problem. They are unconcerned with the energy it will take to repair this social-economic problem and primarily, worried about possible economic downtime if any sincere attempts are made.

Still you get Blacks shopping in expensive malls in the suburbs and feeling superior to other Africans because of these "wonders", didn't anyone tell them they don't own anything, they are just guest in someone else's house. Didn't someone tell them those malls weren't built for them? These are the perks of being a slave in a White man's house. So yes South Africa has many freedoms in areas non-effective at deeper liberation; so much freedom it gives people two free hands to hang themselves with. And It is sickening hearing a people who have just (barely) come out of the lions den with their leg hanging off and their hand still in the lions mouth talking about reconciliation with the beast. That beast is not White people, but white supremacy.

One thing that is rarely debated is how South Africa, post 94, has implemented a policy of national brainwashing rhetoric; identical to that of the American dream that built USA national pride, a lie repeated by the poorest African-Americans who live on the breadline.
Whites Own Everything This South African rhetoric is the de facto language of every politician. The excuse for the so-called TRC was to prevent a "blood bath", people take it without question and vomit it back out. "We had to do what we did to prevent a blood bath." If repeated enough, it becomes fixed as fact. Who said that there would have been a blood bath had a revolutionary path taken? How can a blood bath come about if you seek justice against war criminals and create a strong African (Black) economy? What is the source of this study that says they prevented a blood bath? Was there a blood bath in Germany after the Nuremberg Trials? Was there a blood bath when Castro nationalized Cuba?

South Africa's economically active population (EAP) was 74% African, 11% colored, 3% Indian and 12% white. These proportions are clearly not replicated in top management structures across the country, in which only 20% are filled by Africans, 5% by colored people and 7% by Indians. 64% of top senior management positions are filled by whites. Most departments spit out these statics but have failed to deal with the root of the problem in a holistic way.

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They see image of self, agency as disconnected studies in white domination. They have failed to understand socialization as a factor. And most of all they are content to make statements without being bold enough to really shake things up. They are paralyzed to go beyond words, and so stupid they think a rainbow approach will redress race inequalities. But how can change and reporting on race be given to the same whites that dominate everything? This is at best a conflict of interest.

If you went out and put an advert for opportunity everywhere in SA, most who will access it will be white. So every time you roll the dice you will keep getting a white result. Whites have the social and economic infrastructure to capitalize (at the expense of) the intended disenfranchised people. The government does really want to look at why. They just are content to say "We put out the opportunities, we can't make people take them." They also do not want ANY economic downtime. So the higher priority is keeping the economy buoyant, it is like trying to fix an electrical problem without wanting to first disconnect the electricity. Downtime is inevitable if you want to service justice, but in addition two critical problem exist in the "Black" sector of change:


  • Not qualified to do the Job (Qualification)
  • Not sincere to do the Job (Passion)

1. Standard Bank (White). 2. FNB (White), 3. Sasol (White), 4. MTN (White) 5. Sanlam (White). So While greed is universal, it seems Africans are not greedy or corrupt enough to get any major share in these companies. And despite being an African (Black) majority count how many times Black women have represented South Africa in Miss Universe or Miss World. Count how many times Black faces are cast in TV adverts or magazines, unless it is HIV or alcohol related.

2% went up the economic ladder balanced by 2% White that came down, the system remained although the gate keeper changed.

Holocaust     Holocaust
He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Martin Luther King, Jr.

Holocaust     Holocaust
Apartheid protected White supremacy, ANC only protects rich White supremacy Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust


Holocaust     Holocaust
The structure of the apartheid economy has remained largely intact and has not included higher or inclusive growth Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Jacob Zuma

The whites live on the hill we live in the slums, But we are racist. Racism (without power) clearly not working out for the African. We are so racist but we own nothing. So racist but they are writing our history again and again. So racist only their face is on TV, so racist everything fit to print is determined by them.

Like its partner in politics—antisemitism—it is the political tool of curbing African dissent to racism. In other words when the African seeks solutions to the prevalent White racism he is accused of "reverse racism". Again, it is linguistically nonsensical, an oxymoron, reversing racism is actually a good thing. It is devoid of functionality and exclusively political in construction and usage. Its application is void in defining any tangible discourse. So if ANC seek to redress the racist economic policies and are trying to create a level playing field it is not racism, because there is no notion of supremacy but a notion of justice and equality. It is the same as positive employment of women in fields, which are traditionally male, dominate. It seeks to redress a gender imbalance.

Holocaust     Holocaust
It would be strange if after the American revolution against the British, if the British still controlled the economy of America 20 years after 1776 Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust

Racist Insults | Regardless of Zuma's failures, we should never allow racist White liberals to continue this degrading of leadership- he is a leader and is entitled to a basic level of respect. Using freedom of speech to constantly seek fame by degrading Africans as mere sexual objects is proof of the evil racism inherent in mainstream White society-- the causal acceptance of this racism as okay is even more disturbing. This Jewish cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, known as Zapiro would cry anti-Semitic if anyone did racist Jewish cartoons. White racism was protected under apartheid, protected in post apartheid under freedom of expression. Zapiro should be boycotted, and any and every paper that gives him work should be bombard with protest. Let him rethink his career, and be unwelcome for profiteering from the old racist canards Africans have been victims of for so long.


Holocaust     Holocaust
[Whites] are generous without giving justice; personally humane, without an equitable sharing of wealth, power or status. Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Dr. Maulana Karenga

The voices causing the problem are Whites and then the sole voices creating the solutions to the problems are always white. Sometimes the litmus test is not so much what people love, but what they hate. They love Mandela, but hate Malema— Why? "We want more jobs", is a symptom of the race inequality left unresolved. The images on TV are not representative, the economy is not representative. White people talking about White domination for and on behalf of Blacks? Who controls the agenda? Who gives out accreditation? Who prints the news? Who controls who is heard and who is not? Who legitimizes Whites voice in the World if not whites on both sides of all debates? Can the African not speak? Authors such as Nigel Gibson use the work of legends like Fanon in a revisionist capacity, not to talk about Fanon's main focus-- the colonizer, but to use Fanon to attack the ANC. But if you read Fanon, he mentions in great detail the likes of Nigel Gibson. Nigel skips all of this to use an African liberator to further place blame on the African.

Holocaust     Holocaust
I am for violence if non-violence means we continue postponing a solution to the American Black man's problem just to avoid violence Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Malcolm X

It must be clear that Post-Apartheid first priority is not to upset white privileged. But to sustain the economic dominance with enough tokenism to quell critique. If we agree to that fact then everything since then makes perfect sense. Mandela made a deal where he listened and nodded his head and kept his mouth shut. The terms were dictated not negotiated. Who would negotiate a deal that keeps Africans at the servant end of such a beautiful nation? So impoverished most only see privilege enjoyed by the "other."

Holocaust     Holocaust
Our position is that the current willing-seller-willing-buyer model must be renewed...It tends to distort the land market through inflating the prices of land earmarked for restitution. It makes land reform expensive and delays land restitution to the poor Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Jacob Zuma

"Why have we (South Africans) been so unhygienic in our international economic relations? There were those notoriously bad influences on Mandela at the World Economic Forum in 1992 and then two years later, IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus reportedly told him he had to reappoint apartheid's two main economic managers – both dirty old men with racist, big business swagger – when he took office in May 1994. Perhaps giddy with all the attention he was receiving then, Mandela stupidly agreed."- Patrick Bond [3]

race inclusion

If anyone gets to say "There is racism in South Africa" it is a white person, and a white person who owns/controls the race institute, who profits from the research, who authors the books, takes the funding, and who poses the solution and acts as gate keepers - all at once. So when they are asked about scholars, they recommend all white, when you ask them about authors, it is all white, when you ask them about films they never will tell you about 500 Years Later and Motherland, but will tell you about the film made by their White brothers.Read More White Policing White in South Africa

Whites always like to remind Africans of these three facts:

1. Zulus etc are also not native to SA
2. ANC is corrupt and a failure
3. Crime crisis in SA is a post-apartheid reality

And wherever you go you will hear this. Now Whites are not saying all of this in the interest of truth. It is in the interest of their own defense and racist justification for oppression. Zulus etc are not a native population of South Africa (Bantu expansion), but then again it was Whites who created the borders that said "this is South Africa." In addition Zulu are still an African people moving within Africa and while not native they have a 2ndary claim, after the indigenous rights of the Khoisan. The ANC might be all those bad things (still better than most democracies the world over) but ANC also is not the ones controlling the wealth or the issues which created the oppression. ANC did not create apartheid, they are just poorly cleaning up a white mess in African affairs. So it is sick, to hear Whites have the cheek to critique ANC failure to clean up white supremacy. The crime boom in SA is a post-apartheid reality and there is no escaping that fact . But this article investigates all the reason why it is this way. Without white supremacy and the wealth inequity would SA be so violent and over run with crime? So the race-class disparity and the failure to develop the people out of the horrible legacy of apartheid.

Every positive attempt to enhance the lives of African people in SA is met with White resistance. If left to the White majority they would ultimately return SA to apartheid. And on this note we need to look at who some of these Whites are (not all of them). And ask the question "Where were you during Apartheid?", (silent like a moth) because probably 9/10 had ZERO issue with apartheid except a little relative discomfort due to international critique. And this has nothing to do with White skin, but opportunity and privilege. In other words; "Across the race, time and geographical divide all people with opportunity and privilege derived from inequity try to justify the inequity in their opportunism." - Shahadah (2010)

Pilger writes: "My Oscar for the worst of this year's nominees goes to Invictus, Clint Eastwood's unctuous insult to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Based on a hagiography of Mandela by a British journalist, John Carlin, the film might have been a product of apartheid propaganda. In promoting the racist, thuggish rugby culture as a panacea of the "rainbow nation", Eastwood gives barely a hint that many African South Africans were deeply embarrassed and hurt by Mandela's embrace of the hated springbok symbol of their suffering. He airbrushes white violence - but not black violence, which is ever present as a threat. As for the Boer racists, they have hearts of gold, because they "didn't really know". The subliminal theme is all too familiar: colonialism deserves forgiveness and accommodation, never justice." {5}


Palestine vs South Africa. Now SA have gained their "liberation", they are free where Palestinians are still dealing with Zionist apartheid. Is it not then strange after a visit to Palestine we saw that ALL the business were owned by Palestinians? Was it not strange that despite being occupied by Zionist, Palestinian people were not buying hair, food, bed, cars, and all the products needed to live and LIVE from their oppressors. Today "free" SA, with all the promises of a rainbow, is still not experiencing this basic liberation.


In South Africa Africans have been moved from African, to Blacks and now from Blacks to an ethnic group called "previously disadvantage." Since the word African is being grabbed up by whites and black [sic] has been taken by Indians and now Chinese. The inescapable question that needs to be posed to the genius that went so far to construct this awkward term is, what is "previous" about the disadvantage in South Africa? Seems pretty currently disadvantaged per every social-economic indicator. All these elaborate terms to speak around race and to keep the minority elites happy and not uncomfortable . It is linguistic warfare to remove people's ability to even reference themselves and to describe their unique social reality. Semantic magic tricks to make large problems vanish in thin air by shifting linguistics to offer a bandage to the oppressor conscious. And if there is a "previously disadvantaged group" why then do you need social programs such as BEE to treat this problem? It makes no logical sense to treat a people as disadvantaged who are now previously disadvantaged. But the stupidity of the system is "serve white first" and the most euphemistic terms were constructed as not to offend the white minority elite. (see full article Linguistics for a New African Reality)


Holocaust     Holocaust
Not only have they kicked the Black but they have also told him how to react to the kick Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Steve Biko


In a flash, 2 seconds after apartheid Gays had rights and criminals could kill without fear of a death penalty. SA is very good at honoring promises in all the wrong areas. The promise to the victims of apartheid still eludes the ruling party, in a country where "race" is now taboo in most circles.

  • South Africa has the highest number of people infected with HIV in the world
  • South Africa has "one of the highest per capita alcohol consumption rates in the world".
  • violence against  women, including sexual violence, is widespread in South Africa. In a large survey, more than four-in-ten South African men reported to have been physically violent to an intimate partner
  • Two out of five male South African pupils say they have been raped, *by either men or women or both” according to a study suggesting sexual abuse of boys is endemic in the country's schools.
  • South Africa has a high rate of murders, assaults, rapes, and other crimes compared to most countries
  • According to the UN, South Africa  has the highest  peacetime rapes per capita in the entire world. It is called the rape capital of the world.
  • Half of all road accidents in South Africa were the result of drunkenness (MRC). 80% of prime time advertising is alcohol related content.
  • The four major publishing houses are still largely white and male owned, collectively control over 75% of circulation - and that community media cannot meet their democratic mandate in this hostile economic environment. PMSA states 90% White.
  • In 2007, according to economists from Wits University, the capital outflow amounted to more than a fifth of the country's GDP that year


South Africa's economically active population (EAP) was 74% African, 11% colored, 3% Indian and 12% white. These proportions are clearly not replicated in top management structures across the country, in which only 20% are filled by Africans, 5% by colored people and 7% by Indians. 64% of top senior management positions are filled by whites. Most departments spit out these statics but have failed to deal with the root of the problem in a holistic way.

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Black Economic Empowerment down the toilet

Slikour - Blackz R Fools


"A nation without education will not know its worth.

What I’m about to say is going to determine whether you know your worth

(and if you don't know) this is not book education, but it's your present!"

[Verse 1]

Ten years in the game I know white bands that only seen. Two years of fame  but they set for life. Look at the Parlotones and KFC. I ain’t knocking them it’s really just what I see .Zola was the biggest star that we’ve ever seen. But what’s sad was it was only seen by Cell C. While we work hard just to sell a CD. They make millions of a couple of mp3’s. And break bread for their own race, own creed. I wish black executives could take the lead. But they put us down like we embarrass them. And give us deals that equate to embarrassment. And when we broke they blame it on money management. I must say black people are stagnant. BEE billions we brag with it, while black schools are less than average. Then what’s up with that?

Peace Not War, Jusice with Peace SA PROTEST?: If you are marching in the streets and the White columnists are silent, or standing on the side lines smiling. Stop and turn around, you have done something wrong. Review your manifesto as if something is missing. Revolution does not make your oppressor smile. SA, you are being bamboozled, these marches mean nothing. There is an occupy movement, but no mention of "race," no mention of the issues at the root on the disparity, and no mention of the immorality.
The voices that are causing the problem are Whites, and the sole voices creating the solutions to the problems are always Whites. Sometimes the litmus test is not so much what people love, but what they hate. They love Mandela, but hate Malema— Why? "We want more jobs", is a symptom of the race inequality left unresolved. The images on TV are not representative, and the economy is not representative; White people talking about White domination for and on behalf of Blacks? Who controls the agenda? Who gives out accreditation? Who prints the news? Who controls who is heard and who is not? Who legitimizes the Whites voice in the World if not whites on both sides of all debates? Can the African not speak?


Holocaust     Holocaust
Talking about racism, especially as it affects Blacks, has become unpopular. Instead Blacks are encouraged to keep quiet about their experiences and move on. South Africans should not delude ourselves and think we are out of the [racism] woods." Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Tseliso Thipanyane

South Africa is still a racist society dominated by white privilege (despite Whites being less than 15% of the population),

with race interaction largely limited to the glossy rainbow television campaigns and marketing gimmicks. Whites in South Africa never asked for forgiveness, so why is it on the table? The so-called Black in South Africa has all the forgiveness for Whites but no gratitude for the immigrant Africans living in South Africa as the recent xenophobic attacks proved. When South African Africans were in getting the worst expression of White supremacy they were loved and protected by Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc. The struggle against Apartheid was not only a Pan-African struggle but a human rights struggle across the globe, South Africa would do well to remember this fact.

There are some areas which have the illusion of fair play but really are just White economic clubs. The campaign of misdirection sets nationality as the highest objective, hence being South African is higher than being Pan-African identity allowing the illusion of "Black" and "White" South African identity. Proudly South Africa (Stolen from Proudly Australian) is a brand which pushed this ideology, however the majority of the business using this brand are still White.

The brand is less Proudly South African and more Proudly South Afrikaans. As Proudly South African is an majority white business pact which is sold internationally as "Native" Business. People buy into "products from Africa" without asking are these products made by Africans. True democracies do not simply say "We advertised for staff and the best came back 80% white - fair is fair", That's not a democracy, that is apartheid with drops of Black.

Holocaust     Holocaust
The power distribution remained unequal because one group still depended on another for its livelihood, a factor that often provided fertile ground for interracial tensions Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Vincent Moaga

Holocaust     Holocaust
Mandela let us down. He agreed to a bad deal for the Africans. Economically, we are still on the outside. The economy is very much 'white'. It has a few token Africans, but so many who gave their life in the struggle have died unrewarded Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Winnie Mandela

Not in a billion years could apartheid have rooted itself in Nigeria or Ethiopia. So how was it able in face of the mighty Zulu nation to so deeply ingrain itself in South Africa? Producing perhaps the worst example in modern history of continued subjugation and oppression. The color Black is absent from both the rainbow and South Africa. Economic and intellectual apartheid is still absolute reality with very little difference from the apartheid era.

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End of Apartheid was a compromised sell-out, had it been an African revolutionary struggle we would have got a different result- but it was a White liberation movement to advance economic opportunities in the face of encroaching globalization. 1/2 victories re-applying the chains of slavery.

Holocaust     Holocaust
This name Mandela is an albatross around the necks of my family. You all must realize that Mandela was not the only man who suffered. There were many others, hundreds who languished in prison and died. Many unsung and unknown heroes of the struggle, and there were others in the leadership too, like poor Steve Biko, who died of the beatings, horribly all alone. Mandela did go to prison and he went in there as a burning young revolutionary. But look what came out Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Winnie Mandela

Korean get 28 million for African statue
White (Andries Botha) artist gets to sculpt Shaka Zulu statue
When you go to see Zulu dancing in South Africa, it is rarely owned (if ever) by African people. The themes are African, the aesthetic is African but the ownership is 100% White. Pick up a CD in the airport featuring African music, again products made by Africans but not owned by Africans. A large format table book on "tribes" of the Southern Africa, written by whites. A film festival showcasing the 'best of African cinema', where not only are the majority of the films made by Europeans but the festival is also run by Europeans (like Durban International Film Festival).  "Proud" Zulus in SA had very little objection when a white man sculpted Shaka Zulu, they took issue with the result but no issue with the principle issue of why should a white non-Zulu sculpt a statue of an African man?

Imagine a German Nazi descendant building the Israeli statue of Ben Gurion? But had the SA government given the gig to a Black Zimbabwean the blacks [sic] would have been up in arms, "how you give the job to a "foreigner""


Holocaust     Holocaust
The problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line. Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust W. E. B. Du Bois

GOOD: Hands down, without dispute South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Perfect weather, diverse ecology, beaches, mountains, savannas, forest, etc.

GOOD: When South Africa gets serious with a law like RICA, or any other social beneficial policy they do not mess around implementing it.

GOOD: Good service delivery, banks, customer service, for the middle class

VILE: Homosexuals (a serious minority) can get married despite it being against the culture and values of most South Africans (Black and White), but the majority culture of Polygamy is not legally fully accommodated.

TERRIBLE: Zulu pride is strong against the weak guy from Zimbabwe or Malawi in a cardboard shack, but crumbles in the face of the minority White

IDENTITY: There is a strange category in South Africa called "Colored." Even blatantly African people (with degrees of mix heritage) will say they are "colored." What colored means is "We are not these people (Zulu, Xhosa, etc)" There is an unspoken shame in being identified with the "natives"

BAD: There are certain university degrees and business exclusively associated with Africans: Social development, etc. At the expense of nation building subjects. African study them because "I wanted to go the university" and prefer easy degrees to medicine and engineering, etc.

GOOD: Freedom of speech is No 1. In South Africa compared to other African countries.

BAD | Economic apartheid gets less press, it appears less evil. Unlike pure apartheid that was a clear evil on global display, economic apartheid continues and generates less concern because people see a Black government. And in fairness to the ANC they do more for the people than most African countries. The problem is there is a line of change they are not allowed to go beyond because of the agreement to 1st at all cost protect white wealth.

BAD DRUG USE | Alcohol abuse cost South Africa's economy R9 billion a year. According to the World Health Organization, the annual liquor consumption by South Africans amounts to 7.81 liters of pure alcohol per person. This level of consumption ranks South Africa 52nd on a list of 191 countries. Many other class A drugs are common place in even the poorest township. The rise of a drug called "sugars" is crippling communities and is used by all age groups.

BAD BRAINWASHING: Nelson Mandela is a brand by brainwashing not by merit. He was deliberately created to mirror the sacrifice of Jesus (he suffered for us) and be the icon of South Africa. It was identical what they do with pop stars and national icons. And the profits services Whites first. The merchandising of the tourist industry are all white and hence the Mandela brand is a white product.

BAD CRIME: One of the most violent and dangerous countries on the planet. Nowhere in Africa even comes close to South Africa. South Africa is described as the "Capital of Rape" due to high rates of rape in this country, although it has shown a declining trend. Poverty centers also became the center of various kinds of crime, and also the threat from armed groups. The most dangerous part here is sex, because nearly 10 million citizens suffering from HIV.

TERRIBLE CRIME | South Africa has been riddled with crime for years now and Cape Town is the most dangerous city in the country. Murder and robbery, rape and kidnappings are the biggest problems in the area, and tourists are notable targets. It has a murder rate of 62 to every 100,000 residents. But outside of the urbanization South Africa can be also very peaceful.

RAPE NO 1: Sexual offenses, robberies and burglaries have all increased in the last two years; 71,500 sexual offenses (10% rise), 13,900 robberies (41% rise) and 18,400 burglaries (27% rise).

BAD TOLERANCE: Despite Zulu (prime example) also being a settler group (through from within Africa) there is a high level of cultural intolerance in the Zulu identity. This blind intolerance expects everyone African but non-Zulu to speak Zulu. Yet this expectation is not extended to the Universities, and non-African long term settlers. Culturally exclusive and ignorant of other cultures and identities causes African unity to not have much currency in South Africa. It also explains why South Africa is a hot bed for xenophobia.

BAD: What we don't realize is Whites in South Africa make more Money outside of Apartheid than they ever did in Apartheid.

BAD: An all White lead organization called Mad with the help of DSTV is reprogramming African children to make good future puppet leadership which only knows about white handouts and will never bite the master.

GOOD: South Africa boast one of the best democracies in the world. Leaders can be peacefully removed.

GOOD: Fully developed infra-structure (services, Internet, roads, banks, etc)

GOOD: Unlike the deeply colonial mentality of Kenya, South African Africans speak their languages and the majority have African names.

BAD RACE MONITOR: Racism is so poorly defined it slips through all the watch dogs nets. There are so many loop holes in the law that they do little to redress imbalance. The few watch dogs are White dominated organizations created to define and police racism. It is hard to believe but there is no single authoritative body which polices and monitors racism in South Africa. While those who do reports have no power to change anything. Companies are left to police themselves (See DSTV)

BAD EQUALITY: In the "locations" aka townships the only adverts you will find are alcohol and HIV related. The bulk of the alcohol and servant role adverts uses African actors, while the bulk of other adverts still majority White.

BAD EDUCATION: Most African South Africans have no idea where South Africa is on a map. The government has done little to repair the educational dilemma caused by apartheid. Very few understand anything about apartheid and how other African nations and the world help to end apartheid.

BAD DEBATE: Some people place a taboo on discussing race, so that the person challenging racial injustices is labeled "racist." All the while the person who wants people to forget about race is busy profiting from their race based privileges. The Nelson Mandela fund is a classic example. They list all the ills of South Africa and escape the issue of racial dominance.

BAD EQUALITY: It is a society of the worst cases of minority white race privilege that are fully fledged and unchecked.

BAD DEFINITIONS: The definition of African is controlled by Whites in South Africa to exclude the Diaspora (forced out of Africa by Europeans) but is inclusive of White pro-apartheid people, the same people who took the Diaspora's ancestors out of Africa. So positions are denied to the retuning African-American communities but open to White and Indian settlers. Injustices have irony.

BAD GREED: The so-called Blacks in South Africa are ridiculously materialistic to the point of destruction. They would stupidly invest more money in a car than their own house. It is very common for them to drive the latest cars while deeply indebted to the bank and living in houses worth a 1/4 of the value of the car. All in the name of impressing their peers. They amass 4*4 while never doing off-road driving.

BAD AGENCY: Despite Whites being the minority they linguistically try to colonize terms such as African to absorb native claim to South Africa. They remain culturally, ethnically, linguistically, genetically, biologically European. They use "African" when it suits their interest.

BAD MORALS: South Africa the biggest moral crisis in Africa (promiscuity, crime, drugs, rape). The hypocrisy is demonstrated in having a moral regeneration program while the leader Jacob Zuma is deeply immoral.

BAD MEDIA: Television is deeply racist with Africans being used primarily for buffoonery and alcoholic adverts (which constitute 80% of prime time television adverts). Any product associated privilege products; holidays, luxury, etc. exclusively White faces to market the products BAD: A high intolerance and brutal violence against poor African nationals (Xenophobia). The same nationals who hosted exiled South Africans during apartheid.

BAD ECONOMICS: 90% of South African arable land is white-owned. The government set a target of transferring 30% (i.e. 82 million hectares) to African farmers by 2014. So far, only 5% has been transferred. From the 5% of redistributed land, 90% is now unused.

BAD CORRUPTION: Transparency is better than Nigeria. But corruption is inbreed, with charity organizations such as Edmund Mhlongo exploiting the people. Watch dogs such as Natal Law Society present the illusion of policing legal firms but are a self-serving organization to give the illusion of due process. These organizations have no accountability and have no record of servicing the public interest.

BAD EQUALITY: There is a personality among the Africans of deep shortsightedness, where they are smart for pennies but stupid for dollars. Trickery at the most trivial levels is common, and causes devastation at the expense of the bigger future.

BEE: A theoretically well structured scheme which in practice produces an elite of poorly skilled poorly adept Africans (Blacks) who do little to improve quality or propagate equality. Given rise to a small economic middle class who are socially still lower class. Once these new money "Blacks" get to these higher stations they close door behind them and kick out the ladder of opportunity.


Holocaust     Holocaust
Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Frederick Douglass

Once the so-called victory had been won "we don't need to talk about that stuff any more." Post '94 when the Africans got new positions and could buy new cars and move into neighborhoods the whites were running from, the struggle ended, race development ended:

Holocaust     Holocaust
Mandela, too, fostered crony relationships with wealthy whites from the corporate world, including those who had profited from apartheid. He saw this as part of "reconciliation". Perhaps he and his beloved ANC had been in struggle and exile for so long they were willing to accept and collude with the forces that had been the people's enemy Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Pilger

Just like post-segregation America. The BEE lip service from the politicians was only to prevent a race uprising from a still disenfranchised poor. Do as little as possible to stop open revolt, but never so much to cause change and upset the White folk. So-called Blacks became the new buffer protecting White Privilege. Yes, some made a race row to shake off the frustrations which comes with selling-out, but few sincerely needed anything more than what they had gained for themselves. Race justice for the new Middle class no longer was a revolutionary necessity. But development divorced from race was. It can be argued that the struggle was never a Black-Conscious struggle. No more than the Palestinian struggle is an Islamic struggle.

Holocaust     Holocaust
A leader or party is elected with universal enthusiasm, promising a “new world” — but, then, sooner or later, they stumble upon the key dilemma: does one dare to touch the capitalist mechanisms, or does one decide to “play the game”? Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Guardian READ

After struggling for 100s of years, post 94 marked the end of struggle and the emergence of a new beautiful rainbow (where Blackness was absent for both the White vision as well as the new Black middle class future vision). "Don't talk about race, that was a long time ago"

Free from race, and the burden of race, South Africa has in 15 years thrown a rug over a rotten floor and praying that it will hold up for another 300 years. If enough world cups are held, if enough whites hold hands with Mandela just maybe the still oppressed people will believe the rainbow hype. A shallow notion of "identity and pride" is only superficial if it has no roots in any form of human agency. So the pride seen in a national identity has zero properties in establishing pro-African agendas outside of white tutorship. "Freedom" is realized and no longer pursued after 2% 'Blacks' move over to management positions and senior government jobs and can afford the BMW and Mercs that whites sell them.

Car or House

SA is a place of gross contradictions. They speak of moral regeneration yet promote pornography, alcohol and greed on TV. They talk about BEE, yet support the Proudly Afrikaans as an African project. They only challenge whiteness for symbolic reasons but leave in place the entire mechanisms of white supremacy. If it is out of sight it is alright. Not one single National park is run by an African, not one single anything of any value is in Black hands. The images on TV are White, made by White for White. White SA actors top Hollywood, White writers publish internationally, all the books in the Bookstores on "the struggle" are by White authors. Every image on TV representing SA is White. Whites are the experts on everything. The government in a nutshell is in partnership with the White elite to protect the privileges born from apartheid. Just managing to do enough to thwart accusations of overt complicity.

TRC, is a abstract Biblical brainwashed paradigm, the kind of liberal turn the other cheek ideology that worked in stealing the wealth of Africa. The TRC's failure to demand restitution and will build an expectation of impunity that can only encourage further crimes. [Soyinka, Burden of Memory, The Muse of Forgiveness, The (1999)]


South Africa has a gross agenda of nationalism before racial kinship with the rest of the African world, and this nationalism has acquiesced with unresolved relationships with the former and current apex oppressor, who shares nothing with the African except being the bearer of oppression. The relationship is therefore slave and master. How is it possible for this relationship to ascend the more pressing matter of race and race-based Pan-Africanism. What are the features of that relationship that bonds these two groups? How can a colonially created country be a definitive bond?

SA has an agenda of nationalism at the expense of Pan-Africanism. and we must be careful with them because they are using money to invade and destroy our revolution. SA has been busy using money to define itself as the leaders of the Pan-African movement. Forcefully and unapologetic South Africa (the newcomer to independence) is setting and funding agendas for Pan-Africanism where their principle agenda is branding Pan-Africanism as "Proudly South African."


Whiteness is an asset in South Africa, just browse through the adverts of people looking for work because if White is not an asset why do people say "I am a White..." , or "White couple looking for ..." They do this because Whiteness has currency and is an unwritten entry card. 100% a White receptionist will be hired over a Zulu receptionist. Because of the racist value attached to White privilege.

Buy now Motherland

Lets ask a question. An African man takes an Indian woman back to his village for marriage- how will she be treated? An Indian woman takes an African man back to her community for marriage how will he be treated. This highlights a fundamental difference between Africans and everyone else. Indians in South Africa are boasting about 150 Years of climbing the economic ladder to being now "Captains of industry" .How did they get this "success" at whose expense? And are they SA first? How many SA Indian women have you seen with African men? They have their own Indian channels, their Indian culture, a deep connection to everything India from films to food, so are we sure they are South African first? During Apartheid Indians were the social-economic buffer protecting White privilege. And in their defense, they were used by Whites but have profited from their preferential relationship with Whites. Now Indians in South Africa should stay Indian first, but they should then stop deceiving the people about their loyalties. An Indian film made by an Indian from Durban is triumphed by Black politicians from Durban, because the filmmaker is from Durban. The story is Indian, the cast and crew are Indian, the motives and profits are Indian but "White Gold" is a champion of the accomplishments of Durban. This is the mentality of Black politicians in South Africa, who put silly notions of nationality above race, while Whites and Indians continue to put race first without apology.

Vodacom Racist Black Face Adverts
A racist "Black Face" Advert by Vodacom lampooning African people.
Testimony to this is the dominance of the Europeans in South Africa in every area of people activity. The constitution of South Africa makes more provision for "foreign" concerns than the concerns of the majority of the population. The Media is dominated and owned by Whites, the land is still owned by whites, the paradigms are white, the advertisement targets only whites.

Casting uses African as consumer of alcohol and in roles servicing Whites. Most African South Africans have been so oppressed and cut off from the rest of the world they do not even realize the deep nature of these offenses.

The few Africans allowed to ascend are little more than token and themselves oppressors. Winnie Mandela breaks the myth of Mandela as a traitor to the revolution for agreeing to a deal that allows white oppression of Africans under the guise of transformation. It is therefore no mystery why he is loved globally by whites with a passion. Clearly they don't feel this way about many great Africans such as Malcolm X.

South Africa is one rare example of a heavily socially engineered society which started during apartheid and is an ongoing experience. The "Rainbow Turn the cheek" rhetoric is artificially engineered and pumped into the society creating a theoretical rainbow. However, the question of justice has been shied at for so-long that often the stress reaches boiling point as what happened with the brutal xenophobic attacks of 2008.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYSIt does not take long to realize that you do not need apartheid to keep people separated; they do that on their own. Natural fears blended with the injustice fused into inherent cultural prejudices make for the cocktail that is South Africa. It is impossible to believe that unnatural forces alone kept Indians ruthlessly to their Indians communities and Whites ruthlessly to theirs. It is not apartheid that created this, as this orientation can be found in Kenya, Barbados, Guyana wherever cultures are forced together. It is not religion; it is not even culture, but inherent privilege derived from race, born out of inequity.

Holocaust     Holocaust
Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Mahatma Gandhi

At the close of Apartheid, a deal was done between the White elite and the Africans who were to inherit positions of power. Mass engineered rhetoric was used to lullaby the people into an ideology of a rainbow nation where 'reconciliation without justice' had virtue. The general politics focuses on reassuring the beneficiaries and perpetrators of racism that they have nothing to worry about, all is forgiven. See Reconciliation without Justice

As someone remarked, South Africa is the Southern most point of Europe. South Africa is the kind of place where you can arrive at the airport and take the right turns in your BMW, listen to the radio, drive right to your hotel, go shopping, switch on the TV, go on a safari, go to the beach and barely see an African; if one was so inclined.



Hidden in plain view is an injustice, which speaks volumes to the global condition of Africans and their inherent social and economical disadvantage even in their own lands: a condition unique to African people as a racial family.

Holocaust     Holocaust
The prominent race (whites in SA) can remain so by preventing the native (African people) from arming himself. Is there a slightest vestige of justification for so preventing the British Indian? About this mixing of the (Africans) with the Indians I must confess I feel most strongly Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Mahatma Gandhi


Holocaust     Holocaust
Not only have they kicked the Black but they have also told him how to react to the kick Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Steve Biko

Many so-called civil societies (Advertising Standards, South Africa Race relations) exist in South Africa, attending with varying sincerity, to equality. The majority are run by White people. Now they will probably have a major conference where race and justice are discussed and they will make sure they say "We don't know any African organizations to invite" So they keep policy and complaining to the limits of what they (the Whites) see as problems. So these areas are kept all white, or with passive non-threatening Blacks. So if anyone gets to say, "There is racism in South Africa" it is a white person, and a white person who owns/controls the race institute, who profits from the research, who authors the books, takes the funding, and who poses the solution and acts as gate keeps - all at once.

The law is constructed in such a way that no one is accountable, and no group governs any area of concern such as race balance.

These organizations cast such a broad net it would be a surprise if any racism is actually dealt with. Because the threshold is so narrow when it comes to defining a "racist act", yet the ambit of these organization is so broadly defined nothing gets caught in the net. So we see the emergence of phantom watch dogs which suck funding and only appear to be the checks and balances on a community, yet they have no track record. And because people do not ask the right questions they slip through accountability. But ask how many cases of White racism against Africans have been treated? They will tell you about some incident that offended 2 Hindus and a handful of Indian Muslims. The closest it will get to White-Black is an advert patronizing a KhoiKhoi (an ethnic issue not so much so a RACE issue). But actually cases where racism is identified and treated involving white as the oppressors? Virtually unheard of. The conclusion is clearly SA does not have a Black-White problem.

When we ask why things would not change in South Africa. We see they set up a body to monitor race "Broadcast complaints". Now have a look at who runs this organization. A Vestige from Apartheid (Est. 1968 “celebrating 40 years of advertising self-regulation").

If they are celebrating 40 years it means they are celebrating their apartheid years and their role in that system. No wonder it doesn't service African interest.

So a top person dealing with Slavery for UNESCO - white. Do children of Nazi Germans head up the Jewish Holocaust memorial? Whites have inserted themselves into positions of power to control Africa. This power maybe in the form of NGOs, or in the form of Multi-national businesses and the one thing all these things have in common is they are full of White people, with a few sprinkles of brown and black.

“Being part of the African Film Library team has given me the opportunity to engage my support for preserving African films produced by African filmmakers for future generations – including the chance to assist in providing pioneering digital access to this unique resource.” 
Magteld Venter - Online Content Coordinator of African Film Library -- All White just like in Apartheid. No Questions ask. Who runs the Durban Film Festival? White, Who runs M-NET? White, Who decides what gets printed - White. But it remains unchallenged by the enslaved Africans. It is far too much White in key positions to be called "multicultural" or "inclusive". And racism has always had a good excuse for keeping everything White. No other continent is so represented by an absolute ethnic minority.

Holocaust     Holocaust
Ending Apartheid was largely a White liberation movement to advance economic opportunities in the face of encroaching globalization Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust 'Alik Shahadah


Prof Kobus van Rooyen SC

Chairperson of the BCCSA (1993 -); Professor of law, University of Pretoria(1971-1998); Senior counsel at the Pretoria Bar (1998-2006); Chair of the Press Council (1991-1997); Chair of the Publications Appeal Board(1980-1990); Chair of the Ministerial Task Group Films and Publications Act (1994-6)


Prof Henning Viljoen (BCCSA - Deputy Chairperson) 

Commissioner of the BCCSA (2000 - ); BA LLB LLD Attorney of the High Court of South Africa; Professor of Law (UP) (1981 – 1998);


Dr Lynda Gilfillan 
Commissioner of the BCCSA(2008-); Lecturer in English: University of Pretoria; Vista University (1980-1994); Publications Appeal Board Member (1985-1989); Member of the Commission on National Symbols: Multiparty Negotiating Forum (1993); Executive Committee member: UNESCO Slave Route Project (South African chapter) (1997-1998); Programme Manager: Indigenous Knowledge Systems Programme, Parliament (1998-1999); Author; Freelance writer and book editor (1999-present )


Holocaust     Holocaust
What can we expect when justice is exercised on behalf of the oppressor and the convenience of oppression? Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust 'Alik Shahadah

Durban FilmMart 2010 Lead Experts

Musonda Chimba is an example of how Africans are used to spearhead projects which have no serious aims at true development. Development of Africa is concerned with Africans living on $1 a day because at $1 day McDonald doesn't have a viable market. We are concern with $1 a day because we want Africans to own their own fast food franchise. So we all want the same thing but doesn't mean for the same reason. Film development per the Durban film Office is not a partnership but an opportunity for Whites to exploit African filmmakers and control the expression and agency of African cinema.

Durban FilmMart have failed to response to how they expect to develop African cinema with an all white panel of experts. Musonda Chimba ( durbanfilmmart@durban.gov. za) gave us the following reply:

Musonda Chimba (reply:

The website features 4 of those experts, who are 'white'. We did not subject  the panelists and experts to a pencil test to establish their 'true' 'race', therefore I cannot tell you the racial demographics, and I simply cannot tell from sight/ pencil tests/ scientific tests- Africa is so vast and diverse.


The fact clearly remains all the experts on your website are White, in an African continent. Because if Africa is so diverse we know it is 90% Black i.e. African. So basic mathematics tells you that the chances of having 4 white "experts" speaks to a mathematical impossibility. Maybe SA made a mistake when they created BEE, because that does demand a "pencil test", the same "Pencil test" that was done to make sure Africans did not have a place in the film industry. And why most "experts" always seem to be white. And the entire South African international film industry is 95% White. I guess no pencil test existed and it is just another race accident . Clearly you have no problem showing our African population that "experts" and "genius" is always White. Think of the impact on the African mind. None of these facts are contested by any serious African scholar.

It was also asked what have they done to engage African Diaspora and other African professionals who would be far more qualified to instruct and train other Africans on the challenges of African cinema and is Musonda Chimba (HNIC) in charge of responding to emails. We are fully aware she is not qualified or well read to understand the scope of the issue at hand. She has been paid and is just doing a job. The basics of race dynamic eludes our sister we should all email her and bring her up to speed on why All white faces is a no-no in Africa's development. Transparency and plurality are only skin deep, they exist until a real demand is put on them at that point they catastrophically collapse and are proven to be ill-design and only service White dominance.

In the entire African continent these are the experts they have shown the world:

Mike Kelly (WHITE)
British film finance expert, Mike Kelly was part of the management team that turned the monolithic former ITV franchise holder Thames Television PLC into a leading independent producer. He has been Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AOL Time Warner. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President and CFO of America Online Inc. Mike Kelly presented a master class on film financing fundamentals for registered delegates during the Durban FilmMart.

Luciano Gloor (WHITE)
Producer, Luciano Gloor, presented a paper on global marketing and distribution trends during the Durban FilmMart. Luciano has produced and co-produced a large slate of feature films working with prolific directors such as Daniel Schmid, Markus Imhoof, Lea Pool, Otar Iosseliani, Jacques Rivette, Jaco van Dormael and George Sluizer, and with actors such as Donald Sutherland, Geraldine Chaplin, John Hurt, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Alice Krige.

Clare Downs (WHITE)
Clare Downs presented a master class on scriptwriting and story development. Clare began her career in the film business as co-director of the Association of Independent Producers and Director of International Creative Affairs for the Ladd Company/Warner Bros.

Leena Pasanen (WHITE)
Finnish Reporter, political commentator, sub-editor and TV presenter, Leena Pasanen was the head of documentaries for YLE TV1 from 1999-2000, thereafter becoming Head of Programmes for cultural, factual and fiction programmes at YLE Teema in Finland.


The illusion of checks and balances is the sign of a healthy society. Consumer standards and forums for the public to engage big business. Now Hello Peter a self-styled South Africa (monopoly on complaints wannabe) suggest several areas for complaints. Bad attitude, poor service, all kinds of things. But guess what, no racism? No discrimination. In a country which breed the most virulent strain of racism there is no category for race-related complaints.

Someo of us started using Hello Peter to draw attention to the terrible racism in their advertsing policies of White owned business who have a habit of casting Whites for everything good, Africans for Beer and HIV. Finally due to the attention and negative publicity for White business, as well as complaints from their white demographic - the principle group they service) they blocked the account and said:

Dear Sir,

As per the Terms and Conditions on the site : Users are prohibited from posting unlawful content, including defamatory, insulting, racist ..... or otherwise objectionable material ("unlawful content") on Hellopeter.com.  In the event you violate these Terms and Conditions, the owner of Hellopeter.com has the right to terminate your access to the site and take whatever other steps the owner deems necessary.’

Numerous emails have been sent to you regarding your reports relating to race issues.  Unfortunately you have continued to post such reports.  Your account has therefore been blocked.

Regards, Linda Mail: admin@hellopeter.com

Now the funny thing is insulting, racist or unlawful does not apply to these complaints See Corruption notice board. But the "law" or discretions lies exclusively in these peoples hands. And their is zero burden to prove any true violation. And during apartheid people like us also complained and they threw the word "unlawful" , these words used by Linda means nothing in a racialized society while they (the Whites) hold all the cards. The real violation is to spin the situation around and try to pin labels of "racist and unlawful" on the accuser. Hello Peter is an Afrikaans space for controlling dissent which is appropriate to white consumers (the elites). So a complaint about the municipalities terrible service is no problem. A complaint about a car rental complaint again no problem. All services and issues relevant to the white population. Now start using these structures to deal with hard core issue and guess what happens --the doors start to close. Welcome to the new South Africa where racism continues to spit in the faces of the majority but still wears legal clothes as it did during apartheid.

MAD - Making a New generation of African slave leaders

Holocaust     Holocaust
Only a fool allows his enemy to educate his children Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Malcolm X

They call themselves MAD (Charity). The only people that are MAD are the Africans who allow Tarzan to teach their children. Now they care so much they have created an all White company with vague agendas to re-program, pacify and carry on the work of the missionaries. Where has white help gotten Africans? A race of beggars kept just out of reach of the prize will always be begging depending needing wanting, looking to white for salvation. If all your food comes from White hands what mental impact does that have on your self-identity? Whites still see Africans as pets, a child race, which they must impress their humanity on. What does a White man know about African ambition to be such an expert on what leadership we want? What arrogance gives them this right?

Tarzan teaching Africans to be good slaves

Anyone with 1/2 an education will read between these White supremacist lines:

The primary goal of MAD is to identify academically talented South African learners from less fortunate backgrounds and support their education and life skills development up until the point at which they are ready to enter the job market. Such a learner will join MAD's Individual Education Programme under the guidance of the Mentorship Programme.

What is the nature of this mentorship in creating strong African centered leadership sensitive to African interest? We can already see the all white team. Is that the new future a generation of Africans who are loyal to protecting White monopolies? One thing we know about whites and skills, they never teach skills they only teach dependency.

Holocaust     Holocaust
The only skills whites teach Africans is dependency Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust African Holocaust

Below is our complaint to Advertising standards and MAD

We find your DSTV advertisement of White people being shown teaching Africa's next generation as neo-colonial, arrogant and down right offensive especially in such a racialized society. Most African South Africans have been so oppressed and cut off from the rest of the world they do not even realize the deep nature of these offenses.

In post apartheid South Africa, we find your racial representations to be regressive and insensitive to the ethnic majority who are still marginalized. 78% of adverts of South African origination are still pro-white. We have seen that without exception all of your team in Africa is White. Your images show yourself to be Tarzan bringing about a new African leadership is a vulgar assault on African agency and self-determination. What kind of leadership could come from your racial in-sensitivities? Is it a leadership that services White at the expense of the African majority? Developing another generation of puppet leaders in service to Europeans?

With these white dominate adverts coupled with the very obvious economic apartheid how is your company responsible for a new South Africa? Because unless this is challenged the notion of a rainbow will remain the greatest South African Hoax. A hoax painted white, confirming the distrust between racial groups - where is your representation?

A complaint will also be lodged with the advertising standards, although we know it will fail (since they are white also) it will continue to create a public record of the racial arrogance which Africans are subjected to. Africans  post-colonialism, post-slavery, post-apartheid Africans are still victims denied their basic human rights, having to be spoken at, spoken for and by the Great White hope with his White burden. 


There are certain university degrees and business exclusively associated with Africans: Social development, etc. At the expense of nation building subjects. African study them because "I wanted to go the university" and prefer easy degrees to medicine and engineering, etc.

So yes some of them are going--that is good. But our research shows the kind of degrees they are doing are all Social science. In SA tourism, hotel management, social development, political studies are the soft degrees people engage in at a disproportional level vs. accounting, engineering, medicine, optometry or IT. And if you look at the race split you will see other races not do these soft degrees. Its a problem because yes numbers are up-- but doing what? So in the job market even with a degree Africans are marginalizing themselves. Because they want to study, but nothing too hard. And socialization is enforcing this stereotype, especially among women, their friends select these degrees and now it is the norm. The same is true for business, if there is a business it will be a barber shop, taxis, or tenders.


Two thirds of children grow up without both parents

Only a third of children are living with both of their biological parents, according to a new report released by the South African Institute of Race Relations this week.

The report, The First Steps to Healing the South African Family, shows that 40% of children live with their mother only, 3% live with their father only, and 23% live with neither of their biological parents. Some 8% of children live in ‘skip generation households' with their grandparents or great aunts and uncles.

Ms Lucy Holborn: ‘There are nearly 4 million orphans in the country, 859 000 of whom are double orphans who have lost both their parents. Many of these children have lost their parents to AIDS. However, nearly half of all children have living but absent fathers, meaning that the AIDS pandemic alone cannot explain family breakdown in South Africa.'

The proportion of children with absent but living fathers has risen from 42% in 1996 to 48% in 2009.

‘What emerges from the data is a pattern of many men not taking responsibility for their children. Unemployment and poverty contribute to this phenomenon, but probably so too do male attitudes to women and sex,' Ms Holborn said.

The report highlights international and local research which shows that children growing up without a father are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to educational outcomes, employment prospects, behaviour, and future relationships.

‘Family is not an issue that is high on most policy agendas, but we believe our research demonstrates that the cycle of dysfunctional families needs to be broken in order to address many of the social problems in the country.'

Statement issued by Lucy Holborn, South African Institute of Race Relations, April 5 2011

NELSON MANDELA: The fabricated legacy of a compromised 'hero'-- aka Traitor

Holocaust     Holocaust
Respect to any political prisoner that spends 1/2 his life in prison. But I am only interested in how many people you deliver out of economic and mental prison when you get out of your prison. Cuz those years in prison don't put food on my table nor help me own my economy. You are out of jail, we are still in jail. Just being in jail cannot be the only creidential to prove sincerity or create an African legacy. Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Youth Semminar
NEW NOTES | Mandela's face just got pasted all over the New currency, they could at least left a space for real revolutionaries like Steve Biko, Chris Hani, and Robert Sobukwe. But no, every single denomination reminds us of what we gave up for so-called freedom. Every denomination a reminder of the economic apartheid and its final white destiny of every rand spent.
There was a time when the name Mandela was held high. But that branding campaign is starting to fall apart.

The parading of a man who claims an easy victory of creating a rainbow nation, which does not exist, except in the tourist brochures, has a very short shelf life.

The problem with Mandela (as a person who may or may not have tried his best) is less about the man and more about the European agenda to force his legacy on Africa as a leader and a hero of a people who had no part in selecting him to that position. He is not Biko, he is not Nkrumah, and he is not even Gaddafi; he is actually pretty minor in the Pan-African agenda. He knows most of the issues that are raised in this article, and would privately agree, but he has no backbone because he still thinks about "the greater good," and all manner of evil has been hidden in the greater good.

His years in prison are his only proof of dedication to a nation that might cease to remember him as a defender of the masses. But time in jail is not immunity from critique and his legacy post-prison has to be judged. The branding policy in the West to force a rainbow that doesn’t exist, and a hero that does not exist was clearly part of the terms of hand over the ANC crafted on the eve on South African independence from apartheid. And in that political monstrosity a hero was needed, a name and a brand the world could associate with liberty and cheek turning. This is a tradition they are happy for Africans to adopt, it is good for business, very good for trade. We often here "had it not been for reconciliation there would have been a blood bath." But worst than apartheid was American slavery, yet there was no blood bath. What about Brazil, after emancipation, was there a blood bath? So where was this notion of a pending blood bath coming from? Clearly, it is manufactured fear to justify an agenda, which services the White elites.

Africans are now becoming sick of hearing about a rainbow nation at the expense of a Pan-African agenda. Being African is more important than some pseudo nationality ruled by Whites and Indians. Mandela and especially Tutu protect white privilege and opportunity born from that privilege. Tutu is very vocal and dramatic when whites are being injured very quiet and ineffective when Africans are still being oppressed.

They love to talk about poverty as disconnected from race politics. The Mandela foundation has crafted a “change” video for South Africa and nowhere in this agenda does the word race come up, it is all “a dialogue about HIV.” Nowhere in his campaign does he upset white dominance or put a challenge to the very visible and oppress continuation of racism in all sectors economic and social. Nowhere is this race justice agenda asserted in his dream for the nation. A very insincere leader sees the living breathing condition of a nation ready to be torn apart at its racial seams and says nothing to that problem.

Even all the merchandizing in South Africa (the clothes, the badges, the buttons the entire for Mandela) is owned by Whites. Branded and exploited for their benefit. Of course they love him, he protects them from the anger of the oppressed population. The minute someone Black raises their hands to strike everything oppressing them Mandela gentle hands steadies the rage with self-serving Eurocentric abstract ideals of non-violence and love.

Some say that he has done all he can do, he is only one man. However, at some junction, the people who he represents must look at that contribution and re-weight the outcome of those choices made. In addition, the acceptances of the burden of leadership means he is responsible for those he had power over. Therefore, if the deal was bad then the deal maker is responsible.

Whites everywhere love him, and that is a cause for concern. Why do they love him so much? Do they love Malcolm X with this passion? Do they love Farrakhan? Why are they so busy to fan the pages of history to dry the ink on the legacy of this man? Whites love him because he secures their interest in every department bar none. But today on the streets on South Africa the fabricated legacy of Mandela is being torn apart by a generation frustrated and tired of lies and no volume of propaganda will change that reality.

Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

Mandela Rhodes - building excellent leadership in Africa | You have to clear you eyes and look again. Yes Mandela and Cecil Rhodes Scholarship. That's right Cecil Rhodes who named an African country Rhodesia. A violent and brutal racist who used forced labor tactics as a means of founding De Beers and other portions of his lucrative success to exploit African resources and steal wealth. He introduced the Glen Grey Act to push African people from their lands and make way for industrial development. To make the point, which needs no help, we should have a Mother Teresa and Joseph Stalin Award: Teresa-Stalin Award. So how could this oxymoron exist Mandela and Rhodes? Who thought this up, the abomination? That has 70% non-African recipients with drops of Blacks.[ref] What does this tell you about Nelson Mandela? How could he sign his name with the like of Cecil Rhodes? The educational reforms of Rhodes were just like the scholarships they issue, for White benefit.


South Africa averages 50 murders a day in a nation of 47 million. The rich class in South Africa has moved into gated communities, creating a schism between classes and evidently races, one which was theoretically abolished during the apartheid. It is ranked first in rapes per capita amongst the whole world and has a notorious record for car hijacking. The problem is so severe, that women are allowed to speed through red lights to avoid being car hijacked, or worse. One of its capitals, Johannesburg, is the most dangerous, with almost all middle-class and high-class families carrying weapons merely for protection. (BBC.com)

Is the crime in SA race related (i.e. the racial economic disparity). Yes. However crime in the UK is not. UK has one of the largest economic middle classes in the world yet surprisingly has a very high crime rate. America has the economic disparity so it is very similar to South Africa.


Some say freedom is still new and it will take time, this is true but not if the intention of the system is first set-up to service an internationally friendly version of apartheid. i.e. all the hallmarks of apartheid without the burden of managing it.
KwaMashu - Still My Home

White economic and social dominance but an African government to administer the day to day. If a country is builds its moral future on lies and criminal injustices such as the TRC then it is no wonder South Africa as a whole is one of the most violent countries on Earth. Justices must be in the fabric of a society, but the minute Mandela walked out of prison the first order of business was securing and forgiving white murders. Priority one was making sure South Africa was White friendly.  And very few will argue South Africa should be a place for all who live in it, but it first has to be a place for justice. The criminals of Germany got there just rewards. Because the argument should mean why didn’t Mandela allow all the killers out of prison if he was interested in “reconciliation of a nation”? Justice and truth were absent from the sell-out in 1994. The plethora of B.S films from South Africa try to force feed an agenda  a reconciled nation. Yet all these films have one thing in common, they are all white owned and detach themselves from the legacy of apartheid. This touch up job does nothing to speak to the social and economic roots of the crime of colonialism and apartheid in Africa. A 15% increase in so-called black business is not proof of change. The true change is for the average people to see justice and transparency on the table.


African is a jacket worn to suit an economic or political opportunity

See African Race

.The new trend emerging by some Whites and corrupt African politicians is to classify Europeans living/settling in Africa as “White Africans.” All those that deny their claim to African identity are now labeled as racist.

However, the definition of racism does not accommodate in-group exclusion as a characteristic of being racist. And the power of definition like “who is a Jew”, “who is Chinese” belongs with the majority, not the minority. Africans cannot over night just say they are Chinese and then call Chinese racist if they do not accept them.

Despite claiming "African" in name they are very conscious of Whiteness when propagating the White dominant image on the broadcast mediums they control. Being White is clearly obvious when it comes to the dilemma of ownership which is still tipped in their favor. When all of these White South Africans rush home to Europe (when Africa gets a little sticky) do they encounter job discrimination experienced by fellow African South Africans or even 3rd and 4th generation African-British? They integrate beautifully into the social environment created by White privilege. Same like with the Indian "Africans", African is a jacket worn to suit an economic or political opportunity. Let us ask a question. An African man takes an Indian woman back to his village for marriage- how will she be treated? An Indian woman takes an African man back to her community for marriage how will he be treated. This highlights a fundamental difference between Africans and everyone else. A Characteristic exploited by every visitor to Africa.

So this argument or false focus serves to disrupt the greater Pan-African solidarity necessary for African people. And anyone trying to put a taboo on such debates is probably an oppressor. Now the classic straw man argument is to associate this stance with expelling Whites from Africa. The human rights of the African cannot be secured while violating the human rights of another people. We do not need a new Israel in Africa. However, gross inequalities must be destroyed. What business does someone have with 1000 of acres of land while the native people starve all around them? Especially when that land was acquired by displacing their ancestors from that land? So all of these issues need to be collapsed into the broader debate of identity and native claim.

In the scramble for linguistic real estate, why would these descendants of European colonialist who devastated and exploited the continent want to be called African? And in terms of self-determination who introduced these concepts? It would be very strange if a European, after 200 years in China or India, could be so powerful to alter the definition of Chinese just to be accommodated. Linguistic accommodation is only possible in Africa because of the prevailing injustice of a post-colonial dominance of European settlers.

Race was not only defined in the 18th century, in Aksum and Kemet African peoples have always identified with degrees of racial inclusion and exclusion. The arrogance of Whiteness is to assume they are responsible for every single point of view that has ever existed on this planet. All the while South Africa remains White dominant and unchallenged by people who are the most vocal White Africans. Interestingly if you examine their lifestyle, you will find them to be the most racial conservative personalities. They date and marry women of their specific race, they socialize in White circles, and engage a distinctive non-African culture. And if they do have a few token "Black" friends they are often culturally compromised aberrations the continent can produce. The injustices of White dominance and the legacy of that dominance are smooth over by fictional fantasies of non-returning colonial tourist who still impose their reality as the norm for everyone else. Moreover, in dealing with these issues they always select broad base arguments and never deal with the core issue of African self-determination and agency.

The fact that Europeans are sensitive to the politics of things suggests that they do not do anything for romantic reasons.  It is very disappointing when senior African academics, so desperate to embrace the rainbow theory and share the “African burden”, rush with open arms to embrace these pseudo concepts without any political or economic consideration. What is the objective of these claims? It is interesting to note Europeans (including Caucasoid Arabs) constitute around 10 million people verses the 800 million Africans. Now, this negligible minority, by way of social influence, has caused the majority to need to refer to themselves with the adjective of “black” to separate themselves from a serious minority group who want to be “Indian Africans” or “white Africans.” Minorities of Europeans live in China, in India and in Arabia yet only in Africa has linguistic accommodation been given to these European minorities. Africans now must make room for those settlers who want to identify with the continent for capitalist reasons. Because once you identify with a continent then you have a legitimate claim to its resources. Thus, the saying and the philosophy of Garvey “Africa for the Africans” becomes usurped. In South Africa, the new trend of “Black Economic Empowerment” has seen the broadening, opening up of the borders of blackness so to speak. Indians are economically classified as ‘black’, and recently Chinese have been included in this definition. So again, we see the relationship between linguistics and economic profit.

What about people who are European who speak African languages, wear African clothing, eat African food, etc? With all due respect, the mistake made by Dr. Ali Mazrui in his accommodation was to confuse the empirical reality of being African with the cultural phenomenon of being Africanized. Just as most Africans in the west are to a large degree Europeanized Africans, it does not make them in anyway shape or form European.


Holocaust     Holocaust
I am not alone. The people of Soweto are still with me. Look what they make him do. The great Mandela. He has no control or say any more. They put that huge statue of him right in the middle of the most affluent "white" area of Johannesburg. Not here where we spilled our blood and where it all started. Mandela is now a corporate foundation. He is wheeled out globally to collect the money and he is content doing that. The ANC have effectively sidelined him but they keep him as a figurehead for the sake of appearance Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Winnie Mandela

South African Indians are said to be majority Hindu but the preserved dominate culture is that of Islam, Islam has many natural cultural landmarks which are visibly obvious within 5 minutes of touring Durban, most notable is the Arabic script and the Halal food restaurants. The distinctive dress shouts out wherever it lives.

Unlike West Africa there is a visual lack of culture which hits you in West Africa where African dress sense is African. South Africa is more “Western” like the Caribbean and there is the feeling of cultural remission.



The language of the Africans is distinctively Zulu in Durban and it offers a refreshing cultural connection to Africa. The dancing Sagomas frequent to the beach also offer an insight into the spiritual realm of hidden South Africa. The Sagomas are said to have the ability to foresee the future: one wonders what secrets they hold on their wise tongues for South Africa's future.

All desperate attempts to access authentic Zulu African music are thwarted, even the Zulu stations seem more loyal to African-American artist, and the European controlled stations more partial to Elton John and George Michael. Considering the technological development of South Africa, which unlike most other African nations, is on par with any western nation in terms of visual and audio technology, it is strange to observe the lack of an obvious strong local music scene. Not that it doesn't exist, had it been compared to the Caribbean almost covert rather than a prominent feature oozing out of the pores of African communities locally and internationally, instead a visitor is forced to purposely search beneath the popular western music for a taste of the South African flavor.


SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS Outside of Durban the African flavor increases as the houses take on the traditional Zulu shape. The compound had a central circular house with smaller circular houses around it. These smaller houses are for the wives, as polygamy is strongly practiced despite the European version of Christianity.

But the rule of “providing for” sets natural limits. Regardless of western mental perception of polygamy it is clearly an extremely successful and sensible option in the African landscape and serves African non-urban communities well. All the children live together under one roof and regard all the wives as their mother. Within these rural areas is the healthy resurgence of African traditions which is redefining Christianity from an African perspective. To reflect this are the increasing growth of new African centered Christian churches which stress African value systems: a stark contrast to the government legislation which makes South Africa the only country in Africa to recognize homosexual marriages.

The ugly side of the story (New)


Despite the threat of HIV people woman and men have maybe 15 partners a year minimum. Women have 4-5 boyfriends who are termed “minister of beauty, Minister of transport, Minister of accommodation” each boyfriend is used for a specific source of capital. Most stereotypes and fears are rooted, however minor, in some aspects of truth. A recent report from the Medical Research Council of South Africa in four South African men has raped at least one woman in their lifetimes. Unfortunately South Africa’s African communities have no shortage of immorality; alcohol, immaturity, lack of responsibility, laziness, sex, crime and all kinds of myopic antisocial behavior. This is a broad generalization which mostly applies to urban areas. However, this immorality exists at levels which would be hard to find in many other African countries. Nowhere in Africa can one see a plethora of abortion adverts saying “painless, free cleaning, recommend a friend and get discount”.

To the casual White observer it almost justifies why they needed apartheid; but it must be remembered that it was apartheid which created this situation for it locked these problems up in the townships. When the walls of apartheid came crashing-down the freedom, or illusion thereof, sent the people into the most vulgar expression of liberation. Nothing since 1994 has been done to heal the legacy of apartheid. Pornography and alcohol still dominate TV, even public television shows pornography in the late hours. Is this the freedom people died for?

And most women by the age of 21 have a child and you can be sure there is no husband around to contribute. The priorities, as witnessed in the Americas, is transient visible wealth; gold, expensive cars, etc. The value of the cars often is three times the value of the houses they own (if they own a house). They live grossly materialistic lives with no aim for future development. The youth generally have no scope for navigating education and becoming legitimate businessmen, they are looking for that “get rich or die trying” 50 cent mentality. As ugly as these truths are it is impossible to reflect on a society if one side of the story is exposed.

Europeans everywhere, especially the conquering Europeans, express their oppression via the same agents. But in the case of South Africa it couldn't be more profound. And one feature of European occupation is to make real the original stereotypes laid down to justify conquest. Thus the barbarity and sexual freedom which exist today are pointed to, in a bid to justify the separation. But when we look at cultural traditions such as the reed dance we see it could not have been so. How did South Africa go from a nation which cherished and celebrated virginity to a nation of teenage mothers and competing abortion clinics? But it is no longer safe to point the blame as it is for those suffering to examine the problem and rectify it. The mission of the so-called leader (leaders of government, communities, churches, mosque, etc) to stand-up and demand a moral society. If they chose is between human rights for the sake of looking “democratic” and reintroducing the death penalty for the sake of addressing the hideous crime rate, then South Africa will continue to be the worst victim of moral decay in the 21st century. The freedoms the liberators of South Africa fought for where freedoms which build societies and build people, not to exercises in every excess imaginable. We cannot be offended by a stark truth because it is true. We must be bold enough to stop washing over the sickness which plagues a people if we are serious about a cure. And the illness of African urban communities is so deep it will take more than a generation to repair. And at the root of why it would take so long is the dynamics of socialization. You can take the most gifted youth and empower them, but the minute they return to that environment they become absorbed into all kinds of negativity.


Holocaust     Holocaust
End of Apartheid was a White liberation movement to advance economic opportunities in the face of encroaching globalization Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Shahadah

Economic apartheid gets less press, it appears less evil. Unlike pure apartheid that was a clear evil on global display, economic apartheid continues and generates less concern because people see a Black government.

Whites Own Everything Neil van Schalkwyk says his firm has sold 1.5m vuvuzelas in Europe since October 2010 and expects sales of up to 20 million rand ($2.6m; £1.7m) over the course of the South African 2010 football. Brandon Bernardo of the vuvuzela.co.za website told Reuters news agency they could churn out at least 10,000 instruments a day. So the musical cultural icon of South Africa profits everyone but the native South Africans. Africans are blowing it but someone else is owning it. And in all of the debate these issues never seem to be mentioned.
SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS South Africa is majority European and Asian control; it is the reality without visible exception. Across the board there is always a white face holding senior rank, might it be; Zulu lodges, private game reserves, tour operators, hoteliers, all exclusively non-African. And to add to this the Africans employed do not hold any managerial

post, they lie silent in the corner accepting the barks from their former slave masters now reassigned and reissued into the exact same position of authority but only now with the fake grin required “by law” in the rainbow nation forged from oppression and compromised.

Wimpy claims this is an African National Menu
In South Africa Indians and Chinese are considered "Black" for economic reasons. Thus the Economic empowerment means a 50% increase in "Black ownership" really doesn't account for growth among African people. Many companies are exclusively Indian owned yet are sold as success stories of "Black Economic Empowerment." therefore this lumping of different ethnic groups into one term has created a dishonest projection at development. because while Indians are growing economically this is not true for Africans. A case study of a Video distribution company called Videovision boast of 100% Black ownership yet not one of the owners is "Black." Not one of the owners identifies with any aspect of "Black" identity because they are Indian.

Indian culturally, Black economically. They take the best of being Indian and the best of being "black" without any of the hardships and oppression that come with a "Black" identity. And this play on words and terms is a form of vulgar corruption which continues to disadvantage the most disadvantaged people in South Africa-- The actual Africans.

Holocaust     Holocaust
About this mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population, and it is an undue tax on even the proverbial patience of my countrymen Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Mahatma Gandhi

On any given day in Durban it is possible to see large exclusive congregation of Asians around central social business spots like restaurants. A brief tour of Durban shows a stark monopoly of supermarket ownership, restaurants, practically everything that is worth owning. Even the small one-man street vendor trades are dominated by them. And now with the “death” of Apartheid the European and Asian business are venturing into the townships, the heart of the African community, and setting-up large business. With years of skills advantage, economic advantage they out compete any local venture. The promise of only servicing ones own local area has become more and more remote. New markets are quickly opening and closing to African people. It was said by one up and coming African supermarket owner that some Asians actually hire killer squads to break-up African business unity. Impossible to believe, but the same rumors are fresh and old in Guyana and Tanzania.

Politicians seem to seek solutions that please international eyes, solutions that avoid offending the old power brokers. In-between here lost in the rainbow of promises is the washed over interest of the disempowered African. Yes, a small cliche are allowed to enter the middle ranks and drive nice cars, the price for this is naturally still to serve under Europeans and Indians. It is interesting to note that the new South African government in the transition has somehow agreed to service a 40 billion debt of services charged per year on a debt created by the Apartheid regime. Maybe the government really has no true leverage to negotiate on behalf of its people, maybe apartheid ended after Africa sold it for a few items Europe could afford to give-up. The question of freedom and political self-determination must be asked, comprises is a natural part of any deal but the scary question is: in 40 years will anything have changed in-line with the past promises? What is the objective of the ruling government and where do its allegiances sit? To the power brokers, or to the oppressed Africans? And how do we measure this work because we cannot simply have faith in trust and wait another decade to watch it fail.

Every year the Africans in the townships pull their money together and use this mass purchasing power to buy bags of critical foodstuff, thus allowing them collectively the best price. However, the Asians are aware of this annual bonanza and according to the laws of supply and demand; the prices suddenly increase during this “collective buy.”

This proves that the best plans, fall-short if dependency still exists in the economic chain. More Africans in European run companies will not deliver justice. More African presenters on television answering to European writers and executives will fall short of reflecting diversity and restoring justice

The role of the government is to create a conducive environment, which sparks to African genius. Snatching wealth from people on its own will not fix the problems of economic apartheid in South Africa. However, conditions on the ground must be challenged and changed to restore the imbalance of Apartheid. Economic transfer cannot happen by a forced process because it requires as its core sincerely skilled people who are able to operate at an exceptional standard. Symbolic handing over of keys of industry will do nothing for the future of Africa. Development must be holistic and speak directly to creating competence and wiliness among African people. So that Africans, like Japan at the turn of the 20th century, become global leaders in management, technology and other innovations.


Racist Black Face Films with White Actors still a reality in South Africa
White privilege was born through the most brutal process of oppression. It was not that the skin color of Europeans has privilege, superiority, or inferiority. The issue is the historical attachment to White skin or European cultural identity became interchangeable with the privileges it gave. Privilege protects its self by creating racism to isolate non-members and keep them from access the opportunities that privilege creates.

The new argument of Black oppression or Black privilege in South Africa is beyond ridiculous because as the below items show all of these things apply to Whites in America, Whites in Europe and Whites as a minority group in South Africa in particular.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack - Peggy McIntosh (everything applies here)

1. I can if I wish arrange to be in the company of people of my race most of the time.
2. If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of renting or purchasing housing in an area, which I can afford and in which I would want to live.
3. I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me.
4. I can go shopping alone most of the time, pretty well assured that I will not be followed or harassed.
5. I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.
6. When I am told about our national heritage or about “civilization,” I am shown that people of my color made it what it is.
7. I can be sure that my children will be given curricular materials that testify to the existence of their race.
8. If I want to, I can be pretty sure of finding a publisher for this piece on white privilege.
9. I can go into a music shop and count on finding the music of my race represented, into a supermarket and find the staple foods which fit with my cultural traditions, into a hairdresser’s shop and find someone who can cut my hair.
10. Whether I use checks, credit cards or cash, I can count on my skin color not to work against the appearance of my financial reliability.
11. I can arrange to protect my children most of the time from people who might not like them.
12. I can swear, or dress in second hand clothes, or not answer letters, without having people attribute these choices to the bad morals, the poverty, or the illiteracy of my race.
13. I can speak in public to a powerful male group without putting my race on trial.
14. I can do well in a challenging situation without being called a credit to my race.
15. I am never asked to speak for all the people of my racial group.
16. I can remain oblivious of the language and customs of persons of color who constitute the world’s
majority without feeling in my culture any penalty for such oblivion.
17. I can criticize our government and talk about how much I fear its policies and behavior without being seen as a cultural outsider.
18. I can be pretty sure that if I ask to talk to “the person in charge,” I will be facing a person of my race.
19. If a traffic cop pulls me over or if the IRS audits my tax return, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race.
20. I can easily buy posters, post-cards, picture books, greeting cards, dolls, toys, and children’s magazines featuring people of my race.
21. I can go home from most meetings of organizations I belong to feeling somewhat tied in, rather than isolated, out-of-place, outnumbered, unheard, held at a distance, or feared.
22. I can take a job with an affirmative action employer without having coworkers on the job suspect that I got it because of race.
23. I can choose public accommodation without fearing that people of my race cannot get in or will be mistreated in the place I have chosen.
24. I can be sure that if I need legal or medical help my race will not work against me.
25. If my day, week or year is going badly, I need not ask of each negative episode or situation whether it has racial overtones.
26. I can choose blemish cover or bandages in “flesh” color and have them more or less match my skin.


There are not enough words in the English language to stress the importance of economic power and how it relates to self-determination. In the airport, on the television, on billboards there is an entire industry that caters for the taste and fancies of those with the economic currency to satisfy and sustain the feasibility of the items on offer. There is thus an orientation of items of which seem to be solely targeted to European taste, but this is natural as they are the ones with the necessary consumption power. At the airport there is more to cater for the celebration of the Hajj, despite Islam being a minority religion in South Africa, however economically South African airlines are getting a large percentage of business from the Asian Muslim community during the hajj period.

It is only natural economically to tap this market and encourage their business with a targeted marketing campaign. Islamic culture has successfully, as an economic force, globally positioned itself into an economic advantage culturally and socially and

thus retains strong powers of negotiation by virtue of the economics this culture generates; food, religious travel, clothing, religious buildings, religious schools, etc. If the African middle class in South Africa grows, this will naturally change products and services as this new African middle class begin to become of economic interest to businesses. Outside of this development of a middle and upper class, the trap will keep supporting those with the funds to attract the interest of businesses;; the adverts for merchandise will exclusively target those minority groups with the funds to access those services and products.


"Kaffirs are as a rule uncivilized - the convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals. -- Mahatma Gandhi.

The top hotel such as the City Lodge charges £55 per night while the cleaners get £5 per day; breakfast is £5 per day. This is a hotel charging international rates but paying staff sub-standard rates. Maybe it is sufficient to point to the condition called “something is better than nothing” as this argument serves the basis for the ruthless exploitation of labor, which has one intention; to approach slavery, i.e. free labor. Thus paying people 2 pennies above the zero line would be acceptable if they could get away with it; feeding on desperation born from abject poverty. This is the ruthless reality of capitalism, a system rooted in a Eurocentric post Darwinian model of survival of the “fittest” at the price of the “weakest”.


Under Apartheid South Africans faced generations of generations of lost of vital skill banks. So while Europeans were getting access to qualifications and then acquiring years of experience and special knowledge in nation building sectors, these opportunities were denied to African people. This did not go on for one generation, and now South Africa today for the first time has a brand new generation now, and only now, accessing the necessary qualifications in nation-building subjects. It will take 30 years for this current generation to acquire the experience to become leaders in these fields. And with the de skilled generation dynamic no forced legislation of “Black Empowerment” could reverse the European domination of all key sectors within South Africa and Africa as a whole. Thus the earliest projection for senior African take over in South Africa is an optimistic 30 years providing education is up and ready to go in service of the underprivileged.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS Unfortunately, education is tied to economics and when the majorities are in poverty it means that access to the necessary education is not being satisfied and as a result, the blooming of the experienced elite to replace the Europeans will fall short.

The government favors giving loans to African business people but if these people are skill deficient, a lot of wastage and failure will occur, to the cheer of critics who believe Africans are incapable of self-governance. Again the balance between business ownership, education and skill experience will determine the pace of true progress. If one of these things is out of balance the fragile process servicing progress will be arrested, because education without job opportunity doesn't create skill experience, education with skill experience limits the ascension of Africans within industry and will forever see them answering to a skilled European boss.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS If the productivity of the country is to survive it is critical that Europeans are retained in key positions where their privileged knowledge is required. Any sudden removal will prove detrimental to the country; however the permanent occupation of privileged positions in critical skill experience positions if not transferred, will forever protect European domination and leverage over African people.


Holocaust     Holocaust
When talking about independent institutions, you have to be talking about independent sources of funding. The institutions, if they are to maintain their independence and autonomy, must be funded by the people themselves. Once, we step outside of this source, we endanger not only our credibility, but our independence too Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Haki Madhubuti
The social culture in Africa encouraged through countless “development loans” has allowed some to profit and some good. But one aspect of this very rarely looked at, is the psychological consequences of funding, which has created a mental dependency in Africa.

Entire organizations are set-up by insincere people solely as havens for attracting funding. Skeleton projects whose sole objective is to attract funding as opposed to actually producing any tangible result. Hiding behind the BEE card they are allowed to act without accountability because in the bigger picture they look good on paper. In the township you can find young African filmmakers funded to the teeth with the latest technology still sit unproductive on their hands waiting for the next European to come along and spoon-feed them. The leadership of these places are unskilled or unconcerned about real development and blindly fail to facilitate real development often squandering millions of rand each year. The mind set voiced is “when the big studios discover them”, “when the x and y fund pay for their script.” As opposed to adequate utilization of the benefits of funds, they believe themselves incapable of any advancement without direct assistance.

Outside of this assistance they have become content to dream of the greener grass denied to them due to failed funding application. Funding is thus destroying self-application and resourcefulness. SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS

Hence entire generations do not grow-up sensitive to capital generation or viable business strategies, they grow up sensitive to filing for funds and drafting proposals in areas (ignoring other areas), which grant access to funds. Thus a superficial look around sees Africa full of programs which are solely dependant on funding. Africans now mental believe without this funding there is no other option. And hence other options are never explored. As opposed to develop resource utilization they make big lists to satisfy budgets, hence when funds arrive there is no appreciation of what they have. A sad truth mentioned by a known enemy of African self-determination, Bob Geldof, is that there is an economic limit on how much funds can be given to Africa after which it becomes inefficient. Regardless of his malicious ill-informed reasons this statement is not beyond truth. Solutions interested in reforming poverty need to be broader than raw funds. Funding dependency is like opium in a war clinic, which eventual kills that which it intends to help.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS The genius of White Supremacy, when mastered, is it protects itself by breeding dependency among those it subjugates. Thus for the African to remove the European from their eco-political reality is like removing ones spine from the brain.

Even if economics was poured on Africa, it still requires the same knowledge of Europe hence—Dependency. If education is achieved it is hinged on Africans obtaining capital to create business and jobs hence they return to the dependent condition. Quick fixes for European conscious will leave nice brochures and tidy projection models satisfied, but the condition on the ground in Africa would be as dire as ever. It is critical that the objective not only be lifting Africa out of poverty but the social/political and economic empowerment of the natural people of Africa beyond dependency. So speaking of foreign investors to create jobs is a side dish, what is needed is African owned industries which employ their own people.


Not only bad leadership skills , but also corruption

South African is desperate to prove to the world that it has truly transformed the society from the injustices of the apartheid era. The situation of funding a generation means that the culture of begging for money is glorified by such as Edmund Mhlongo. While good has come from such people leading art projects in previously disadvantaged areas like KwaMashu, some good is not an acceptable standard. If someone is given 10 million and builds something with only 2 million and waste the balance then the little good can not justify poor management. To sum up Edmund Mhlongo is to sum up the dilemma faced by many South African Africans where they believe themselves to be more intelligent than their peers. In their intelligence they are very cunning and smart to steal pennies or trinkets but stupid with dollars. They go fishing and come home with the bait and lose the fish. So Edmund Mhlongo would steal or trick someone out of a small studio equipment and lose an entire life time of investment and business revenue. He would steal 20% of a project 99% finished and lose the entire project for immediate greed. He believe that merely building an art center, with government money, is an objective in itself; the actually work of development and growth is inconsequential.

The development of sustainable business models has been neglected due to the more lucrative ventures of begging for money from a government that needs to look like they are doing some good for the community. With very few actually achieving anything Edmund Mhlongo can position himself to receive the bulk of spending in the township. Corruption in South Africa according to Naidu Patel, an Indian business owner, is like an old boys club. Everyone watching each others back. Corruption is systematic and never acts alone. It protects itself via the relationships in the network of corruption. So Mr. Mhlongo becomes immune to being dragged down irrespective of what he does. To force justice would risk all of these so-called development projects being threatened.

These organizations rarely get investigated for corruption or mismanagement. The dire situation is that so few are doing anything, so the ones doing anything shine against their peers. Edmund Mhlongo was part of a two year study and the level of mismanagement makes this study important for accessing why the charge of poor leadership and corruption has to be at the head of the African debate. Edmund Mhlongo success is not in actually skills (which Africa needs) but in exploiting opportunities in the post-Apartheid mechanism. He is therefore able to access funds for what ever project is the "hot" topic of the day. For example if there is a billion dollars for film then his response is to create a film festival and seduce money without any sincere aim beyond milking those funds. The festival fails -- He gets funded. If the government next year needs more training programs in the township he sets them up. If they fail he finds another project. And since failure is never defined in terms of tangible objectives proving failure is very difficult.

Now this in itself isn’t a problem if your intentions are sincere development. And if the numbers transform to affect the lives of the people in a real way. But this is not the case. Because  of gross mismanagement on the part of Edmund Mhlongo very little efficient utilization of funds actually goes on. Therefore booking “motivational meetings” in 5 star hotels, or sending staff for 2 week seminars (aka Vacations) in Europe are how the money is wasted.

Edmund Mhlongo has a collection of cars worth $100,000 US dollars all on a salary from a poor non-profit organization. He finds space in the funding to finance his wife's abysmal career, while the CDs manufactured with sponsors money sit thrown up in a storage room. Without real skills he eats the sweat of greater men and starves the South African youth of a brighter future. A long list of needy township artist are waiting in line to get there music recorded and developed but this does not happen. But no one wants to expose this activity. Because charities are a business and funding charities is politically correct.

In a meeting the government development worker says "we spent 10 million this year on arts development in the township." And no one ask to see fruits of how and where this money was spent. When the government runs out of money then the European Christian organizations are another source of revenue. But this time the story is a tour of orphans singing and dancing in Edmund Mhlongo's opera. The issue is that the supposed children are not orphans and are being paid slave wages while Edmund Mhlongo retains the full profit.

Now what do white people say about Africans? Must Africans continue to prove them right? Must the children of Africa return to be visited with criminality? This continent has a foundational cancer and Edmund Mhlongo is a very small fish but a contributor to this dilemma. It does not t matter if it is charities, schools, etc the greed and corruption poison everything they touch. And we must look at the root of the disease in Africa and not the symptoms of bad leadership and corruption.

Transparency, accountability are far better in South Africa than in say Nigeria. The government does have funds but for lack of suitable BEE candidates this money is squandered on failure after failure. Yet another case study of a Pro-African center which was supposed to be built in Johannesburg does not get funded because they are not part of the Zulu ANC Clique. The Edmund Mhlongo case study is not unique or not rare. It is almost expected to be part and parcel of the African reality.


The South African tale is anomalous and unique, but it is one that must be told as it best exemplifies the dependency brewing throughout the continent. South Africa was simply ignored by the West and its media during apartheid. Yet, its rich resources permitted the Apartheid regime to reap immense profits and produce technological and industrial development to the extent that once the regime was officially abolished the western media returned to reveal a wealthy and prosperous South African economy. In fact, they have more natural and economic resources within their borders than any other African country, but the years of deprivation during apartheid have made Africans incapable of efficiently managing their own resources. By eliminating apartheid Africans can no longer find a tangible obstacle to their social progress. It is embedded in years of academic ignorance, disease, lack of vocational training, psychological and physical abuse. Unless Africans see their current situation and the disparity within it through their own eyes, the wealthy minority will continue to reap the fruits of the immense resources of Africans.

Not only must Africans in South Africa have financial access to the best educational institutions at all levels but there needs to be a curriculum change to reverse the attitude that the majority of South Africans are bound to townships and removed from any possibility of successfully managing the resources that they own. The right to education cannot continue to be formulated to oppress a particular race yet alone the majority. It is the most brutal man made concept for this to happen, particularly in such a rich land. In the South African society nobody aspires to maintain their Africaness, yet unlike any other African country (where Africans are the majority) its development is on par with Western countries. It is particularly sad that Africans cannot stop looking for capital generating sources externally because they have so much to gain from doing so within their borders.

However, it is up to South Africans to recognize their own worth, to reverse the psychological effects of Apartheid and implement an attitude that will ensure that no other South African will be conned into such a system. South Africans should be proud of who they are because their status must generate wealth and development from resources that they own. Institutional change cannot reverse the effects of Apartheid on its own. It must be accompanied by an attitude change amongst South Africans for it to be of any significance.


Holocaust     Holocaust
The ANC was in exile. The entire leadership was on the run or in jail. And there was no one to remind these people, black people, of the horror of their daily reality; when something so abnormal as apartheid becomes a daily reality. It was our reality. And four generations had lived with it - as non-people Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Winnie Mandela
Indians and Europeans complain that they are denied jobs due to under qualified Africans getting them, Africans whom are thus less suitable for the positions. Where were these loud white voices when they profited from this gross inequity? Even the famous Gandhi only concerned himself with that which profited Indians. New information shows Gandhi was actually a racist. Blinded by that which gives them an advantage the argument descends into “oh there are two sides to the story.

There is however only one reality, Indians and Europeans for the natural life of what is called South Africa inherited hundreds of years of advantages and it is beyond reason at what steps, that will give them comfort, should be taken to restore an imbalance they are more than comfortable to maintain. This is why words like democracy and equality when thrown against justice are found wanting. Because “equality” fails to look at legacies, “equality” is confined to this time-frame and does cater for historical inequality, while justice speaks to legacy. Justice restores balance and if positive employment in African communities is what is needed to restore this imbalance then that is what has to happen. Despite the skills Europeans, farmers or other people have obtained through a horrid system of oppression, which become meaningless because this advantage means it will always maintain Europeans at the top Africans at the distant bottom.

Europeans think by volunteering to offer more managerial positions to Africans vindicates the past horrors but we need to be careful because these are still European owned business at their charity picking and choosing from the African populous, like a slave market. The issue is not for only greater Positive Employment but for absolute African economic self-determination, which can only be realized if African owned business start appearing on the all European South Africa stock market. This kind of vocabulary will bring social reform by actively reshuffling the color dynamics in the upper echelons of the South African economics.


When we challenge corruption we must understand the hideous forms in which it takes. When we pose a challenge to pro-White organizations such as DSTV they will always say "We are sorry you are offended.." and leave it at that. This is a trained semi-automated copy-and-paste response to ALL challenges. Never in a million years are they allowed to take responsibility. It is a form of unlimited deniablity , which can never be challenged. These challenges unless conducted in a public space are the silent injustices of our world.

In post-apartheid South Africa, we find your racial representations to be regressive and insensitive to the ethnic majority who are still marginalized. 78% of adverts of South African origination is still pro-white. That means the visual advertising time is dominated by White European people. In a nutshell Africa's image is projected via White images. When coupled with international adverts and international programmed content across all visualized broadcast mediums it raises White visibility to 89%. It is almost as if the African demographic is invisible as a target audience. Beyond blatant tokenism our findings found the African visual representations in HIV, servant roles and alcohol related content to be 83% in the same given period.  Therefore when Africans are present onscreen they Description: Machine generated alternative text: A / I .1• Ii Yniitiih mmare usually in these roles.

We all respect people like Martin Luther King, jr who said
If a city has a 30% Black population, then it is logical to assume that Black should have at least 30% of the jobs in any particular company, and jobs in all categories rather than only in menial areas.”


Now how does this apply to an African country with 80% African people?

Overview of White racial bias DSTV (80% pro-White)

One voice makes the news, the same group that are nurtured hand and foot to make sure the political temperature in South Africa isn't too hot, less they run away taking precious funds and skills. And it is in this rainbow nation that the colors are neatly arranged with white then brown then colored then finally with a massive gap--Black.

A very interesting observation is that South African television is so clean that they edit out every curse word from the broadcast. They even edit out the expression “My God,” but they have no problem with the word Nigger which is blasted from all the negative European sponsored African-American “reality” movies about “hood” life. A stark reminder that from North pole to South Pole Africans have an agenda being set for them by a force outside of their control and outside of their interest. This global force defines reality; may it be the constant “hood” films or yet another European produced South African story of life filed with violence in Soweto. 95% of the content is White dominant. Watching the adverts on TV it would be hard to believe that Africans make up 80% of the population. Most adverts are exclusively white and those that do contain a few Africans usually show them as servants or part of an illusionary rainbow nation.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS All over the townships are large colorful billboards, either of Revlon products or the new “born free” campaign. It is clear that the mind that drafted this campaign paid no attention to the people it was intended for.

A casual observation of a young African lady on a plane reading a book, a simple innocent act. But what is she reading? Who wrote it? Where did she buy it? Who from? Questions that paints the deepest picture, for if all information is informed by the oppressor, then what hope of self-awareness does an innocent African child in South Africa or anywhere else in the world have?


SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS “When your only source of information is someone else's culture, the price paid is a brutal identity crisis.” Alif Kaba Khan

A casual conversation with three friendly boys two African one “colored” revealed the hideous vestiges of mental damage caused by living in South Africa. The darkest boy argued that he was really “colored” and not “African” he spoke with a “colored” accent, which is very unusual for an African to speak with, something that at 12 years old he was truly proud of.

All three boys expressed their desire to get white or “colored” girlfriends and scoffed at the idea of an African young lady, the two African boys remarked how ugly African women were and not “sexy” like the “colored” girls. But top on the score list was the all precious European girls. Among themselves they pointed out who was “black” and who was “colored” often not being fully sure of this color caste which evidently has no bases for validity, but clear from the confusion and mental occupation it created, only served to show how mentally destructive race can be.

The chaos and the destruction visited was erupted when they started comparing the “curliness” of their kinky hair seeking strands from their head which were less kinked as evidences of “mixture.” All of this from three young boys approaching puberty all educated in the best schools in South Africa. Born into a “free society” of inherent self-hatred, which has the ugliest manifestations of absolute identity rejection, for one boy it was painful when he realized he was the same skin color as someone he had just labeled as “black and ugly.”

Mixed into this self-hatred was the irony of the hip-hop culture which was one thing they were desperately proud of. The lightest one with his red-brown skin, green eyes and thick straight hair showed signs of an African ancestor but so distant through the “color on color marriages” could be forgiven for being confused in such a racial confusing country, but the other two were so much more vocal on proving their non-Africaness even denying being able to speak Zulu. The final insult was when they asked a European friend to judge between them for who was more or less African. This is South Africa, this is London, this is Barbados, and this is the world forced head first into a Eurocentric dominating culture which is utterly intolerant and mentally and socially destructive.

It is next to impossible to see a girl beyond seven years old without the tell tale “bad” Revlon effect. Blinded by European ideas of beauty fed from Europe and “famous” African-Americans, hair-mutilation products poison children from day one. Before they buy books or shoes, they have their hair terribly burnt straight in the most hideous way. Stiff and inflexible it steals from their innocents and natural African beauty. It is unlikely skin-bleaching products would be as popular in South Africa as in other parts of Africa because the people are generally much lighter skin due to the climate of the region. And in this is the twist of Eurocentrity where the light-skin Khoikhoi (man of man) people, were artificially classified as “colored” in an attempt to sustain the natural hatred between them and their Bantu colonizers.


See African Race

Historically, European self-interest is the overriding factor in race definitions, regardless of if it is "race whitening" in Brazil or "coloreds" in South Africa, "mixed" in the UK, or the "one-drop rule" of America. In every instance "race" theories have been constructed to services the interest of White people.

South Africa is unique in the world for creating super-identities for pure political reasons. It thus allows a unique window on a great social experiment in identity. Only in South Africa is there an “ethnic” group known as “colored”; one of the most confusing groups who compose of anyone who is not “blatantly” European, Indian or African by virtue of the ease at which a pencil passes through someone’s hair.

So, years of this social set-up have created a new community of people identified as “colored”. Being identified as “colored” created a peculiar situation as it granted privileges greater than that of the African populations. Thus, people were desperate to not be identified as African. The complex surrounding being African lingers despite the dismantlement of apartheid. In some cases, members of the same family would be split apart due to being classified in different race groups despite being 100% related.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS Unlike people of multi-ethnicity parentage in other countries who have a blatant connection to an African parent to draw culture and sense of identity from the “Caped Colored” is at a distinctive disadvantage as they are predominately the product of generations of colored and colored marriages thus creating a unique “race” with absolutely no homeland or language.

Their identities as a group seems rooted in actions which allow them to approaching the unobtainable “whiteness.” While espousing social self-hatred of their African bloodline fighting desperately to escape anything that connects them to this. Their language is naturally that of the Europeans—Afrikaans. Violently emotionally seeking Whiteness means their desired choice of partners orientated towards Europeans, furthering their disconnection in a world where authentic identity is becoming more of a birthright to be celebrated.


The entire concept of Africans being labeled “black” served the racist European settlers in legitimizing their claim to African land. Because then Africa was the land of two races blacks and whites but the minute the word African was used as a label it constantly shinned as a reminder that the people of Africa are called by the continent which bears that name, a deeply significant unbreakable bond to that which is the bases for all of the oppression—land. However agency demands the power of definitions remain with the majority and not the settler minority.

Thus, Africans defining themselves as black removed their inherent claim to the land. The term Europeans serves as a constant reminder that in Africa there are the legitimate people of the land and the other groups are Indians and Europeans whose native land is India and Europe respectively. The false charge of racism by Whites is baseless and a diversion. Defining a group remains with the majority of that group. There is no element of racism, because racism means race supremacy or the belief that ones race has more privileges. Some of the most racist whites are in South Africa and it is very ironic that they could have the gaul to call an oppressed African racist. Defining who is an Indian, Who is a Jew, Who is a Arab, Who is an American, Who is an Ethnic Masai, is obviously not a racist act and a very immature argument which only exist in South Africa.

The new trend in Europeans adopting the term African is clearly one which allows them equal access or better yet retention of the fruit of their bloody legacy in Africa. It serves to negate policies that seek balance as they claim the title African and all the profits of that title while inheriting none of the disadvantages, especially when they venture into international waters. Likewise, Black on the other hand is adopted by Indians to guarantee that any new legalization coming from the new government is inherited by them.

With the efforts of Thabo Mbeki who proclaimed everyone in South Africa, Africans testify to a tragic dilemma of misrepresentation. Mbeki then found space in the lyrics of the national anthem for the curtsied Afrikaans language which at every singing must remind Africans that the price of “freedom” is to sell-out ones heritage and history. Cheek turning casual ill-informed policies of appeasement crash hope in those who have suffered so long. These are the things obvious to the eyes, how can the African put faith in a government so obviously compromised. The ancestors must ride out immortality in tearful silence watching their pain and sacrifice, hopes and dreams traded for cheap trinkets.


Corruption in Africa they say is the biggest problem, but corruption exist where poverty exist. Thus corruption is the fruit of wealth disparity, and this disparity is what lies at the root of the problem, not the other way around. Crime in South Africa is not the problem; the problem again is wealth imbalance. There is virtually no hope for a poor South African. Africans to ascend the ranks and become an owner of a large commercial enterprise, he can however if he is lucky, very lucky ascend to work under a European manger. Crime in South Africa is not the actions of an evil soul but desperation, or belief in desperation. Just as terrorism is not fueled by religious zeal but more over oppression of religious and political self-determination Had these criminals roaming the streets of South Africa been exposed to the fullest education backed with strong family units and not a European dominated materialistic culture toyed in their face it is very unlikely that most of them would be committing these crimes. So to spend two years talking about greater security, or bigger prisons is a distractive tactic when most of the focus should be on resolving why people need to steal. This is also true for corruption. So it is absolutely perverted to say the problem is corruption, the problem is abject poverty and instability.

Corruption is world wide, it is just that corruption in the US senate has a more beautiful word. When Enron was found liable was corruption plastered all over the world press? The value of this corruption in monetary funds could be greater than all of Africa combined.

Petty corruption cannot be Africa's downfall. And again and again we see the European agenda showing its head where Africa is blamed and Europe is vindicated: Slavery—Africa's fault, Poverty Africa's fault. AIDS Africa's fault. The mention of Mbeki's name in the West always focuses down on his HIV/AIDS policy, of all the things he has said and done why is this the key area of focus? Because Europe selects the agenda for Africa.

Transatlantic slave trade, colonial rule, viral introduction, destruction of African family unit through poverty and slavery has no bearing in these issues. It is almost like Africa woke up and found itself in this mess. And this gross injustice speaks to the head of the issue—Self-Determination. Europe ultimately decides which voices they will be aired, and not aired, demonize or celebrated. Mugabe is a victim of this; Mandela is another example of this on the flip side. Once they love and sell back to the world and the other they hate. It is a fact Europe doesn't act in its disinterest and the love of Mandela is not accidental, once a terrorist he is now a world symbol, the unspoken question needs to be asked---Why? South Africa has produced three European approved greats in the African World Mandela, Wangari Maathai and Desmond Tutu. It must be said quietly there is no mistake when Europeans select and celebrate Africans.


A new scheme in South Africa is the new gum tree, which litters the roadsides outside of the major towns. The new trees have an unusually fast growth rate that means they are ready for harvest within 10 years. The wood has limited use and cannot be used for construction without extensive post-treatment. However, whoever engineered the scheme forgot to tell the eager Africans. It was said the first harvest belongs to the Europeans and the harvest after that belongs to the Africans. It would be interesting or hopeful that the economic value of the Gum trees would be as profitable by the time the Africans get their turn. But we can see a new product arriving on the market by the time they get to harvest and Europe collecting again and again. And we have to ask who owns the processing factories? Who owns the pulp factories? It is no surprise to find the answer to these questions because when solutions for Africa keep coming from those whose traditional role is that of exploitation it is no surprise to see the constant implementation of projects that profit them first Africa last, if at all.


10 Years of democracy seems to be a political and economic backdoor for one of the most ruthless exponents of White supremacy in the world. They lose political power, or appear to lose political power while making sure all the old injustices get window dressed and glorified as truth and reconciliation. Europe gave up what it could afford to give up, while the Africans cashed in their justice for the admin of a country governed by white economics. They escape economically by maintaining the same business monopoly to save a few dark faces, which can exist at sub-managerial roles, so now walking into an office it, is just that much darker.The structures and systems in place hold no true promises of change if they are built defensively to the whims of Europeans. In other words if the policies of change are more orientated on what compromises Europeans are willing to make rather than what Africans need for liberation.


" Look at this Truth and Reconciliation charade. He should never have agreed to it. What good does the truth do? How does it help anyone to know where and how their loved ones were killed or buried? That Bishop Tutu who turned it all into a religious circus came here " - Winnie Mandela

The proceedings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the body charged with exposing the atrocities of the apartheid years, showed "the unwillingness of white society in general, including white politicians, business, the judiciary, the media and the church, to explain its involvement in the maintenance and perpetuation of the apartheid system".- Mary Braid 

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS The 16th of December is a public holiday in South Africa called Reconciliation Day, a day which honors the work of reconciliation between the conquers and the conquered.

However the average person on the street had no idea of what the day was about. It is interesting that on this day of reconciliation millions of Africans swarmed the beaches to enjoy this holiday but where were the Asians and Europeans?—no where to be found. Truth and reconciliation is one of the biggest farces put before the world. From “Red Dawn” with Hilary Swank to “In my country” with Samuel Jackson, film and politics work together to social engineer passive acceptance of this insult to human suffering. All these films display one thing, the ability to forgive and forget, to move on and allowed the Whites to keep the spoils of war. Which brings into question so-called African cinema in South Africa which is a European only domain. They write the themes and set the agendas, agenda which protect their interest for clearly Africans forgiving them is only in their interest. Europeans come from the wealthy suburbs to tell their “truth” and Africans come from the townships of poverty to listen to the “truth” without any hope of justice that is supposed to bring closure. The Europeans, not even seeking forgiveness, gets in their Mercedes Benz and drive back to their house equipped with a full range of African servants and heated swimming pool while the African walks back to their township with slung heads, empty pockets and evaporated hopes. The price for hearing the truth is everything stays the same. Denial of justice is not just an issue for South African people, as some believe but an issue for Africans globally. Because Africans didn't create the false notion of Southern Africa. Hence the blood and pain and oppression levied on South Africa are an injury on Africans across the globe.

The European voice internationally cheers the success of the “monkey courts” use to trade hundreds of years of pain for silly gestures. The tone is one of normalizing suffering across the board “we all suffered,” “let's heal as one.” It is interesting no one expects this of other communities. If the Jewish community found a 100 year old Nazi war criminal they would hunt him down and give him a full trial without an eye blink. Can you imagine the Jewish community hugging and kissing the Nazis that burnt them in ovens? Those present and not present those in the Diaspora who spoke out, so the betrayal is strongly felt not only by South Africans but by Africans globally.


Holocaust     Holocaust
The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism Holocaust
Holocaust Holocaust
Holocaust Wole Soyinka

Transformation in South Africa is a job for humanity. Everyone on this planet has a role to play. But the roles are not equal or the same. The role of the African must be as an agent in self-determination. The role of the international community is in holding SA to the promises of equitable societies, free from racism. Only bold steps can salvage the economic and moral issues of SA. Superficial gestures cannot repair or smooth over the horrible ongoing legacy of white supremacy. And it must be called for what it is.

South Africa unlike Ethiopia does not have massive famines but it is said HIV/AIDS is a crisis beyond any other country on Earth. It is interesting a disease unprecedented in Africa is now most common in Africa, and for those that venture into this discussion are labeled as conspiracy theorist, but not so those European writers, which still “factually” claim, AIDS has its roots in “deepest darkest Africa.” in every breath Europeans serve their own interest first and at the expense of justice and truth, clearly the question of intention must be asked. Until Africans can place their own benchmarks and international standards for evaluating themselves, they will always fall short of global excellence.ms, profited from these problems, transferred these problems during “independence” and now is back with a new hat profiting from solving these problems.

SOUTH AFRICA : LOOKING AT 10 YEARS IN 10 DAYS And until the promise of humanity to every citizen of the Earth should be equal access to justice, education, housing, health, nutrition, security and self-determination. If South Africa does not tell us that, then our eyes are white shut to inequity hung directly before us. And as history has shown us, boiling kettles if left unchecked boil over to the peril of all.

Justice and honesty must be the root of a society and South Africa is one of the most vivid examples of the global African dilemma of oppression. And how it still manifest itself in a society which has physically destroyed the mechanism of racism and left the roots in place to continue to favor White privilege and domination.


Dr. T.Shabazz. Is an African-American (of Guyanese parents) sociologist and journalist who moved back to Johannesburg South Africa in 1996, he writes on Diaspora Repatriations.


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